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  1. Not refuting your point, as you're correct, but Carolina was 7-8-1, not 7-9. *pushing glasses with tape on bridge up emoji*
  2. By my metric Allen finished last year 16th of qualifying QBs. With the added firepower its not a big step to get there imo. I'd guesstimate he'll finish in the 9-12 range this season.
  3. I'll say yes due to personal experience, but I'm not going to dive too much deeper than that. Though I do think a vast majority of claims of such abilities are fake.
  4. So if these were the rules last year then the 2 additional wildcard games would have been Steelers @ Chiefs and Rams @ Packers. Those would've been fine I suppose.
  5. Perine too, I suppose. But I agree with your two
  6. The quip about his family enjoying his isolation was pretty funny, tbh.
  7. There are definitely depth positions open. But as far as year 1 impact, I expect it to be minimal on this team across the board.
  8. It's really pretty good already and we aren't at the draft or the value phase of FA yet. Making the projected 55 thread was very telling once you saw it on paper. Outside of CB, TE, and RB, I don't see a spot where I expect a draft pick to potentially come in as a starter. And even those spots are long shots.
  9. I suggested the same to my Panthers friend about Winston. Give him $30-35M per year, but -$1M per INT
  10. Try to keep blatant misinformation to a minimum please
  11. Think with the odd circumstances this offseason Herbert may go ahead of Tua? I doubt teams will get a chance to do private medicals pre-draft.
  12. I did a cursory search and found nothing. If he said it I'm sure someone would have covered it.
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