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  1. It’s to late, the genie is out of the bottle…,
  2. Thanks for your lack there in, Can’t wait for your next thread about nothing, nuthin but luv, Don, 😂
  3. Being that a good number of those players listed won’t be available when the Bills draft at 27…,
  4. I agree, now we just have to hope Josh actually learns to takes the check down to the RB when when its there, its about successful high percentage plays, mix in the short stuff and the run correctly and Josh will go to the next level of success.
  5. We are better in the sense that Josh is healed up, we have one new starting level O-line guy who is better than Saffold, and two WRs that are likely better than those they are intended to replace, V Miller? Now there is a question mark on Von hopping he comes back to advertised performance. The team as a whole is currently healthier and should be far better that the end of last seasons version, I have hope that we come out guns blazing, and don’t beat ourselves with poor play calling and or execution. GO BILLS!!!
  6. Frazier was looking at a reduced role at the very moment that the “Senior Defensive Assistant” idea was being tossed around and then brought on board, and it is a certainty that he wasn’t super pleased about it. Sure they wanted to keep him for his experience, BUT, he wasn’t going to be calling the shots like he had been, and that in his eyes this was a demotion and not acceptable, so he left and the story line that he was “stepping away” for a year/season was put out to in essence cover his leaving the team. The odds of LF coming back after this upcoming season are in effect nil. The root cause was and still is three consecutive post season exits that came about because of a lack of willingness/capacity to be flexible in his play calling / scheming against the top echelon teams, his regular season success was quite good and not an issue, but more was needed and he was unable to deliver the goods, as is said. And here we are, SM is taking over LFs former role with the assistance of the above mentioned Senior Defensive assistant.
  7. First off, you nor I, nor anyone else on this board knows the status of Diggs and Allen’s business relationship, and yes it is a business relationship first and foremost. 2nd off, why trouble yourself with things that you have zero control of? Why so serious…, 3rd, kick back and enjoy the show, 🍸🚬🍿🍸🚬🍿🍸🚬🍿🍸🚬🍿
  8. Weapons my friend, weapons…, Still have below average talent on the O-line, and they still give it insufficient attention.
  9. It’s going to be a bit spooky watching that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd big hit, lots of us will be squirming in our seats watching those moments, Go Bills, Go Damar!
  10. Not so much on offense, Diggs and who else as above average help for Allen? and especially not on the O-line, in that respect they have fallen short in a noticeable way, look at what your own team did with their O-line, and they did it in one off season. I like an awful lot about what Beane and McDermott have done, but they appear at this point to have plateaued a bit. They have by far put the majority of there eggs in the defensive basket, with less than expected results in the post season for three consecutive years, and now gently pushed Frazier out the door, and during that time used a fair number of also ran types on the offensive side as supposed help for their franchise QB. Go Bills!!!
  11. Lamar has not been what one can call effective in the post season, he at this point is very likely to be a limited passer for the duration of his career.
  12. There is almost nothing, except maybe consideration of a next years first, and an additional 2nd & two 3rd rounders this draft, but hardly anyone brings up the difficulty in finding a team that wants to trade up…, it takes two to tango,
  13. What is with this misguided need to draft another RB in the third when we already have a good batch of them already inked? On top of that what we really really really need is O-line improvements much much more.
  14. Lamar would already be signed to a large money contract if he had an agent, and this whole absurd dance would likely never have happened, the Lamar mindset is best described as a classic case of the Dunning Kruger syndrome…
  15. Does anyone think that Lamar may now see the sense in getting an actual agent, instead of his mom? What the hell am I thinking, 😂 Lamar won’t ever do that…, 😂
  16. Actually I did not ask why, I suggested that the money spent and lost on all of the Jr football leagues looks questionable as to the continued funding, that up to this point has been a total flop as a fan draw, and a financial black hole, hence the money laundering comment, it’s either that or a huge tax write off for the truly affluent. Sure one or two teams showed a glimmer of hope, but they to have fallen by the wayside, the proverbial exception to prove the rule…,
  17. What a world indeed, my question is, knowing that they have the capacity to make those types of adjustments, why have they very rarely done so when they have been in positions that required adjustments be made? Maybe just maybe Sean finally has had enough of defensive play calling / scheming that let the team down…, one can hope.
  18. There must be some serious money laundering going on that supports these leagues, they all fail, yet they miraculously continue to rise from the ashes like a short lived phoenix…
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