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  1. Given the level of pettiness of this kind of post, I won't even bother to add my petty response.
  2. Exactly. Certainly it doesn't mean that, even if the RATE goes down due to some improved treatment protocols, etc., that the absolute number of fatalities won't go up considerably with a enough of an increase in the sheer number of cases. Put another way, if the number of daily new cases doubles from today's number of 35,000 plus. to say 70,000 per day, while the new fatalities may not also double, it doesn't mean that they won't be significantly higher than they are today, or even what they were during the peak back in April/May, when the number was like 13,000 per week, on half the number of cases. Also, the gains made in better treatment protocols in fact, may be swamped by the problems that can be caused by shortages of ICU beds in states that don't have enough to handle the increased hospitalizations that will come with a doubling of cases.
  3. Actually, the more relevant indicator is the rate of new hospitalizations and percentage of available ICU beds. Those are on the rise big time as available capacity is shrinking in many states. There is about a 3 week lag in increased or decreased cases and fatalities. It will be at least another 10-14 days before you start to see whether fatalities are remaining flat or on the down-slope notwithstanding those increases in cases. Cali is actually over 6000 new cases for today. Texas exceeded 5000 for the first time yesterday and are close to that number again today. I hope that the resulting fatalities do not increase with the same rate as the rate of increase in new cases. But that may not matter if the new cases begin to explode exponentially. Cali will likely take some extreme measures to rein things in soon if they go up much higher, but FLA, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, etc. will probably wait until the numbers are really out of hand. And when beds fill up, that will increase the fatality rate because you won't have the ability to handle the influx of the really sick. I was hoping the weather and long days were going to tamp the transmission rate down for a few months, but it does not appear to be enough right now.
  4. This is why Josh Allen is going to be a success. He has always been behind the curve, given his rural location and lack of exposure to QB camps and higher level coaching as a kid. But from the start, he has been the guy who would not take no for an answer. When he couldn't get a scholarship, he went to Community College. When he only received two scholarship offers (one retracted when he visited Wyoming) based on scores of letters and tape he sent out, he took his one opportunity and elevated as best he could to illustrate his natural talent. And since joining the Bills, he has been a relentless student and worker and has continued to elevate his game, both mentally and physically. On top of that, he is natural born leader of men. I believe that his drive and unwillingness to never take no for an answer will lead us to Superbowl wins. And give credit to the management now present within this franchise for recognizing this and drafting him. It's going to be a fun ride.
  5. The guy has serious power and already knows how to use it. Get that kid in the high tech weight room and he is going to be hard to move and will create serious pressure on the QB. He has much to learn, but will have lots of opportunity to do so with a great veteran room. I think he is going to be a huge edition to our defense as he develops. . I had no idea there was a Carioca pass rush!
  6. I’m looking forward to having a reliable RB to whom we can give the ball on 3rd and 4th once in a while so Josh doesn’t have to sneak it every time. I’d like see Josh’s exposure to big hits significantly reduced this year. He should be both more effective, as well as less vulnerable to injury, by reducing his need for carries.
  7. Looked like a wireless receiver from an electronic trip. I believe He was showing a reading, not what he himself timed.
  8. Gandy-Golden won’t last anywhere near that long.
  9. Much better than my inaugural season experience as a first time Bills fan. Jack Kemp was QB, but got hurt in training camp and was out for the season. I got to watch a never-ending parade of hopefuls cut down with injury, including Tom Flores, Kay Stephenson and Dan Darragh, ending with the understandably reluctant but still a gamer, Ed Rutkowski. Before Joe was drafted in 1973, there was James Harris and Dennis Shaw, and all losing seasons. Ah memories.
  10. I don't hate them. But I think the shoulder bars would look better with silver trim around the colored bars so that the contrast isn't as stark.
  11. I just watched the “Final Cut” a few days ago while social distancing. Awesome movie. And Rutger was awesome in the whole final sequence as he hunts down Deckard. Sean Young was stunning.
  12. You’re right. It was December 26, 1993 and we clinched a playoff birth. It was just two weeks before the Raiders game, which I watched in my cozy living room in Hermosa Beach, CA. 😆 “The first measured in at nine degrees, but the wind chill put the temperature well below zero. Neither offense was particularly adept at dealing with the weather, and in a low-scoring game like that, a big difference in special teams can play a huge difference. Steve Christie was solid as always in the cold, nailing three field goals while his Jets counterpart, Cary Blanchard, missed three that would have made the difference. The win clinched a playoff spot for the Bills for the sixth straight year.” I must be conflating the discussion that happened with the Browns fans with that game. It was also really cold for that game, but was a different game for sure. Old age is setting in. 😂
  13. That was one cold sumbeeyatch!! Wasn’t it like 9 degrees at kickoff and 6 degrees when it ended?? The parking lots were like sheets of ice. My brother did one of those legs slide out from under and he hit the ground hard. It was the season after the Browns had moved to Baltimore and there was a group of Browns fans there with a sign outside the stadium. We commiserated with them for a while before going in. I’ve been to games since the Rockpile in the late 60’s and that was the coldest one I’ve ever been, too. Me and my “known him since grade school” buddy made it to the bitterly cold end.
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