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  1. BuffaloHokie13

    Bleacher Report has Allen with 12 starts

    I hope it's 16 and I hope it's because he's far and away the best QB on the roster and one of the best in the league.
  2. BuffaloHokie13

    Sporting News Ranks Sean McDermott Eighteenth Best Head Coach

    Just my opinion, but they would have won the game in 2015 if it was Dalton and not McCarron. Dalton was on fire that year until he got injured.
  3. I know this isn't directed at me at all, but I'd be lying if it didn't make me smile a bit since I factor things like that in.
  4. As in the top 5 in Yards per Touch? 2015: Carson Palmer, Big Ben, Andy Dalton, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees 2016: Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott, Drew Brees 2017: Jimmy Garoppolo, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, Deshaun Watson, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Jared Goff <-- gave top 7 since 2 played less than 8 games
  5. Sounds like you were anti-Tuel.
  6. @transplantbillsfan I've got the numbers with positive rushes factored in as well as sack yards lost and pass yards, FWIW. 2015: 12th of 37 at 6.52 yards per touch 2016: 25th of 33 at 5.95 yards per touch 2017: 27th of 37 at 5.40 yards per touch Cumulative: 25th of 39 at 5.95 yards per touch The folks who excel in this particular stat are still the guys who get it done in the pocket. Top 5 cumulative since 2015 are Matt Ryan, Big Ben, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Kirk Cousins. and the Yards per Touch stat is a significant factor in my QB rating system.
  7. Really? We're comparing our 5th rounder to the 1st overall pick 2 decades ago? Arguably the greatest regular season QB ever?
  8. Assuming the 2nd is about Allen? Twitter's blocked at my office
  9. I'm not the one asking for the thread to be locked. You want the thread to go away? Do your part and stop posting in it.
  10. Be the change you want to see. Stop posting in this thread.
  11. Why take shots at him after he is no longer part of the team? Especially ones that are blatantly false and easily proven to be? I'm not saying you specifically have done that, but most people aren't just popping up randomly to defend anyone. It's prompted by someone else who usually feels the need to take an unnecessary dig to continue to drive the agenda they've been pushing for the past 3 years. He's gone and people need to let it go, but certain folks on both sides just can't seem to stop bringing him up.
  12. Yep. And by the looks of it he had a hell of a game. http://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=321007025
  13. He was 1/16 for 7 yards when rushed...
  14. He'll need to find out how Fitz consistently injures the QBs ahead of him without being blamed!
  15. Well, if I had to guess they mean: