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  1. This, and there was/is some contractual agreements on what is and is not to be said, that and the Bills likely got to read the article before publication, jmo…
  2. We just saw what it’s like the moment a young kid becomes millionaire doing something he loves to do, makes you feel really good for KE, very happy for him. Go Bills!!!
  3. That notebook showed a lot on Elam’s behalf, shows he is willing to look at the things he didn’t get right on top of his success, total process guy. Any coach has got to appreciate that aspect of a player’s character. Go Bills!!!
  4. Yes, that’s what they’re telling you…, and you better step off on TD Jesus… 😂
  5. F ikin A skippy!! Punt God!! It’s an omen people, an omen…,
  6. Nice write up Inigo, I believe you have pretty much hit the nail on the head with your thoughts on how the team will operate this upcoming season. We have a lot of pass catchers that can line up from anywhere in just about any formation, it’s gonna be one hell of a year! Go Bills!!!
  7. Scottlaw is gonna be pissed when he reads this…, 😂
  8. I’ve seen that as well, but he has gone to the house with some regularity
  9. This^^^ Cook is a, as said above, a hybrid RB/WR, with go to the house speed that no current on roster RB has, and he can do it from the hand off and the YAC, it’s not so hard to understand how he will be used.
  10. Oh great, let’s just re-hash this yet again, wtf people? that horse was beat to death months ago, FFS stop already, New year new team! Go Bills!!!
  11. I hear you can make beer 🍺 out of that stuff,
  12. Its because they milk the hell out of every second of the show, the entire thing could be done in one day, with a whole hell of a lot less made up drama, Its fun to see who gets picked by each team, but it’s become like the Olympics, damn little actual content, and way to much fluff.
  13. It can be argued that they do, looking at the current make up of our offense, I see a change from what Dabol was doing, to a far more well rounded attack from our offense, I see weapons at every level, more so than in seasons past.we will be more dynamic and harder for defenses to handle. Go Bills!!!
  14. Mellow dramatic much? You do this every season, please control your desire to post your displeasure/ opinion on this fifty plus times, try this instead; Count the number of pass catchers that we so far have on this offense, lots of play makers, and now yet another weapon for opposing defenses to have to plan for, Go Bills!!!
  15. Please already, are we gonna re-hash this yet again? That horse was beaten to death month’s ago, let it go for gods sake, thank you from the bottom of my heart, 😁👍
  16. I get your point, I think, but, as for draft rankings, Beane has been among the best in the league from reports from as recent as this past past year, so yes, playing time can and evidently does equate to good drafting. As to a poor run game, that was on Dabol, he didn’t give so much a a single F Uch about the run game, and it showed on the field and in his minor rift with the HC, that and how many passing yards did the team have??? As for line play we have already brought in coach “beach chairs” to compliment a line that was improving in the later part of the season, so your conjecture that this playoff /Super Bowl favorite team is a shambles on so many levels is wrought with hyperbole, jmo, I will happily accept various aspects of the team need work, but that the same with all the good teams, humans don’t do perfect, never have, never will, all we can do is try to correct our failings…, can’t expect more than that. Go Bills!!!
  17. Yup, its an over the top reaction to a run of the mill trade transaction, those that are trying to make something of it tend to be the idiosyncratic / chronic fault finders amongst the board participants here. They are also big into running amok in game day threads…,
  18. Well, all the Levi isn’t good enough / now we need to replace him is behind us, it’s time to move on, and watch our new CB make a difference, McDermott will have him firing on all cylinders by preseason, White and Elam are gonna make opposing QBs suffer, and the D line is gonna have some damn good games, Go Bills!!!
  19. Should have had both? That would come under the heading of conjecture / opinion, certainly not a point of fact, you me and the deep blue sea, can only guess as to the reasoning behind the trade up circumstances, I will go with Beanes thoughts on this as he was at the point of action, unlike ourselves. Go Bills!!!
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