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Divisional Round NFC Saturday: Rams at Packers, 4:35 pm on Fox

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Rams #1 Defense against Packers #5 Offense led by MVP-candidate Aaron Rodgers and top WR DeVonte Adams


Some far-thinking individuals do acknowledge that the Packers have a defense (#9) and the Rams have an offense (#11)


Storylines include Donald's ribs and Goff's thumb


The Packers have always been my NFC team so that's who I'm pulling for. 

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I don't want to ever again hear about Allen's "almost" INTs. Rodgers just threw 2 back to back passes that should have been picked.

This is what a high ranked offense does to a high ranked defense      take notes...

Suck it, Bradshaw.

28 minutes ago, I am the egg man said:

Wonder the over/under on number of Rodgers Allstate ads during the game?



🤮.  It's not rational, but those ads have made me despise Pat Mahomes...

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I really like Rodgers & would like to see him get another ring - but it's a no brainer while the Bills are still playing:  I will root for an upset every game.


With the possible exception of Bucs/Saints.  Too much PTSD w/ the possibility of facing Brady if we made the SB.


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43 minutes ago, Process said:

Bye-- Beat up Rams-- and noodle arm Brees in lambeau? Things are shaping up nicely for the pack.

I actually see it being Bucs vs Packers for the NFC title game...

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2 minutes ago, Taro Nimbus said:

Does he ever pick the Bills to win?   Lol


Still has no respect for us since we couldn't beat the Cowboys I guess. The old guys just remember the Bills big game losses and the drought I expect. Going to have to shove a Lombardi down their throat to get their respect.

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