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Streaming Quality issues?


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4 minutes ago, Simon said:

all good in Western Pennsyltucky

Everything is good in Western Pennsyltucky.  Last time I was there I got some great venison jerky.  I asked if it was road kill and I was told yes and it was better that way since right after deer was killed it was brought to be cooked rather than hunter carrying it back which can take hours.

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2 hours ago, ShipUPride said:

Anyone else having jerky video and audio cut outs?  


Audio and picture clarity are always good but every few seconds it skips a few frames.  Annoying .

1 hour ago, motorj said:

amazon is choppy, had to go back to dazn


Choppy here as well. Always. 

29 minutes ago, Process said:

The picture is always fine for me on Amazon, but the voice/picture is never in sync when the talking heads are on. 


I have hockey (ESPN) and football streaming on two dirfferent Firesticks. Hockey is much better but not perfect.  I have very fast internet. I have yet to see any live streaming sports be as smooth as satellite or cable.  Did I mention annoying?

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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