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Just a suggestion to help out the current affairs.


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I think that all can agree that the RB position and the OL as a whole just isn’t working. I don’t think that anybody can really predict all the draft picking, FA acquisition(s), trade(s), salary cap ramifications and contract manipulations accurately, at best maybe just outline a strategy that can be plausible. Obviously not being a GM or in the daily NFL loop I’m going to try to reason out what could be the most beneficial way to improve our current state of affairs. 

I know drafting a RB in the 1st rd isn’t the popular choice amongst the masses but if Texas RB Bijan Robinson is there when the Bills select then they should jump all over him. If this can come to fruition then it’s time to say good bye to Singletary, Gilliam and Tawain Jones. I’m not sure just what the ramifications are with Hines but if it’s reasonable then I’d like to keep him and run with Robinson, Cook and a splash of Hines on offense and keep Hines as the KR and PR.


My next suggestion would be to try and finagle a trade with a team that is going through a transition (new GM and/or coach) and work out a trade for a player that wasn’t the new regime’s doing. Finding a player that doesn’t fit in their future scheme of things and/or having to re-up a new contract for such a player. Arizona comes to mind but not for who you may first think of. DeAndre Hopkins isn’t feasible or reasonable for the Bills even if he were to become available. To me WR Marquise Brown makes more sense for the Bills financially and strategically. The Cardinals acquired him for a 1st rd pick (#23 overall) and got back Brown and a 3rd rd pick in return. They are exercising Brown’s 5th year option for the 2023 season, after that he’s a FA unless they re-sign him to a whole new contract. Who knows what kind of money that would be and if he is to become available then what compensation would the Cardinals accept back is only a guess at this time. I would think that anywheres from a 3rd-5th rd pick in this year’s draft could work. Once again who really knows, this is just an estimation at best. I’d like to see Davis’ role reduced and Shakir’s increased. Time to part ways with McKenzie and make a choice of retaining either Beasley or Crowder and ditch the other.


The next call of duty would be to reshape the OL. Taking a LT with our 2nd rd pick the Bills should find a player of value, can’t really predict who but there should be a couple of candidates available. Move Dawkins to RT until his current contract runs out, he hasn’t been right since he had Covid. Next retire Morse one way or another and slide Bates over to Center. Under these circumstances the Bills would still retain some premium draft picks. Based on what pick that the Bills would have to trade to the Cardinals, a 3rd or a 4th or a 5th rd pick, there would still be enough of valued picks left that could be invested in a OG or two, free agency isn’t out of the question to acquire a starting OG either. Keep Spencer Brown in a back up role as a OT and see if he can improve his play from last year, he’s still on a reasonable rookie contract. 

I think that acquisitions and realignment like this could be a great way for the Bills to maintain their level of play, deal with their current financial restraints and improve their players by either replacing and/or realigning them.  

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3 minutes ago, I am the egg man said:

Another long thought out thread start. How long did it take? Seconds, minutes, hours, days?


Too long likely but, whatever, he is waiting.


 I know. These thread starts are starting to look like novels. I would suggest maybe not including everything you have to say in the 1st post. Give the main point, offer up secondary ideas as the thread moves along.


 Secondly, it seems like the OP has created a 2nd thread to double down on his original thread titled Bijan Robinson.😂 No thank you to a 1st round being used on a RB. It's a luxury Buffalo can't afford, especially this offseason.




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1 hour ago, Andy1 said:

OL first, then WR, … RB last.

OL has to be not only first but finished. Teams every year overhaul their olines. Andy did it in 1 year.  Selecting a RB first is putting the cart ahead of the horse. We need to draft 2 Olineman and 1 WR in the first 4 rounds.  Then sign another OL guy (Jawaan Taylor/ Risner type) in FA.

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7 hours ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


 I know. These thread starts are starting to look like novels. I would suggest maybe not including everything you have to say in the 1st post. Give the main point, offer up secondary ideas as the thread moves along.


Nobody tells Tipster how to post!!

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I think you should stick to ONE topic per post. RB or OLine,for example.

You could also look at cap resources like Spotrac rather than just throw stuff out there.  Do the work and know the facts.

FYI; none of Hines' salary is guaranteed . I like what he offers as a returner but if he isn't used on offense, he is overpaid.

How do you "force" Mitch Morse to retire?

Moving Dawkins to RT,or LG as some have suggested,means that TWO positions would then have new starters  affecting continuity and chemistry.





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Just now, TampaBillsJunkie said:

And even if he could catch out of the backfield, not much of a chance Dorsey calls the play. Hines should have had at least 30+ REC this year.

Right there… a terrible waste! The ideal player not named McCaffery to pick up and he was ***** invisible on Offence!


A disgrace. Why did they get him?

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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