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Bills 17, Ravens 3 Playoff Game Balls!!! We are 1 win away from the Super Bowl!

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6 minutes ago, FieldGeneral said:

If you would have told me that we score 1 TD and still win, I would have called you a liar. Go Buffalo. Erase all those bad memories and bring Lombardi to One Bills Drive!!!!!!!


And you would be wrong.  I think you meant "1 TD on offense and still win".

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My game balls go to Terry Bradshaw.   Right on his chin.

Taron Johnson Diggs wallace Smoke tre white hughes dawkins allen frazier bills fans at the game        Where else would you rather be..

Taron Mother ***** Johnson.   honestly whole D was fabulous on a ***** weather game that limited our pass attack against a very good defense.

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11 minutes ago, SUNTANBILLSFAN2 said:

Taron “pick6” Johnson 

The fans 6700 loud as *****

Literally the first time I saw the fans impact a play all season long. 

Just now, BuffaloRebound said:

cincy 1988 disagrees with you.  

Awe crap. I forgot that one. 

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Imagine having a quarterback who throws a pick-six in the red zone in the biggest game of the year? Couldn't be me.




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6 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:

Unpopular opinion but I'm giving Murphy some love.  He contained Lamar on a few plays that otherwise could have went really bad for us.

He did better than Addison until Jackson got hurt. Then he out rushed the qb and gave up a long run. Some things never change. 

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19 minutes ago, mannc said:

Josh had a very good game in very tough conditions.  He was the entire offense and played mistake-free. Out-played MVP Lamar. 

I think he played well.  I did not like the play calls with so few runs and so many deep passes on makable 3rd downs.  Of course the Raven took away Beasley and a lot of the short stuff and dictated that.  

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Edmunds... Who said he didn't belong in the probowl? My Gosh he was good with 2 LBS today

Just now, NewEra said:



my man went to work out there tonight!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

100% agree. Our D'Line stepped up

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