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2021 NFL Draft Round 2 talk - Official thread

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2 minutes ago, whatdrought said:


I hope he just blows it up and goes crazy down there. ***** the jets. 

I feel the exact same way man. All while we F'ing destroy Wilson....

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Just now, GunnerBill said:


Shelvin is about my 20th best.... Schwartz further down than that. 


My next two receivers are Nico Collins and Shi Smith. 

makes sense.  Without a 4th, if we really want a player we may have to reach


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7 minutes ago, whatdrought said:


Browning falling is unexpected. I thought people were higher on him. 


Nixon as well.


I like Brown on this list... That's it. 


I’d take Browning, Cox, Davis, or  Hudson.  

2 minutes ago, CaptnCoke11 said:

Avoid WR/TE now.  Get a DB/DT/IOL

agree.   or LB

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Just now, Process said:

No excuses for Sam. Moore Anderson Marshall McCaffrey is a real nice offense.


Yep. And that defense feels like one that could randomly figure out all the young talent and explode. I could see them being a threat to TB in that division. They played so closely to so many good teams last year and Teddy let them down. If Sam can be even a somewhat decent QB, they could be good. 

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