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  1. Really? 50$? Anyway what do you think the private lots owners will do once they hear that it is now $50 to park? They will raise their prices too.
  2. I live near Seattle. I see all the Seahawks games. D K Metcalfe would have helped the Bills. We should have picked him in the first round. Big mistake.
  3. I'm pretty sure that if Vrabel coached the Bills yesterday and McDermott coached the Titans, both the Bills and the Pats are still alive this morning.
  4. Very clever coaching.
  5. Come on......With Watson as the Bills' QB we'd be thinking Super Bowl. Maybe someday Josh will be better than Watson but right now this should not even be open for debate.
  6. Barkley is a pretty decent backup. Bring competion at the 2020 training camp but I have no problem if he ends up being our QB2 for week1 2020.
  7. A little tip. From where I live the airfare to Dallas for this weekend is about 40% the cost of the airfaire to Houston. I'm thinking about just renting a car out of DFW and drive to Houston.
  8. True Barkley didn't play well without RB#1, wr#1, wr#2, TE#1 and without most of the regulars on the OL. Having said that and despite all this, if he starts yesterday's game instead of Josh and add the 2 drops he probably thow the first 300 yarder for the Bills in years. I would give him a chance and Josh and him have a good relationship.
  9. I thought that regular season record didn't matter for playoffs teams in regards of the draft order. Isn't it based on how far you go in the playoffs?
  10. Just offer Bellichick whatever he wants. Tell McDermott you are defense coordinator and we win the next 15 division championship.
  11. D K Metcalf or Cody Ford? Sorry I live in the Seahawks territory and get all their games on TV.
  12. A lot of people including myself can't wait to see a 300 yard passing game for our team. We got 19 in the first half....
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