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  1. Part of me wants him to leave the Cowpies only to stay in the division and destroy them for a few years. The other part of me hopes he gets his big deal and it hamstrings their salary cap. Go Bills!
  2. Hopefully he got the Magicians Kit he has been asking for. Happy Bday JA He got It!
  3. I assume a certain level of physical fitness for a professional athlete. I would imagine none of these guys would have a problem moving the average person. I guess I should be non-binary with body types.
  4. At least he did the right thing (outside of filing suit). If youre a big man capable of stopping this from happening; having the control not to throw her to another seat for repeatedly grabbing your cash & prizes is amazing. Theres nothing funny about invading another persons personal space. There is nothing funny about sexual assault. Back to my main idea though, the football player did the best thing he could've for himself by doing nothing. The airline could've switched a couple people. "Does anyone on here like the _(team name)_?"
  5. I didn't mind it. And if WWE is still having matches why cant XFL get a couple snaps in?
  6. Should've had him run the 40 while he was out there. All joking aside he is going to get some hard processing once camp gets in.
  7. While Im certain Motor will get the bulk of the carries; It wouldn't surprise me if the "Big" back carries the rock a few more times.
  8. I think he will be 1 and done with us. I hope he has solid production and passes on some knowledge to the youngsters. I hope he gets back into for,. Obviously he isnt getting any younger so I hope he finds his way quick and delivers what he thinks he can.
  9. The numbers are what kill the whole thing for me. Those colors look a lot like what people want the Sabres in as well..
  10. Can the NFL jersey people not realize that word art from 1997 isnt going to cut it.
  11. I just feel like Lock isnt going to get it done for them quite yet. I liked him at Mizzou too, he can put the ball all over the place. I'm not sure why but I just feel like the Broncos are going to fall apart.
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