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  1. Lots of factors go into. Why things happen the way they did, Gabe seemingly is nursing an ankle injury most years, LIL Dirty didn’t step up, the preferred starting slot receiver broke his ankle, and Shakir in his rookie season, the O-line was a mess, I could go on…, so ya, lots of unforeseen things get in the way of success, Did KD have some leaning to do? Yup, sure did, so now we have a OC with live fire experience under his belt, and has likely had a sit down with his bosses about personnel usage etc etc, I think you get where I’m going with this so…,
  2. Except the starting QB injured his elbow on his throwing arm, a player temporarily died on the field of play, one of our top shelf safeties was out with a neck injury, but ya, no excuses…,
  3. O-line ideally, imo we could stand to have a top five unit in front of Allen.
  4. The last paragraph was all you needed to type to make your point, 😁 Yes Dorsey needs to have better play designs so that one play helps support the next play etc etc, I’m going with KD being better with a season of being an OC behind him, 🤞
  5. Best? Only if the O-line is top five, then plays can develop and #17 can pick apart defenses, jmo.
  6. Those words you keep on saying, I do not think they mean what you think they mean…,
  7. Part of the Knox usage was that the O-line was a mess last season and they needed him to block, But i do see what you are saying about Dorsey being creative in his play calling, I’m with Shaw66 on this in that Dorsey should be better with a season under his belt 🤞
  8. Circle of life…,
  9. Not at all what i was getting at, feel free to listen to what the hell ever you like, even if it sucks, 😂 Freakin teeny boppers like you is what’s wrong with this country…, 😂
  10. All this is true, Yet, a very noisy contingent here will lose what little control of their minds that they have and rant nonstop with their disapproval throughout the entire up coming season and beyond. Yes it will be senseless and it will offer virtually zero benefits, yet they will not stop. These are people who know little of the differences between “critique” and “nonstop whining”, it’s gonna be so pathetic. I already have a seasons worth of popcorn at the ready 🍿 lol 😂
  11. My life hack, Keep your living overhead as low as you can. Pay off all of your debt as soon as possible, save and invest your disposable income intelligently, and retire ASAP! Most Humans die by the age of eighty five, and the last five or ten years aren’t that great, don’t F K around, get out of the rat race as soon as you can and enjoy your limited time on this planet. GO BILLS!!!
  12. I listen to all sorts of music from jazz rap, the “Chronic”, classical, Outcast, Jeff Beck, Alicia Keyes, St Germain, most of all the great era of “rock” music, etc etc, and the light pop music category that Swifts music falls into, her music is poorly conceived as compared to the range of music that is out there to listen to. I guess we will just have to disagree about ol’ auto tune Taylor Swift.
  13. It’s my woman’s birthday, and I’m gonna hook up, have great food and drink, the frosting on the cake is that she’s a Bills fan, so I get it all 😁👍🍸🚬
  14. Teeny poppers evidently in come in a wide age range nowadays, she is popular no doubt, but her music is straight up teeny popper trash.
  15. I enjoyed the “Shining” Jack Nicholson was perfect for the part,
  16. That is an accurate description of Swift, girl ain’t got no back, nor front for that matter…, but she does have a whole bunch of boring music to her credit, teeny poppers gotta have there hero I guess,
  17. “Someone” has fallen prey to yet another worthless list of what NFL thinks we should be concerned with…, that “someone” needs to step away from the internet more often,
  18. Way more than…, lots of folk “just knew’ that JA was a disastrous pick…, it was a hot take world back then,
  19. Skrong is in some peoples mind a cooler way to say “strong” for me, not so much…
  20. Chubb needs a chat with Yoda…., “there is do or not do, there is no try”
  21. True, its a snooze, BUT, five years of protecting the Franchise QB…, that has a lot of appeal,
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