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  1. I looked at the primary results. Forgot Crowley swapped to independent after.
  2. Well high is just pointing out he's in a position of power, which he is. More annoying, though, is that it states high misdemeanors (with an s) several times before switching to singular and pointing to a singular event. Maybe each of the 3 tweets was an offense? It's absurd.
  3. A tweet is a misdemeanor? What is this, the UK?
  4. That's about breeding people? It comes across to me as he's referring to a concept that, in his opinion, breeds crime.
  5. Well, first and foremost it would need to be based on their race and not their politics.
  6. It's part of the plan. First the shoes get pulled and it becomes part of 'rational' thought that the flag is offensive because it's from the slavery era. Then you point out that the constitution is also from the slavery era and should be discarded. No more borders, no more electoral college, no more constitution, no more republic.
  7. Apparently she told the NYT that she wasn't raped because that's a victim's word. She fought.
  8. Welcome to the new reality. If someone goes far enough left it's easy to call you far-right!
  9. Assuming he gets time to speak I think Yang wipes the floor with that field. If last night is an indicator, though, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will get 70% of the time.
  10. That sounds like a real Indian name. She's a fake Indian, so Susan works perfectly fine.
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