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  1. This should surprise no one Why? Nothing is going to change career wise, also having no agent is not something teams look forward to dealing with, Especially with their starting QB, when they have to revamp the offense to the only style that will work for him, the book is out on Lamar,
  2. It was the cleansing, it took it out of him…,
  3. Always remember; The median IQ in America is 100…, realize, half of all Americans have an IQ under 100, GO BILLS!!!
  4. I think folk confuse good/above average starting QB with an actual franchise QB, the “franchise” term is a bit to loosely used. There are around five or so true franchise QBs in the league, jmo.
  5. Rolling Stones, “Satisfaction” now go out there and get me some, hey hey hey, that’s what I say…, GO BILLS!!!
  6. Pin and pull has worked better for the Bills compared to zone since Spain was a guard on our line, it is troubling that the coaches have not grasped this fully, coaches can get stuck in the square peg round hole dilemma, hopefully the have wrapped their combined heads around this reality going forward,
  7. As true as that is, and it is so, we have yet to define “soon” in this application, this single conundrum disallows appropriate anticipation of the forthcoming renderings…,
  8. I believe we need an actual definition of what “very close” means in this context…,
  9. It doesn’t need to be a clean hit, just something important being broken would be nice, jmo.
  10. This comparison is an example of when a receiver actually makes a play on the ball, and runs routes correctly as compared to receivers who are not doing that. Of course having a good working relationship between QB and said receivers is important. Good team vs bad team is an accurate description.
  11. Yup, we gotta live with the lesser evils, its what adults do,
  12. This does have the potential to be carnage for the NFL, they could lose the special status that Congress holds the keys to, it’s gonna be fun to watch it go down, but in the end to rid themselves of poisonous owners Rodger is gonna have to be willing to take one for the team, but is that likely to happen…,
  13. speculation of potential future events proves nothing, a thing has or has not happened, as the Tuna said, potential means you haven’t done “enough” yet…, Now don’t get me wrong Shakir shows “potential” but putting up three TDs in a four game stretch is an example of doing what’s expected of you…, ie McKenzie.
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