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  1. The PI was a tough one especially because the pass hit Levi in the back of the head. Watching live my expletive response was something along the lines of "the pass hit him in the dang head." I think its silly that a guy who's job is to stop people from succeeding on offense is penalized for it. On the NFL calls that....
  2. Probably about the same time you conceptualize the referential joke
  3. They are ruining my love for the game. Josh Allen will have less crowd noise....
  4. Piss everyone off only because it did not work.
  5. Josh did not have his best game today. The offensive line did not do a great job against the 4 man rush from Pittsburgh. The defense did a good job at keeping them in the game. 2 plays: the block punt td and the pi that led to Deonte Johnson td were really hard to overcome in the end. I'm sure we will hear about ball security again but we all know that's Josh has a tendency to put the ball on the ground. Singletary ran pretty good towards the end but could use more in the running game. Its game 1 and there is no doubt in my mind at this point they clean it up. Steelers played pretty good but not better than what the Bills can smash when at there best.
  6. Never thought somebody involved with Nirvana could be disliked more so than Courtney Love
  7. I've seen lots of players take a knee. Its just usually don't out of the victory formation.
  8. McBadquestion. I got 2 words for you.... lock step
  9. Eh, that's a solid tackle to me. I guess put the red jersey on him. This is why JA17 isn't playing.
  10. I swear McAfee is trying to get a HoF nod with his media contributions.
  11. My boys first game in Detroit was great. Welcoming fans, great environment, bills win, and hanging with family. 10 out of 10.
  12. Can't wait to take my boys for their first game.
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