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8 hours ago, technobot said:

Count me in the cautiously optimistic crowd.  I was fairly pessimistic post-draft, and during Allen's run pre-injury, Vikings game notwithstanding.  Flipped to optimism after the Dolphins game.


I really didn't know what I was supposed to be looking for in terms of "hope and progress", but I saw it in the Dolphins game.  I think if the ask was to watch Allen dink and dunk down the field with 5-10 yard lasers, Tom Brady style, then it was setting myself up for disappointment.  Perhaps he adds this to his game as he matures, but what I saw last Sunday was a playmaker.


He is gradually improving as a passer, at least that's what I saw.  Say what you want about running, but if it can be such a deadly component of Mahomes' game then why not Allen?  I realize Allen isn't the passer is Mahomes is, but the Bills don't have the roster the Chiefs do, either.  And as much as I want Allen to be "the best QB in Bills history, better than Kelly", I don't think this has to be the case.  If the front office can assemble a quality roster, they can still win with Allen as more of a complementary piece, instead of being "the guy".


Of course, if Allen hits his ceiling... look out, NFL.

Allen is quite a bit faster than Mahomes, but Mahomes is well ahead of him as a passer.


I think Mahomes is actually pretty slow.


Agree with everything else you stated.

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I'll say I'm looking forward to the 2019 Training Camp ! We'll know where Allen is next season !!

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