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  1. True enough, but this version of the Bills isn’t the sh-t show of an organization that had no real plan for how to win and be competitive in those days. It is a good deal different now with the current FO, coaching staff, and players, I would think a player like Gilmore would see this as an opportunity to get another ring and toot his own horn at the same time. Not that I’m gonna hold my breath on the outcome of this rumor…, 😁👍
  2. No it’s not, it’s the same, oh, and you’re wrong, 😁
  3. They make their living off the NFL, so yah, they are paid to hype, its a self congratulatory society, keep the hype train rolling, and the pay checks keep coming, you could call it an industry…
  4. That’s the way of it though, its not just Palmer, everyone having an opinion wether it’s National talking heads or some unknown YouTuber, they all hype up every position/player from FA to draft candidates, it’s like a Japanese train schedule, it’s like clockwork, it’s all part of the NFL hype machine, it’s self sustaining, and at this point it’s to be expected, ya just can’t drink all the koolaid they’re handing out on these guys.
  5. We likely will never know, but on the bright side, he pocketed a few hundred thousand dollars to work out, so it was a really good gig for him.
  6. Hi, my names Don, and I liked EJ too, it’s humbling to admit…
  7. Yup, they will jump in with both feet at any opportunity, its gotten to the point of being comical,
  8. I’m calling it, Red Snyder burgers 🍔 from now on,
  9. You’re a bad man … 😂
  10. It more than other concerns, seems that Cole is getting a bit brittle as he is aging, broken leg two seasons ago, three cracked ribs this past season… he’s not getting younger and more flexible, Cole was a very important part of the offensive output while he was part of the team, but as is said, all things must pass…,
  11. How many times are they gonna pay these guys and watch them fail to be any better than they have been in the past, getting to the playoffs a couple of times doesn’t rate a kings ransom, being slightly above average rates a pay check for being slightly above average, how hard is it for a GM to say this to a player? QBs like Cousins are a prime example of grossly over paying for a bit above average performance, the Watson deal is ludicrous, it in effect nullifies the overall benefit of the cap dollars going up, it remains just as hard to build a team if the percentages of cap use stays the same…,
  12. Considering that Dak is noticeably over paid, and noticeably under performs, yet is a better QB, that would be a generous offer for a QB of Lamar Jackson overall skill set and potential, of course he will say he is being disrespected by being offered such a pittance…, will be fun to watch it play out, 😁👍
  13. Yet American citizens will re-elect the very same shysters from both parties over and over and over…, humans are not very smart, the cool thing for the parties is that they have successfully divided and conquered the nation, just look around, we have all been duped with this red state blue state crap, both parties are to blame, and we fall for it every election. There are alternatives, we could elect smart honest people who have the citizens best interests as their priority.
  14. This rumor was started to get Pats Little brother to show up in the wrong state on game day…
  15. Hows that old saying go, ah yes, want in one hand…,
  16. I’m thinking that calling it beanbag toss is not only more accurate, it has less of a alternative nuanced definition, and you can still be drunk while participating, he’ll you can even smoke too…,
  17. That would be a shame, but you’re likely correct,
  18. “That word, you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means” …, 😁👍
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