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  1. True enough, and maybe that’s why they were using this as an opportunity to gage our run game plan, it could happen… 👍
  2. Beane & McDermott know what they are doing and why they are doing it, we are now a perennial contender because of it, it’s nice having an intelligent group running the show,👍 just think back, not so many years ago what a mess this organization was from top to bottom , it’s nice having adults in the room now, isn’t it, Go Bills!!!
  3. Those things don’t make anywhere near as much money as the down state economy does, that and the electric grid isn’t owned by western NY, we western New Yorkers aren’t separate from the rest of the state, and we would be a very poor state on our own, think Mississippi poor, ya gotta know where you bread is buttered, or as the classic Clint Eastwood line goes, a man has got to know his limitations…,
  4. Sure does look that way a lot of the time, it’s amazing that Singletary is averaging over 5YPC, just imagine if our blocking schemes actually worked and the QB, OL, and RBs we’re all on the same page…, it makes ya wonder what the results would be,
  5. I attended on occasion, I am retired and travel a lot so not living in the area, although I have family in Rochester, Oh, and it’s not about “get if my lawn” it’s about not ball washing billionaires, through one’s actions.
  6. You do realize that NYC / Albany/ that area do the propping up of the entire state economically right, and that western NY would be among poorest states in the country without NYC and it’s surrounding area right??
  7. Yup, sure do, corporate welfare is a bad thing to get strung out on / addicted to, it’s a scam they do not need taxpayers dollars in any way shape or form to be a profitable business, don’t fall prey to the propaganda.
  8. It depends on if one wants to submit to extortion or not, me I’’d just tell him to pack his bags and hit the road, and go buy tickets to the UB games, really quite simple. Only for half a generation and then it would be like they never existed.
  9. That’s a bit of a defeatist perspective, lots of places don’t have football teams, and ya know, they live great lives without the NFL being in their towns and cities.
  10. Sure is nice to have a team in Buffalo, but by no means do we owe anything to the NFL/ owners / The Pegulas, that’s just absurd. Nuthin but luv,
  11. Just watching Tua throw a football should make every one on this board very happy, he literally has to use his entire body to get the ball to go forward, it’s humorous as can be.
  12. if you’re not breaking the rules…, otherwise it’s just another ill conceived jets sort of thing to do…., Billsey in their own Jetsey way…,
  13. I have suspected that the Bills coaches are confident enough to continue working on our run game when playing inferior teams, so as to work out the glitches, and are likely to continue to do so against teams they feel they can handily beat. It should help in the long run/post season. Sure hope the run game becomes a bit more cohesive soon…, Go Bills!!!
  14. Just makes me laugh at Rodgers, what a dufus, just think about the close contact with his teammates…, this is an opportunity for some folk to learn from others mistakes…, nah why would ya want to do that…,
  15. All the have to do is let Beck go at the end of the season, and he can spend as much time coaching him up as he wants. Not so complicated…,
  16. Yup, humble and happy👍 We are all coming over to your place for free beer and wings, get ready 😁👍
  17. Don’t care in the slightest if he plays at all, if he does play, it will be likely at some point after the two minute warning, a series of kneel downs, maybe a run play thrown in to eat some time up, now I could be wrong and they let him actually play QB for a couple of series, but that to me is unlikely, Go Bills!!!
  18. Nor do we owe him a stadium what don’t folk understand about this? If he wants a new stadium he can write the check for it, your logic is broken, Mr Pegula does indeed want a new stadium, and he can pay for it one hundred percent, it’s not on the taxpayers to build/finance him a new stadium on any level, What don’t folk understand about this massive financial scam that the NFL/owners have foisted on the taxpayers backs???? How is it that otherwise intelligent people fall for this scam???
  19. I don’t disagree with the “why build two” thing, I was getting on a bit about folks seemingly thinking that they should be paying a corporations bill for the construction of the infrastructure for that corporation (the Pegulas) to do business, that makes the Pegulas money. It irritates me that people just love giving their money to billionaires who don’t need the public’s support to build said infrastructure (stadium) to begin with. It’s a scam that folk appear to have fallen for, and they keep falling for it over and over.
  20. Did you just say that a multi billionaire would could write a check for the new stadium and still be a multi billionaire isn’t greedy when he puts his hand out for money that comes out of wage earners paychecks?? Let’s be clear here, the Pegulas in no way need public monies on any level to build a stadium.
  21. Not as a fan, but you knew that already…, fans who talk 💩 don’t have one iota of effect on what happens in a game, ffs man…,
  22. Couldn’t have said it better myself, 👍 Go Bills!!!
  23. I’m starting to think you’re okay, 👍 your skills in sarcasm are unrivaled 😂 Go Bills!!!
  24. He can’t, because it doesn’t happen, and he knows it, no one trades a starting level O lineman, especially with the notable lack of truly good O line league wide.
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