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  1. I’m thinking that the NFL will make it expensive so as to not PO their current broadcast/ streaming business partners, they can’t be seen as under cutting the business who are in essence the golden goose. It’s all about advertising dollars.
  2. All, and I do mean all, HCs have to keep things secret, it’s just part of their jobs, it’s the endless need to have an edge come game day, where as a GMs job / intentions is made obvious with every acquisition or release, jmo, that and it seems like Sean doesn’t like having “to much fun” that might be why you get that vibe. 😁👍
  3. What else would anyone expect Drew Rosenhause to say??? Just drumming up business for his clients.
  4. Josh not running the ball was never stated by McDermott. Like it or not our HC and his OC are going to have a functioning run game, and that is a very good thing. The Bills will continue to be a pass first offense, but will as well be able to run the ball when they want to, ideally with a RB, or with Josh when it is appropriate, all this pearl clutching nonsense about Josh never running the ball is a bunch of made up gibberish. At no time did he say Josh would never run the ball, where did this come from??????? There appears to be a notable lack of reading comprehension going on, or is it that people just love a good ole strawman argument…, 🙄 nuthin but luv for all y’all of course😁👍 Go Bills!!!
  5. The NE game a couple years back iirc, when he was literally knocked out and left the game, It is the culmination of all the hits, not just the big ones, Cam is an example of a QB that took way too many hits, yes JA is better at avoiding a bunch of hard tackles, but, as I stated above, that NE game is an example of the type of circumstances that they don’t want Josh in. It ain’t rocket science folks, the want the $250,000,000.00 investment to be around for the next decade plus.
  6. That’s exactly what McDermott was getting at…, he wants his QB to not take unnecessary /stupid hits, I would think all of us fans would think that is a good idea, remember the NE game were Josh was pretty much knocked out in a game we would have very likely won if he had not had to leave the field? It’s that sort of thing…
  7. He never said he was going to remove that aspect of Joshes game altogether, stop clutching your pearls over things that were never stated, ya might want to re-read what he said…, 🙄
  8. I’ll assume you meant “can’t “ make post snap reads, ? I don’t think that’s a completely valid statement, by whom ever tweeted that, it is my opinion that Allen has indeed benefited from Dabol’s tutelage, but at the same time Dabol’s over all scheme has lacked a real plan for running the ball via RBs/ having a quality O-line that could make a run game a functional aspect of the offense, causing Dabol to have to use the QB as a RB far to often, if you get my gist as it were…, that and Allen’s ability to improvise has saved the day more than once….,
  9. Allen bailed out Dabol on a regular basis, for example; the KC playoff game this past season.
  10. It’s the O-line, always has been. A better o-line increases the effectiveness of BOTH the run game and the passing game.
  11. The odd thing about Bates analysis by the Bills coaches is that he played as well or better than who he replaced on the O line, yet he was benched when those guys were able to play again, happened repeatedly, we could certainly stand to re-sign him, I don’t understand their reluctance, oh well,
  12. Fitz would not agree with you on the arm strength argument 😁👍
  13. Tua is 2nd rate QB until he proves otherwise. He is physically weak, lacking in Arm strength, and throwing velocity, he is undersized and injury prone, he may not have fully recovered from his hip injury from, iirc, his college years, hell, Epenesa took him out of a game sacking him, he is not in the top fifty percent of starting QBs in the league, everyone knows these things about Tua. As well, everyone knows that the Buffalo Bills won’t take an fellow AFCE team lightly, being that winning the division is the number one requirement to get to the post season, these made up things to worry about angst threads are just that. End rant. It’s eleven thirty, I’m tired, and I’m going to bed, ya I’m old, get off my lawn!
  14. There are only two possible outcomes, 1) the parties concerned reach an agreement, 2) the parties concerned don’t agreement, and both parties make appropriate adjustments to their circumstances. Happens pretty every season all over the league, nothing to worked up about, lots of talent WRs out there, beer time 🍺
  15. It’s corporate SOP, never use your own money, tax payers have been being duped into providing private corporations infrastructure for many decades, via tax breaks, aka corporate welfare, public funding Via taxes on our income, we pay to build it and then pay to use it, and the corporation gets the vast majority of financial benefit. Yet we just keep doing this over and over and over and over…, it mostly because we re-elect the same shysters from both political parties, over and over and over and over, will no-one ever learn? I’m gonna go get another cup of coffee ☕️,
  16. I sure hope Josh chooses violence all season long!
  17. Teddies the better QB, but is a 2nd rate guy like Tua, like I said, not gonna overlook them but we can beat them twice or three times if needed.
  18. One would think so, We all know Beane doesn’t sleep, so I for one am not worried about this, Beane and his guys will work this out .
  19. All this with Tua supposedly being able to throw a football with actual strength and velocity, not saying we can overlook them, but seriously, Tua is likely not even a top fifteen QB, and the entire league knows this. It’s gonna be fun to play them, as always afce division games are very important. I have no fear.
  20. This seems very Beane like, what are your thoughts on filling the CB position? It does appear to be a bit tenuous at present,
  21. I can see us crushing his ego twice, mercilessly, we will unleash Von on the prissy “B” and he doesn’t make the post season, and retires with a chronic limp, knowing for the rest of his days the Buffalo Bills did this to him, Just sayin, 😁👍, I’m going for coffee ☕️
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