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NFL Draft 2022 Fourth to Seventh Round Discussion Thread


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Just now, GunnerBill said:

New England drafts another running back... of course they do...

Well it's not like throwing is going to be a strong suit anytime soon.

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3 minutes ago, UKBillFan said:

NFLN ran an item on Araiza earlier - character wise he seems a fit with the team. Being able to flip the field is massive as well. Just has to measure his kicks as I thinik a concern is he kicks it out the end zone more than is favourable. Like it, though.


Now picture the Dolphins running Tyreek back to field a punt late in the game. Would you kick to him, try something directional, or just start 'em from the 20?


Beavers to the Jints, nice pick by Schoen.

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6 minutes ago, The Jokeman said:

Bass needs keep his head in the game, let's not forget he missed two extra points in the New England playoff game.


Not worried about him at all.  Don't think kick-offs keep him centered TBH.

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Just now, gonzo1105 said:

Patriots take another RB


So they have Harris

Stevenson(drafted last year)

Strong(drafted this year)

Harris(6th round)


what are they doing 

TRYING to win on the ground without a top QB.....

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1 minute ago, GunnerBill said:

A corner from Villanova that I've never heard of 😂 on trend Beano. Well played.


seems like a reach.  Had a 7-UDFA grade on him.  Bean must have really wanted him for some reason.  Looks like from reports he is good in press.  Hopefully we press more this year given our two CB picks who are good at press.  Also looks like he could flip to safety at some point.  Just going off NFL.com writeup.  

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