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  1. Good for a QB rating of a whopping 13.4!
  2. Kind of like Law School. And yes, I can say that because I went. However, I will withhold any information regarding how much my own personal douche was enhanced by it. 🤣
  3. I think it was sort of disbelief. When I saw it the first time, I was sort of just sitting there waiting for him to slowly start to get up. Took a little of time for reality to seep in and realize he ain't getting up.
  4. Did you know that at that trial evidence was introduced that McDonalds had a policy that their coffee was to be served only about 20 degrees under boiling, specifically to discourage refills to increase profits? They found that if they did that, it took so long for it to cool off that most people left with it and didn’t get a refill. Did you also know that the elderly woman who suffered the burns was not driving, nor was her son (he parked), when she tried to put sugar and cream in her coffee? Remember those super flimsy styrofoam cups of the past? She put it between her knees so she could tear the packets and cream (no stable place to rest it in the car) and she squeezed in reaction to dropping something and that flimsy cup collapsed, the lid flipped off and the coffee sloshed into her lap and crotch at about 190 degrees plus. She suffered 3rd degree burns on her genitalia and had to spend several days in the hospital because they had to do skin grafts. She contacted McDonalds and requested only that they pay her out of pocket expenses for her treatment, and they refused. Only after several attempts to request reimbursement of OOP expenses did she decide to sue. What really PO’d the jury is that it turned out that scores of such instances were occurring and McD’s was well aware and they did nothing about it. They could have simply lowered the temp of coffee for the drive thru. They could have provided sturdier cups based on that notice. And they could have reimbursed her for her expenses. They did none of that. All in the name of profit. Sometimes plaintiffs really PO juries With their callous behavior and juries feel the need to punish. After reading the evidence in the case opinion, I am with the jury. Sorry for the slight derail, but you distracted me. 😆
  5. Some people are more sarcasm impaired than others. If Sheldon Cooper can learn to recognize sarcasm, there is hope for you. 😆
  6. You used the article “the.” That is not a generic reference to a position. And I would assume that even disparaging a political office is still politics. But sure, sure. At some point you will hear from a Mod. Believe me, I know. 😂
  7. I think Chris Brown said he was in Stage 3 of the protocol as of today on One Bills Live.
  8. Where are the reading comprehension skills?? I merely pointed out in response to another post implying that no money was saved that there was in fact money saved. Where in my post did I opine in any way regarding the decision to release him? 🤯
  9. Dude, seriously?? First of all, that is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever read on this forum and I’ve been here a long time. Those numbers are accurate, and if they aren’t, by all means prove that they are wrong. Prove that anything I stated is inaccurate. Second, where in that post did I EVER state an opinion one way or the other regarding whether we should have or shouldn’t have kept him?? I merely stated facts, in response to a previous post, that implied no money was saved and thus was an irrelevant factor. This was false. But then again, I’m just throwing numbers around and I guess we all now know what that means. 😝 Brownie says Josh is in stage 4.
  10. Not really. While it is true there was some dead cap money ($2.625 million), we still saved saved his full salary of $6.175 million. The stats below were listed in early 2019, so we paid his $250,000 workout bonus. Because it was his last year, the only dead cap money was the final proration of his contact and that dead cap space of $2.625 million was going to be with us this season whether we paid his salary and kept him, or if we cut him. So cutting him saved the full salary and added nothing additonal to the dead cap space we already were carrying for him this season. LeSean McCoy 2019 cap hit: $9.05 million Workout bonus portion: $250,000 Salary due: $6.175 million Dead money: $2.625 million Cap savings: $6.425 million
  11. SCREW THAT. I'm all in and I couldn't care less what "it looks like" if we lose big. For the first time in decades, I see a team truly on the upswing, so I'm even going to enjoy the part of the journey where we will lose some (even some we should win), because we'll also win a few we probably shouldn't as well. You want to be careful and not get your hopes too high or get ahead of yourself, no problem. I believe in this management team and coach, and I believe in our young QB, and I believe where this team is headed and I'm going to be as feet off the ground as I want to be while it happens. So there!! 😊
  12. Thanks for sharing that. That really is kind of awesome.
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