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  1. Yup, now we can watch any game and know we have a high chance of winning it, there is indeed something to be said for such a situation, 😁👍🍺 Go Bills!!!
  2. She will be driving one of those trucks with the stylized male organ on the side of the trailer…,
  3. Just look at the quality pass catchers on this team, and their YAC potential, and I’m not just talking about WRs, with Josh stating he has been working on his ball placement so as to make run after catch better, I’m thinking we are going to be notably better in this area than some are saying. Also taking into account coach beach chairs and our line adjustments, the game out of the back field is going to be improved as well. I suspect our offense will be different in play calling and personnel usage than last the last couple of seasons, at least I hope so, and by doing so, it will keep defenses guessing more, which is a good thing. Josh is gonna shine, as will the other play makers on the offense, I for one am not even remotely worried. On top of the above, we have a damn good defense, with good to great additions, this too will help Josh and the rest of the offense every single game, again, I’m not even remotely worried. For those currently fearing out about Oline depth, I ask you this, what team has Oline depth equal to their starters? Go Bills!!!
  4. PFF mostly comes across as a gaggle of more Ron’s, and when they state the obvious, they are still more Ron’s, (because, yeah, they stated the obvious) and then expect to be treated as a respected information source, what does this outfit actually offer that isn’t available from many other outlets that don’t include make believe stats?
  5. I sure hope not, Sam may be a great guy, but is not who i would want to see playing QB for the Bills ever, and I mean ever, he has shown he lacks the capacity to be a pro level QB, hell, Tua is better than Darnold, and he sucks at being a pro QB,
  6. That’s an awfully positive thing for you to say, are you feeling okay? This is right up their with the other two time you’ve been nearly enthused with a back up signing by Beane, people are gonna start to worry about your well being at this rate,
  7. Overhand throwing has been around since before humans left Africa, spears rocks etc the motion comes naturally, what is un-natural its what baseball pitchers do, super high velocity repeated many thousands of times in a relatively short period of time, and for many years, even in the lithic ages, a device for propelling spears at high velocity was devised, those guys where smarter that baseball players… soccer moms use these devices to throw tennis ball at parks for their dogs
  8. The fans are mostly done with him, but that means absolutely nothing, what counts is what his employers think, I would not be surprised if he ends up making the team, nor would i be surprised if he is cut / PS / gone, the coaches and GM see something, otherwise he would be gone already, maybe Beane is playing 3D chess and the kid turns into a solid contributor, here’s hoping he kicks ass and plays well for us, optimism requires less energy than pessimism, so there’s that…, GO BILLS!!!
  9. Good! Maybe our new #2 CB & RB will make it a group of nine top ten player at their positions fingers crossed 🤞 Go Bills!!!
  10. No one is going after him per say, it’s the “ him and honesty” thing that we are having fun with, its quite evident that he was doing his best politician impression by talking around the question and not actually answering it, that’s all,
  11. This right here^^^ focus on the big picture results
  12. I agree with that, I have not said he should divulge any thing to the public, I said he was not being fully honest in his answers, those two things are separate items to my mind.
  13. It is an art form perfected by politicians and coaches, canned answers, using a bunch of words, at the same time never actually saying anything/ answering the question, this was a case of such a thing. Some call it talking around a topic, while all the time not actually addressing said topic.
  14. Not so, you may have misinterpreted my answer, could very well be a case of two countries separated by a common language…,
  15. Not saying that he needs to do anything, I was saying that he wasn’t being honest with his canned answer to the question asked
  16. The topic is about ST coach who evidently started the ball rolling in the wrong direction, stay on topic Scott, Not saying that he should, just saying he was giving a canned answer to the question asked, and that in doing so was not being honest, no more no less,
  17. I disagree that he was being honest in his response to the question about his role or his feelings, I am not saying he should have said something else,
  18. I respectfully disagree with you, in which he was in effect fired for his part in the now infamous “13 seconds” sure it’s in the past, everything is in the past nearly instantly, it is quite obvious that the Bills blamed him for the incident, and he paid for it with his job and reputation.
  19. Nor is it true, it is just a canned answer to the question asked, note, Levi Wallace is the only one to fess up, and he’s gone too…, both became liabilities that could not be accepted further.
  20. No it’s not, and everyone knows it, even the ranch dressing eating minority, 😂
  21. Ooh, ooh, ooh, all sorts of NOTHING, guess I’ll make a cup of coffee ☕️ and day dream about something or another of value…,
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