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Breaking: Jets QB Zach Wilson being benched for Tim Boyle

Big Turk

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53 minutes ago, dave mcbride said:

I am terrible at predicting outcomes, but I think the Dolphins might do an absolute curb-stomping of the Jets this Friday. I just feel like the wheels are coming off that team right now--kinda like the late Gase era. Their offensive line is quite possibly the worst in the league due to all of the injuries. 

They can’t even use the injury excuse for the oline anymore imo…what do you expect to happen starting becton and brown at tackle.

that was straight up roster mismanagement


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3 minutes ago, Mikie2times said:

Dobbs would have done wonders for them

I was sure they’d have gone for him. He’s a good story and easy for fans to rally behind, plus he’s not a threat to Rodgers.

They might have snuck into the playoffs with Dobbs and given Rodgers his comeback he was looking for. If they drop one more game I doubt Aaron would rush back behind that terrible O-line for a meaningless game given the risks involved.

I’m not excited for the Jets to be in range of another great 1st round pick, so I hope they get a few more wins. Maybe 3 more… the old “Jauron Special” 7 wins to be good enough to fall outside the top 10, but bad enough to miss the playoffs.



…that being said, I hope they punch Miami in the mouth and steal a win from them this week. Maybe the kid will do alright with a full week of practice.

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12 minutes ago, Mikie2times said:

Dobbs would have done wonders for them

The best part of Dobbs is he would be a huge upgrade on a bunch teams he was already on - Steelers, browns, etc.  


he’s the new Fitz. Maybe will never be a top starter but is more than serviceable and can win you some games. 

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1 hour ago, Simon said:

I've got to throw some props at Zach here.

Yes, he's a gawdawful QB right now (although I think he might be the kind of kid that finds his game a couple years down the road, ala Geno Smith). But that kid took a ferocious pounding last night and never once hesitated to get up and get right back to work.

At one point I thought Ed Oliver had finished him for good (I thought that was worth every one of the 15 yards he drew) but he shook it off and kept right on rolling. He might be wet behind the ears and not ready for this league, but the boy has some moxie. 


I cannot IMAGINE Tua surviving a game like that. 


But I’d like to see him try!  😋



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27 minutes ago, Pine Barrens Mafia said:

Rich Eisen on what the Jets should have done after Rodgers went down:


"Carson Wentz? There's ice, and he stinks on it!"


Zach Wilson was their best chance aka close to no chance…one of those old school Matt Ryan/joe Flacco pocket passers would’ve been murdered behind that oline 


matt Ryan would’ve been sacked 100 times lol

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16 minutes ago, Limeaid said:


Some fans on this board said there was no need for Jets to change QB from Wilson because he was a Bills beater.

And I bet that’s why it took this long into the season for Saleh to finally cut bait.  He probably thought Wilson had some weird anti-Bills mojo that would allow him to steal yesterday’s game.  

turns out that - as with Tua - it had nothing to do with Wilson and everything to do with us. 


2 minutes ago, Ridgewaycynic2013 said:

You better not be throwing shade at



I think you forgot the ™️ after that!

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This move signals to me that Woody Johnson is 1) a cheap owner but also 2) he doesn't care at all what happens the rest of this season on the field.


If the Jets realistically wanted to make the playoffs this year, they could have traded for Dobbs or a Trubisky or a Barkley, or took a lottery ticket on Wentz or visit Joe Flacco's retirement village.  However, that all costs actual cash spend.  


Tim Boyle isn't going to win the Jets any more games than Zach Wilson could.   


Zach Wilson's problem is what ailed JP Losman and EJ Manuel - he doesn't understand the NFL game on the cerebral level that is required.  

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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