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  1. Kudos to the wall, I saw this on another source and came here to vet it....
  2. Is it cheating to say the dline minus "Gary" Hughes
  3. Beane has earned the trust from me as far as scouting/drafting goes. Film doesn't hide technique which I think it more of what our guys look at. That being said I won't be shocked by the record breaking pro days and I think OP nailed that.
  4. This is Nick Wrights fault Pinto, when you recover we'll make it right.
  5. We can debate that in the future for sure. I never wish losing on anybody individual player outside of Marsha. That being said if they keep that strong running game rolling and protect Wentz I could see him having success. However, it would still be dependent on the team around him more so than Wentz being the catalyst.
  6. My snap reaction... the Eagles just saved themselves from a horrible contract with a underproducing QB. If Reich is able to get something decent out of Wentz I still don't see him playing at the value of the capital. Wentz is having the career arc of Derek Anderson imo.
  7. I'm approaching my 40s and starting to feel what my dad spoke of when he told me "getting old sucks." Maybe give it a shot as long as the cost is something you're fine with walking away from. Cant replace being competitive.
  8. Middle through high school. I've considered joining some kind of flag league. Seems like it'd be fun.
  9. That was the last Bradybowl I watched if memory serves me correct.
  10. It's pretty much his trophy at this point....
  11. This is one of my favorite throws of the kids career.
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