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  1. You are a genius, how ever could you know so much…, tell us more oh sage one…,
  2. Is just me, that Josh won’t take the check down even when it’s the right choice? And why won’t our brain trust run the ball when it is the correct choice? Oh well, we will still likely win this, but McDermott needs to jerk a knot in some peoples azses, GO BILLS!!!
  3. Singletary ran one in from 33 yards out, just sayin five yards further
  4. I agree, what young QB would want to be drafted by the jets or some other team that is a constant disaster, can’t blame them at all, it certainly sucks if your favorite team is one of those teams, we as bills fans have been there.
  5. Yup, Florida is America’s schwantz, always has been, in the sixties we made jokes when we were in grade school…, 😁
  6. Yes it was 😁👍 and merry Christmas to you and yours, and a spectacular new year! GO BILLS!!!
  7. It appears you spend a good deal of time being wrong, tell us what it’s like, the constant disappointment must be mind numbing, as we see from the example of your post…, oh, and merry Christmas to you, GO BILLS!!!
  8. It is “when” not “if” games become compromised because of gambling, imo, league owners (some who own gambling establishments) and employees are very likely already gambling on games via some other conduit/entity, it will become a total sh-t show when it becomes public. I give it a year ish, then the league will morph into something akin to horse racing, which is only logical, being both are big on PEDS usage, 😂 GO BILLS!!!
  9. Doesn’t mean he should stop trying, just look at the D line, draft after draft after draft, finally we got some good ones,
  10. So you’re gonna read Beane the riot act aye…,
  11. Didn’t think it was a knock, and I do agree with you,
  12. So, how many QBs have rebounded from, shall we say, the Zach Wilson road in the NFL?
  13. True enough, but it was a well controlled / thought out trade, that and it was a current year 1st, for a known entity, I would think that if we could get a Diggs caliber player with years of output left like Diggs, we would all be willing to do it again.
  14. O~Line! every plays success revolves around the O~lines success in winning their one elevenths / one on ones,
  15. The teams that make these really bad picks that turn out to be busts never seem to be labeled as the ones who are just as much a bust , it always placed on the player when it is mostly the teams fault for the outcome.
  16. Ya gotta just ignore people when they get all hot taky, its done for clicks, not because the take has value in any way, don’t fall prey to the con.
  17. Totally agree, lots of first world whining going on here, these folk will be complaining about how we didn’t win the super bowl the way they wanted it won, its totally mind numbingly absurd. Go Bills!!!!
  18. The average IQ in America is 100, half the populations IQ is under 100…, kinda says it all…,
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