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  1. I prefer Vaughn for our needs, but I do like him as well.
  2. Right. I don't think anyone under contract is getting cut until we have acquired what we believe to be an upgrade. Plenty of cap, easy to be conservative until the end of May.
  3. He did! And even with that 14 game season his career % is 59.8. Much like you believe (and I agree) that gross yards are largely a product of attempts, I see completion percentage as a function of the offensive system in place. In 2017, Mike Shula was the OC. In 2018, it was Norv Turner.
  4. I'm not convinced the bruiser is what we need. Vaughn is very physical at the point of contact, but seems much more versatile than Dillon.
  5. I don't see anyone getting outright cut unless we've already acquired an upgrade at their position. Now some of those names might be dangled as trade bait...
  6. I think he's more physical when it comes to fighting for a catch, coming back to the ball, etc. which our group has been sorely lacking for a while now.
  7. Looking at the snippets you posted, at least, is there an issue if everyone that received cash is going to the draft? At that point eligibility wouldn't matter much. The players I know of are Burrow and Jefferson. Wouldn't be surprised if the RB got some too
  8. They're scouting a lot of tackles. I think they'll give him a chance to earn it, but it seems to me that they're far from convinced.
  9. Did you include 'at' just so you didn't say prized FA RT? I think Spain can also be credited a bit with the improvement we saw in Dawkins. He struggled when his LG wasn't good.
  10. Well, their QB threw for 300 yards in his first start. He's clearly better than Allen.
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