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Lmao!! Chiefs fan launches GoFundMe to buy Sorensen out of his contract

Big Turk

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22 minutes ago, CorkScrewHill said:

In fairness, in 2019 Bills fans would have jumped on board doing that for Star .. never has a year off changed people's feelings toward a player so much.

"Fans" can be such fairweather fickle creatures. In cases of Star, at first it was his pay compared to production, and then just his play. This year he is a BEAST. Fine that fans change gears when the player suddenly performs so much better. Just like Klein in the first half odf 2020 compared to since. Night and day. Knox would be a good example though ha ha. Or Edmunds. Or...  Best example would be the "Bad Josh selected" crowd ha ha.

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33 minutes ago, teef said:

we all knew it was stupid to take that kick out of the endzone.  we all knew.  except for leodis.  


I bet Leodis would have something to say about this.


You wouldn't understand a goddamn lick of it .... but he'd have something to say!!


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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