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Dion Dawkins cryptic tweet UPDATE: EXTENDED PER SCHEFTY

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14 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:



MY guess is that Beane has been doing A LOT of negotiating to coax players to take pay cuts and hometown deal extensions and that the organization not yet giving Josh Allen a big up front check..........the most OBVIOUS way to create big cap space.........has been entirely intentional.    


Perception is reality and if players think that the Bills *might not* do that full Josh Allen re-structure then they know that the Bills might pull the trigger on cutting or trading THEM to get under the cap.    They will worry about the potential that they might be cut.    Deadlines make deals and the Bills have a deadline to get under the cap and right now they can say "hey, business decisions may have to be made".



*****. I just had this take and I thought it was original.


I agree that “we need to get under the cap” is a better sales pitch to take a paycut than “we need to free up $4M so we have $28M in space.”

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11 hours ago, pennstate10 said:

I’m speechless. 
you are truly clueless. 

Just curious. Are yo a Syracuse — Big Orange — fan?



I think I'm clued in on how pro sports ownership works.   It's quite simple, really.    


I was also clued in that Joe Paterno's self-righteous act was a fraud.   Though I had no idea he was letting his DC do what he was doing.   That was a whole other level.   Shame on you guys.   Not sure Sandusky State East can ever live that blind-eye down.

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Welp, unless this is some serious trolling on his part, it looks like he's been traded.


Last season was a step forward for the O-Line.  Let's hope next season isn't 2 steps back.


Edit: Troll master

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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