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  1. I really thought the flag was going against them. Idk anymore....
  2. Can't wait to see what gems Beane will find. More picks more potential.
  3. Lots of I love you, I was hoping for a "you still can't have my bud light Lee."
  4. Well it has led to the talk of a kneel down game which is almost as good as a slow news day in the offseason
  5. I was really hoping for a Christmas color rush game to close the year out. I was going to set my TV to black and white so I could really enjoy it to the fullest.
  6. Keep the trend of higher draft picks backing up 17
  7. Maybe we should bring in Baker for some competition...
  8. Lets see what Philips and Edmunds both do in the big games before we decide. The better question to me is Ed and what he does for the 1+ games we have left. Either way I hope all three provide whats needed to go on a 5 game winning streak.
  9. Something about football weather and playing outside.
  10. Perfect room temp in the living room. Hopefully Josh's big made for the conditions hands are ready to slap around these falcons.
  11. Who doesn't regret missing on Brady, Rodgers, Lamar to an extent? You could use this for every good player who is drafted outside of the top 10 - first 2 rounds. How'd we miss on this guy or that guy? Because there is a multitude of variables that contribute to the success or failure of an individuals in their professional careers. And some dumb luck too.
  12. Might as well bring him and Gurley in. Maybe bring in AP to compete too.
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