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Vaccination will be required to attend Bills games this season, per Polancarz. [Edit: "No official vaccination policy yet" per Bills ticket office.]

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6 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:

We have three categories to choose from- age, income, race. YOU chose race.

Most of these people that deny Covid can't count to three so please change your hard question

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Before you shout “muh freedoms!!!”, it’s private property.   Also, IN.

Not sure how to keep this from getting political/controversial. But its pretty big Bills related news. Hopefully we can all behave  

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I ***** give up.  We've had pictures of vaccinated people as sheep, insulting vaccinated people as all obese, communism, socialism blah blah blah on the other hand calling unvaccinated people dumb, saying people who deny covid can't count to three, and so forth.


This is a reasonable football-related topic but we're obviously not able to discuss it in a reasonable way and I need to do other things than "ride herd" on it


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