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Guessing Bills nicknames


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15 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

Is that your nickname?

🤣 No, I just give a lot of nicknames to people.


12 minutes ago, BTB said:

Condo >>>> Jerry Craft(s) ?

You are correct! Also, you are correct about the Bermuda triangle.


Way to go, bro!

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28 minutes ago, ExiledInIllinois said:

Sultan of Sayonara:


Marv Bateman


Now... Soon to be our new "PuntGod"


(NO I didn't cheat... Bateman comes to mind because he had a huge leg)

Any other guesses?

1 hour ago, muppy said:

1.  Elbert Dubinion

2. ..........................

3. Highmark Stadium

4. Gilchrist

5. ........................

6.  Briscoe

7. ...........................

8. .............................

9. .........................

10. Simpson

11. OL for OJ

12, Chuck Knox

13. #12

14. Ballard

15.  dangit I should know this one

16. ......................................

17. Thomas

18. Kelly..?

19. duh thats our by Ryan Fitztragic haha

20. ......................................


I didnt cheat is my only saving grace I officially suck at remembering these clearly lol



Great job, muppy.


Surprisingly, no, the K-Gun wasn’t named after Jim Kelly. Any other guesses?


And, to put you on the spot, what’s your nickname for Dawson Knox? 🤣😜🤣

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Current team only:

Allen - Winter Soldier (it just fits though it hasn’t stuck)

Singletary - Motor

Dawkins - Schnowman

Knox - Buddy “Party Doll” Knox - have to be a 50s music fan to get the reference

Bates - Rick

Mackenzie - Lil Dirty

Shakur - love the suggestion someone made above Lil Shaker


Rousseau - Groot

Miller - Karate Kid per him https://predominantlyorange.com/2014/06/21/von-miller-reveals-nickname-demarcus-ware/

Oliver - Big Ed

Basham - Boogie

White - TreDay

poyer & Hyde - Dr. Porter & Mr Hyde

Bass - Big Leg Tyler Bass

Araiza - Punt God



others that need one desperately:


Milano - too bad Cookie was taken


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Corey "Bodork" Bojorquez

Fred "FredEx" Jackson, 'cause he always delivered

T"Jumptomakeacatch" Graham

Ronald "The Lookout" Darby

Ray "Alice Cooper" Bentley (or Darby the Dinosaur)

Lonnie "Wile E Coyote" Johnson

Gabe "Welcome Back" Northern, Davis (how may pro football guys named Gabe?)

Sammy Watkins "Jr"

Isaiah "Issac McKittrick" McKenzie

Matt "Cookie" Milano

Tyler Bass"o-Matic"

Jeff Tuel "Time"

Ted "Mount" Washington (or as Randy Cross once described him, "A Landslide with a Helmet")

Tim "The Canadian Comet" Tindale


I'll think up more later.

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1 hour ago, RocCityRoller said:


“Dancing Bear” - this is what my viewing group call Tre Edmunds. Just a big athletic guy waltzing around the middle of the field.


Some new ones for our younger guys?:

'Shake and Bake' Shakir

'Boggie Nights' Basham

'Oliver Twist'


A note on 'FredEx' (he just delivers/ the X factor).

I was the first person I knew of in WNY to use that nickname for Fred Jackson. Not sure if it was in use earlier or not. I had just moved back to WNY from Philadelphia, and it was a total rip off of the nickname for Freddie Mitchell, a WR on the Eagles while I lived there. Fred Mitchell never did all that much in the NFL, except for a huge 4th and 26 catch and conversion for the Eagles in a key moment.


I feel I had to unburden myself even if it is not Festivus season.


serenity now episode GIF

Shakir and Bake.


drops the mic


I think you should take your idea and patent it LOL its really quite perfect :-)))))

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"Dr. Jekyll and" Micah Hyde

Bryce "POP" (ala Chris Berman)

Steve "a Tisker, a" Tasker

Kyle "3rd and puss" Orton (had to put "puss" to get past the *** maker)

"Cornholius" Bennett (after he went to jail)

Butch "Shake, Rattle, and" Rolle

"Dawesome" Knox (aka "Dropsome" Knox)

"TD" Mike Gillislee

Jake "Touchdown Jesus" Kumerow

"The" Duke Williams (A Numbah Wonnnnn)

"El J"Efe Obada

"Crazy World of" Spencer Brown

Reid "Turd" Ferguson (RIP Norm McDonald)

Cody "Edsel" Ford

Mike "Beach Boy" Love (look it up if you don't know why)

Nick "Marshal" McCloud (There ya go....)

Siran "Wrap" Neal

Tre'"Day"vious White

Emmanuel "Colonel" Sanders

Stefon "They Call Me Mister" Diggs or Stefon "Can You" Diggs "It"

Jon "Jose" Feliciano


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51 minutes ago, JohnBonhamRocks said:

Khalil Shakir “Money Maker”


I like my own 'Shake and Bake' for Shakir, but if Shakir 'Money Maker' wins I consider it well played 🤣


almost as good as 'FeelinOnYouboty' on the board! My favorite alias!


56 minutes ago, JohnBonhamRocks said:

Khalil Shakir “Money Maker”

damn you!

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Unrelated, but!

I had a friend I used to play ball with who couldn't get his wife pregnant. They went for tests at the doctor, it was his fault for having a low sperm count. Dumb ass told us about it. His nickname from then on was...."The Count" 😂

We dudes are tough on each other. 

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My 3 originals off the top of my head:

Lil Donte Whitner (became pretty common)

Lil Antoine Winfield

Puddinhead Mike Williams (OT from Texas)


Also Peyton Gump, Eli Gump, and Daddy Gump; Rat Mahomes & Fat ***** Reid.


Don’t remember if I was first, but Meathead Mularkey, Meathead Vrabel, and Brain Dead Bledsoe.

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21 hours ago, BillsFan619 said:

I read an article about Bills nicknames. I’m a nickname king so it was fun to read.


Some of these are very obvious, some not so much. Post your guesses on who or what the nickname is referring to. No cheating.


Also, for fun, give some of the nicknames you’ve given players over the years. Keep it clean. 🤣😜

“Golden Wheels”  Dubenion

“The Rockpile”  War Memorial Stadium

“The Ralph”  Rich Stadium....

“Cookie.”  Gilchrist

“The Mad Bomber,”  Lamonica

“Marlin the Magician”  Briscoe

“Baby-faced Assassin. Harry Jacobs

“Dancing Bear”  McDole

“Sultan of Sayonara”  Lou Saban

“The Juice”  OJ Simpson

“The Electric Company”  OJs O Line early 70s

“The Bermuda Triangle”  Smerlas Haslett Nelson 

Ground Chuck”  Bills offense Knox years

“Machine Gun Kelly”  Jim Kelly

“House”  Howard Ballard

“Condo” Jerry Croft

“Dr. Sack”  Leon Seals

“Pit Bull”  Mitch Frerotte

“Thurmanator”  Thurman Thomas

The “K-Gun” offense was named after who?  Keith McKellar

“Fitzmagic”  Ryan Fitzpatrick

”The Infredible Hulk”  Freddie Jackson

thanks for posting this - fun exercise.  


Kaiir "no fear" Elam

James " short order" Cook

Matt "you say" Araiza 

Khalil "Hips" Shakir


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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