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  1. I loved Chris Rock's summation of the trial and result: " That’s right. Black people too happy, white people too mad. The white people like: “That is a bull***t!” I ain’t seen white people that nasty since they cancelled “M.A.S.H.”! Black people ???: “Yes, we won, we won! Yes! We won!” What the f*** did we win? Every day I look at the mailbox for my O.J. prize: nothing! Nothing!
  2. Until Belichick figured out that you just had to keep him in the pocket to beat him. The rest of the NFL soon followed, after which we had a 13 point per game offense. Good thing we had a 12 "points per game against" defense.
  3. To the contrary, there absolutely was blood/DNA evidence and the defense managed to muddy the waters with made up fanatsies about the blood evidence being planted and/or that the blood samples were tainted while in custody. The prosecution was in over its head and the OJ bought himself an acquittal.
  4. That's your own damn fault for continuing to think about it! 😣😄
  5. Perhaps, but I am under no illusions regarding royalty or my association with it.😉
  6. No, but that sounds good too! I tend to stay away from Popeyes. Love the taste, hate the grease and fat.
  7. They were cheering BEFORE Flutie ran onto the field. It was sickneing to me watching Bills fans taunting him and cheering on national televison because one of our own was concussed so hard that he could barely get up. It was the first and only time I had ever felt ashamed to be a BIlls fan. I had to turn the TV off. I never do that when watching a Bills game, but that day I did.
  8. I was listening to ESPN the day he passed and I think it was Bill Curry who told this story, of a time when Starr was coaching Packers and they were having a coaching meeting in his home one evening, and there was a knock at the door. It was a guy who's father was dying and he wanted to ask if Bart would be willing autograph a piece of paper for his father, who was literally on his last leg. Apparently the father was a huge fan and the son was so apologetic and that if Bart would just sign it, he'd be so greatful and would get out of their hair and be on his way. Bart immediately asked him where is father was, and when the son told him that he was actually out in the car in the driveway, Bart went straight out to the car, and invited the man into his home, gave him a tour of his trophy room and showed him the Superbowl rings and just spent maybe 15-20 minutes with him. After he guy left, he went back to conducting the meeting like no big deal. He was very emotional telling that story and said that just the way Bart was, at all times. I loved also hearing that Bart literally wrote and mailed Bret Favre a handwritten letter after every game he played for the packers, win or lose: "There wasn't a game where I didn't get a letter from him, whether it be complimenting me on how I played or the fact that we won, or, 'Keep your chin up. It will get better.'" Favre said. "You think about the games that I played - that's a lot of games to get a personal note from Bart each and every time. I'm not going to lie, it made me feel pretty special. Maybe he sent it to everyone I don't know, but that just kind of tells you the type of guy that Bart was." A gentleman from another era for sure.
  9. As did I. My father bought it for me for Christmas.
  10. Nah, but it is a serious man-crush nevertheless. 🤩
  11. Is it wrong to say that I love our franchise quarterback?? 😍
  12. Is that some sort of Country music dance fad?
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