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Other Teams & Players You Don’t Mind Succeeding (except against us)

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5 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


Utter nonsense. You are intentionally completely mischaracterising my position on the Houston situation. It was about people in a football organisation making decisions based on things other than football. Jack Easterby making hires based on what people believe rather than what they can do. I wouldn't work in that situation and I don't blame anyone else for not wanting to either.  


Believers can believe whatever they want. As for them being taught to spread the word, fine, when they get as far as me I ask that they stop and Tim Tebow has aligned himself with organisations that have said things that would apply to me personally that are downright offensive. 


I don't care if you think I am an extreme. That is up to you. But I suggest anyone who thinks a non-believer is an extremist is in pretty dangerous territory already.



1) No I assure you it's not intentional,  I have no reason to antagonize you.    What football decisions were being made in Houston based on things other than football?  Firing Bill O'Brien for making a mess of the roster with bad trades and then losing football games?   People of faith like Easterby get hired in football.   I'm a skeptic but even I understand WHY believers are seen as congruent with the team building mission of the sport.    Sometimes a Leslie Frazier gets hired and it works out OK anyway.......and sometimes it's Rick Dennison and it looks stupid in hindsight.


2) Zero belief is by nature an extreme.   I wouldn't label you as an extremist but going out of your way to criticize a non-point like a pro football team hiring chritians to run it was at least a hot take if nothing else.:lol: 

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I love the NFL in general.  After the Bills, I don't really root for any team, but I do root against some.  Obviously teams in our division, teams with Tom Brady (although I did root for Tampa in the SB to knock off the Chiefs)...speaking of which, the Chiefs, the Titans (can't stand Vrabel), Cowboys.   As to players...I am hoping that Darnold does well for the Panthers and that Zach Wilson falls flat.  The Jets just did not do right by Darnold.  I'm hoping it becomes evident this season.

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I do love the city of Cleveland so I like the Browns.


Other teams I like/liked seeing do well to some extent.


Detroit Lions- they kind of remind me of the Bills/Browns over the years.  Underdogs. Heck the only time they made an NFC championship I believe was in 1991 when they got steamrolled by the Redskins (or WFT).  The few interactions with their fans over the years I had have usually been pleasant.  The interactions fans on this site have talked about with Lions fans has usually been pleasant as well.  That 2nd to last 2018 game.  Plus during the 7 inch snow storm of 2014 they let the team use their field...... which happened to be one of my favorite drought games.  The 38-3 beating of the Jets.


I mean I'm not a fan per say but I you know they'd probably be my NFC team if I had to choose.



NY Jets-  if they have non d-baggy players/coaches on their team I don't mind seeing them do well.  The days of Vincenzo Testaverde, Chad Pennington, Wayne Chrebet, Curtis Martin, and Herman Edwards I pulled for them.  I even felt a little bad for them last year.  


Philly Eagles- I rooted pretty hard for them as a kid in the NFC in the 90's during the Rich Kotite/Ray Rhodes years.  I think a lot of what fueled that was Dallas had always been their biggest nemesis.  And of course I was very happy when they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl a few years ago 



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On 5/13/2021 at 4:01 PM, Richard Noggin said:

I just couldn't help it as he got more and more exposure. I also loved his game, and especially how he progressed after bouts of adversity. But the record-breaking lovefests, his own sanctimonious and tone deaf BS, and then finally him during that primetime game, after breaking the most recent record, gathering up only his sons for a sideline speech while his wife and daughter watched in the background somewhere...ugh.

What did he do wrong again? I forgot. I think it was something about refusing to kneel for the anthem? And then something about doing a commercial for a Christian organization?


Would like more light shed on these.

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I really want the Chargers to succeed. Always liked the team even though their fan base stinks. It goes back to the Coryell days and even with Rivers they were entertaining. With the new QB they should be a good team for years. 

As far as players I always really liked McCaffrey, Lamar, Kittle, Larry Fitzgerald, Aaron Donald , Grady Jarrett as players to root for not on the Bills. I don’t really have anyone I can root for in division but if there was someone in division I would want on my team today it would be Gesecki. 

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If I'm forced to pull for another team, it's the Seahawks (because Seattle is awesome and the fans in Seattle are awesome). Like many on here, I will always have a soft spot for Fitz.


I've developed plenty of *strong dislike* for many teams as well. AFC East opponents, Broncos, Chiefs, Titans, Cowboys, Raiders, Cardinals, Notre Dame, BYU, Cal, USC...the list goes on.


Go Bills.

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After Bills I like teams:

Cardinals (Larry and Warner were great in PO and heartbreaking loss in SB) 

Lions (loved for Barry, Megatron and Stafford)

Vikings . I like vikings )) And with SB record 0-4 they deserve at least 1 win

Saints and Seahawks - I rooted for them and they have won SB

Raiders - I liked their logo in childhood. I head jersey 


players I wish luck except Bills:

Above mentioned Larry and Stafford

Wade )


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There really isn’t another team in the league I “like” — certainly not in the AFC, and even in the NFC I’m “meh” on the majority of them.  I live in North Carolina so I suppose I “should” pull for the Panthers, but I remember their Super Bowl against Denver and I was rooting for the Broncos.  When I watch games not involving the Bills my rooting interests fall in the order of (a) which result benefits Buffalo, (b) do I have a bet on the game, and (c) how are my fantasy teams impacted.

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