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What is your gut telling you right now?

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I'm on the fence on this game. 50/50.  Typically a close game with these two teams.  Similar to a basketball game, it'll come down to the last 2 minutes.  But Go BILLS!  I think in the end Josh will make key plays and put Bills in position to WIN.  But watch out for Pacheco and Rice ... they are the keys for KC in this game.

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7 hours ago, Maynard said:

I’m really worried about all the injuries. I’m not saying we lose, it just makes me 🤢.  

ditto. My gut is in knots just reading this thread. I'm just glad my feels have jack schite to do with results on the field. Last week I had a very calm demeanor. This week not so much.


I feel  like a schmuck even typing it. Pacheco and Kelce plus Mahomes could be a disaster against a weakened Defense backfield




Lord have mercy. 

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My gut tells me that if Von, Ed, Leonard, and Greg show up we have a huge chance of winning. Keep the pressure coming and hit Mahomes hard every time.  Although our LB’ing core may be at low compromised I’m left wondering if the Bills move Von to LBer as an alternative or if needed. He has a lot of experience as an OLB.

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4 hours ago, FireChans said:

I will. Mahomes couldn’t come back in our earlier meeting. He’s only 3-4 when an opponent scores 10 points first this year.


I'm not sure that, and given our season history here, that we can afford to sleep on any QB.  ... most of all Mahomes.  


Just sayin'.  



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I know America wants this game, but personally I hate it. It won't be a blowout. It'll be close. My anxiety will be raging. If we lose it'll be same old story with the bills and we'll here fans screaming for McDermotts head. Even if we do win, then I have to deal with the anxiety of the afc championship, but this is what it's all about 

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9 hours ago, TrentEdwardsCheckDownOn4th said:

Are we the better team? We are only 2.5 pt. favorites. Vegas typically gives the home team 3 points. So vegas actually thinks the Bills are ever so slightly worse than the Chiefs. Assuming that's mainly because of all the injuries.

Vegas doesn't give 3 points anymore and hasn't for yrs...home team gets 2 to 2.5 now

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10 hours ago, teef said:

i'll question everything all over again if the bills blow it.  it also depends how the game goes.  if superman mahomes suddenly turns up and it's a shoot out...so be it.  i just won't be able to see the sloppy bills stroll out and gift wrap turnovers.  

With Hochuli's help of course

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I have concerns with officiating getting in the way of this game - hope they just let them play.


Josh is usually a wild card in my mind for the past season and a half. What Josh shows up to play? But I feel like he is dialed in and I am really glad for his sake as he lifts the energy of the whole offense when he is in the zone.

Jones can be a game-wrecker in the middle and I think he is playing on a 1-year deal so basically showcasing his play to either go FA or simply put himself in a great negotiating position. So (as usual) we have to be aware of where he is at and provide some help, but effective running is best way to slow down him pinning his ears back and reeking havoc in the backfield.

I do think we have great depth with our defense that has been tested to the max, but we are now very thin at LB and I did not see any roster moves to shore up that depth so that has me a bit nervous - will see what that injury report looks like at the end of the week.

Perhaps the biggest ***** in our defensive armor is missing Taron Johnson and I think Pittsburgh realized pretty quickly that Cam Lewis in a tough spot filling in for Taron was our "Waldo" (referring to interviews with those who have worked with our OC Brady and how they said one thing he would always do when game planning was to find a player or players on the defense that they could attack - "where's Waldo" )

Knock on wood, that our strong run defenders on the line play the dominant way that they can as KC has been leaning more on their run game. So yeah, I am just trying to enjoy the ride and enjoy this improbable run this year and keep my Bills OCD mania in a healthy place.


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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