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  1. Ravens getting ready for the Chiefs I guess...
  2. 2 playoffs in 3 years. Let the season play out.
  3. I'm all about winning. It doesn't matter how it happens. If we get that ball and Josh scores were talking 1st rd bye and not how putrid the defense has been. Losing makes us find the worms in the garden instead of smelling the flowers. Even though the last two games have sucked and have been AFC losses the Bills are still 4-2 and get to play Miami, Jets, and Broncos which could very well be 3 wins. You would hope from there they could atleast split with NE and dispatch the Cardinals we're talking about 9 wins. Between SF, PIT, SEA, and SD we would need something. All the Bills need to do is win the division and the fish and jets are not very good. I hope for the sweep on NE. Go Bills
  4. While Josh Allen didn't help to win the game, the defense couldn't do much in the defensive side so there's that.
  5. 52 is a long kick for a rookie in "these conditions" good thing JA is built for these conditions. Touchdowns win games. I dont care about the kicker when we arent getting to the endzone for 6.
  6. Should McDermott be playing to get the ball back here or is it just me. Need that pick too
  7. Couldve saved money on Trent though. Send a message that if you are not good enough it is not good enough. Processing.......
  8. This thread was better when it was sponsored by The Nature Boy Ric Flair
  9. Saw a hammerhead dead on the beach in Ft Myers. Swam with mantiees at a beach in Stuart Fl. Snorkled one time and got to swim barracuda and nurse sharks in Largo. Never really saw much more than jelly fish man of War and dolphins surfing. Good times.
  10. It amazes me in the age of google. It only takes 5 seconds.
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