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Excluding JA, predict which player will have the biggest impact - Patriots at Bills


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2 hours ago, Mat68 said:

Dane Jackson.  Pick 6 and a fumble recovery.  Next man up….

Good pick. I picked Dane too.


While I’d love for him to have this kind of game, if he just plays admirably to where he’s not a liability, that’ll be a huge impact because the defense can just focus on being itself instead of needing to compensate for him.


Here’s to hoping he has the type of game you predicted. That said, I’ll take admirably too.


Go Bills!

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On 12/3/2021 at 11:51 AM, Sugar High JA17 said:

Cole Beasley AKA The Silvery Minnow

He comes up big when forgotten

This is what I was going to say.


This is the perfect time for him to do to the Pats what Welker/Edelman always did to the Bills.


Belichick will be focused on stopping Diggs/Knox and the weather will be poor.

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16 hours ago, BillsFan619 said:

Good take, MGK. Thanks for sharing. We definitely got to disrupt the rook.


In a game like this, how often would you send extra pressure vs. trying to get pressure with your front four?

619, it’s a simplistic answer, but given we don’t usually send extra guys, we should start with the unexpected so he’s safety blitzes as an example could throw a wrinkle.  If Mac is all world (sarcasm) and can pick up the blitz easily, then we convert to a shell.  The key more is having enough up front to stop their running game.  They are effective in their blocking scheme to get yards.

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