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  1. I really hope that players around the league are not as oblivious about the Bills as this article makes Howard look, it almost appears to be mostly a fabricated bit of “new enlightenment”by the writer, anyway, happy that we signed him, it will make the offense more dynamic, and obviously that’s a good thing, I’m starting to think Dorsey is going to be noticeably different than Dabol as a play caller, especially as the season progresses. Go Bills!!!
  2. Who gets extended? Ask Brandon Beane, he’s certain to loop you in…,
  3. The players are adults that are earning in the top two percent of all Americans, decision making for their own health and well being is on them, the can absolutely afford to take care of themselves, if they payed attention and voted for representation that wasn’t making their lives harder etc etc, I can’t muster up a ton of pity for these guys on that front, even the lowest paid are making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually…,
  4. Concerning your 2nd paragraph; NFL players do have access to all number of physical and mental health venues, but as the sayings go, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”, (and sometimes ya just can’t fix stupid) Concerning your 1st paragraph; It stands to reason, just look at all the women beaters that owners/league have snuggled up with over the years…, money talks, everything else can take a stroll…, the saying that “it’s just business” is at times akin to a free pass for being a dirt bag.
  5. This thread is an example of the doldrums of the off season…, 🥱 zzzzzz,
  6. Now that is just awesome, well done sir, 👍
  7. Admittedly my dollar amount is low, and he would be a very good get, that would create, as you said, a great secondary, my only gripe with Gilmore is that he always appears grumpy, or pissed about something or another 😁👍
  8. To me he could be a good signing at around 4 ish million, one year, not that I think he wants to be with the Bills, or that the Bills want him, but hey, it ain’t over till it’s over, anything Beane might do should not surprise anyone at this point.
  9. I like it when the cowboys suffer from jurahs decision making,
  10. Doesn’t change the Bills/Beane’s future plans one iota, this is a fan speculation opportunity…, oh, and Knox isn’t going anywhere, there are other more likely candidates that would be traded/let go, it’s the older guys and anyone perceived as an under performer regardless of position they play, that will be the first to go when that time comes, which frankly, is SOP in the league.
  11. It’s a violent game, played, for the most part, by violent people, it should come as no surprise that lots (not all) of these guys have criminal tendencies, and the ones getting arrested are not the sharpest tools in the shed…,
  12. The guy is a walking character flaw, that he doesn’t grasp that his reputation is that of a problem child is really quite entertaining, can’t wait for the next episode…,
  13. All you gotta do is bring up “defense “ in casual conversation, and they come out of the woodwork, it’s pretty damn comical at this point, 😂
  14. Okay Eeyore…, don’t go and get to awful hopeful all at once… 😁👍
  15. It’s all make believe, the owners are the league, they can fudge all they want to, and ya can’t tell me anything different, 😁👍
  16. What a crazy coincidence, neither have I, oh, and don’t listen to my wife…,
  17. Yup, She keeps his bits in her purse…,
  18. After that one preseason game, did he ever see another snap on offense during any other preseason game?
  19. No it’s not, they promote/ hype players because it directly benefits them financially, same for all the talking heads, it’s all part of the greater NFL hype machine, the hype directly benefits the whole industry, cottage or otherwise, that you purposefully refuse to accept it is kinda funny, it it’s own Mr. Weo way, anyway, I’m gonna get a coffee and read a book, later…,
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