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  1. There are two choices. Guilty or not guilty. Clearly not innocent sounds nice and all, but means absolutely nothing.
  2. Didn't he also say he didn't have enough to convict in court? He spent 2 years looking. He was never going to prove innocence, that wasn't his job, but he seems to believe that what he did find would result in not guilty.
  3. Only thing I can think of is if Roman unofficially took over when they made the switch to Lamar. Then I could see how he feels it isn't really changing much.
  4. You know, as this continues to develop I almost feel like the swamp is draining a bit...
  5. I think Drogon knew she was corrupted by the throne and that's why he melted it. He knew Jon didn't want to do it, but did what he had to. Also, flying east. Maybe back to Valyria?
  6. I will take what is mine through fire and blood. Right?
  7. Man, for as much as I disliked about the previous two, I loved last night's episode.
  8. People discount the Lamar stats because Lamar never attempted more than 25 passes in a game, and never completed more than 14. Pretty standard to assume that lower attempts would lower production. We're talking about a QB that had 170 pass attempts and 147 rush attempts. The entire format of their offense changed.
  9. I know, even if Shady is 100% he wouldn't be the best on the team. That was my point. That's true for that RB situation, not our WR situation.
  10. The problem I have with this analogy is that RB and WR are pretty different, even when it comes to age. Also, I would trade Shady for Dalvin Cook in a heartbeat.
  11. Could be something or nothing, but Brandon Beane was the person who signed Mario Addison to the Panthers from Washington's practice squad.
  12. There will be cap casualties and camp cuts. We'll see if anyone shakes free that could help our roster. On the bright side we can bid big if a player who is worth it shakes free, or jump on a trade if a player and team are far apart. Lots of options at this point.
  13. I don't see anything wrong with Beane basically saying "Negotiations were going well. If you want something talk to me directly." Which is pretty much what his quotes boil down to.
  14. No, they can't roll over cap that they spend. There is no reason to spend more on a player than the value you have assessed them at.
  15. They do have plenty of cap, but cap rolls over too. He knew how much he was willing to risk on the shoulder and stood by it imo. Stay flexible, maybe grab some camp/cap casualties.
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