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Excluding JA, predict which player will have the biggest impact - Bills at Pats


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5 hours ago, Greg S said:

On offense - Davis or Knox. Someone else has to step up and help Diggs.

On defense - Oliver. He was a beast against the Lions. Needs to do the same tomorrow night.


I can’t say Davis bc we won’t have time to throw his route tree which doesn’t look like it includes much under 12-15 yards and Knox will be used to help probably a lot.  

No Dawkins is a huge deal.  


If we hold up it will be Diggs.  

Milano on defense.  

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Really had to think this week. Obviously my original thought was my man Lil Dirty,  but I read somewhere that the Pat's have been playing more Zone lately and BB is not going to let him terrorize him like last season😉. So I thought maybe Shakir, but with a 47% catch rate, don't think the trust is there yet with Josh. Plus too big of a game.


I'm going with Motor on offense. Whether it's helping block to keep JA clean or some dump offs, I think it will be his play that will have the biggest impact. 


Honorable mention to John Brown if he plays (and still has his speed). I think some go routes can pull the safeties out of the middle and open it up for others and Motor could have extra space to work in.


On D, I'll go with Tre. Think Pat's will try and test him and will regret it. 2 picks and and it shows why patience is a virtue. 🙏.


Go Bills!!!



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Offense:  Dawson Knox is a mismatch in the passing game.  He needs to make a difference on offense catching the ball.  We're paying him way too much money for him to just be a pass blocker.


Defense:  Ed Oliver needs to make Mac Jones' life a living hell.  His interior pressure will cause our edge rushers to have the ability to get in from the outside. 

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Offense - John "SmokeY" Brown

Defense - DaQuan Jones

On 11/30/2022 at 6:17 AM, H2o said:

I'm going to say Singletary. I think it's easier to run block with a retooled OL than it is to pass block. I think Motor gets his first 100 yd rushing game of the season and 2 TD's to go with it. 


Unfortunately, Dorsey is still OC...

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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