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Patriots may be trying to take Bills Assistant OLine coach Ryan Wendell

Big Turk

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Let them have him! 


Let them have ANY position coach they  want.


I've seen enough "HARD KNOCKS" on HBO to realize that "position coaches" are jobs they give to ex-players who need some cash post retirement and who don't want to leave the game behind.  They hang out in the position room with their position  group, and kind of mentor the players like a father figure. 


I genuinely believe anyone doing any of that on any team at any position is as good as any other.


Maybe a few stand out, league wide.





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6 hours ago, Ridgewaycynic2013 said:

Cold.  When we find you at a band gig with a beach umbrella inserted emphatically in your rectum, we'll remind you of this.

Who's to say this doesn't happen at every practice? 

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17 hours ago, Big Turk said:

He played under Belichick, big shocker he wants to bring him back. Bill seems to like "his" guys.

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