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  1. ( has run ) would be grammatically correct, but hey, it’s only football so it really doesn’t matter…,
  2. You and Kreig, have get off my lawn signs don’t you, 😁👍
  3. Go out to your shed, grab the crowbar and stuff it into your wallet and pry it open, we are all confident you can do it, oh, and don’t go on about losing the keys for the door,
  4. Well, Dion has definitely shown the hunger…
  5. All teams backup plans are pretty thin, that’s why all those guys are backups, I’m with you on Brown contributing or someone else taking advantage of this opportunity in their career, 🤞
  6. It implies a pretty nonstop stream of posts that are less than positive…
  7. Heard he had all his ribs replaced with shark Cartilage
  8. It’s pretty remarkable that the practices are all more upbeat and less doom and gloom, when Astro gives the reports, as compared to the, so and so dropped a pass, our receivers suck, spiraling 🌀 into the rabbit hole of the team is doomed…, posters, who are generally not at TC…, Thanks Dean, 👍
  9. Sure, but most teams aren’t, this begs the question; why do fans even think every starting position player is going to be elite? It’s a total fallacy, we very obviously have real talent in those positions, with the additional of Floyd the D line is all the better, especially so “if” Von heals up well. Sean being more aggressive in D play calling I think we will see better use of personnel, something that has been a point of contention amongst we fans,
  10. Sigh, every draft / season changes the team dynamics…, constant tweaking of positions is a constant, it is a thing that happens league wide, not every position has a Josh Allen level player doing the job, Sure it can be frustrating when we aren’t in the conversation as to why things happen, but that’s the life of a fan,
  11. You are quite right, but alas, this will fall on deaf ears, and yet again these things will have to be explained to those that lack even median comprehension. kinda sad really…,
  12. And? So goes every really good QB to the first pick team in a redraft, how is this even a thing???
  13. Beane stated from the start DW wouldn’t be playing MLB , WLB would be his spot to start off, this was at the start the off season iirc. This isn’t a permanent assignment, but more so to bring him up to NFL standards for future seasons. It’s no big deal, I believe it’s called player development…,
  14. Glad to hear it, We fans appreciate quality critiques of team issues, it just gets old when it comes across as nonstop is all,
  15. Criticism/ to critique is valid, but nonstop complaining in virtually every post is just plain irritating for everyone else, try interjecting a positive more than every once in a while, and you would not have to endure the flack you regularly and rightly receive. I b itch and moaned about wanting Frazier gone, and Sean not playing rookies when I believe he should, but it’s not it every one of my posts, and I receive very little pushback because I don’t nonstop complain about most every aspect of the team constantly, there is a middle ground, try it out, it likely fits well…, nothin but luv newcam2012, Go Bills!!!
  16. Better to not respond, he will think he is included in the conversation…,
  17. It’s an attention grab topic at this point, one way or another I believe the Bills FO will be thoughtful in their dealings on this possibility.
  18. Knee injury last season, likely not ready to participate,
  19. Oh please already, yesterday the offense dominated the defense, where were you then? this back and forth is standard for TC, happens every preseason,
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