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  1. That's how I see it as well, though I suppose certain context could change that. We were set up as a constitutional republic to protect the individual from the majority.
  2. I saw some coverage on a survey recently that said roughly 5% of liberals and roughly 10% of conservatives are dishonest in political polling. Might not seem like much, but that discrepancy is not negligible. And yes, I do see the irony in looking at polling statistics about people lying in polls 😂
  3. I agree. I think the current struggle is partly due to acquiring a truly representative sample base compounded by getting dishonest answers from said base. It's tough, especially with how easy it is to ignore/block unknown numbers from the calling side of it.
  4. Sounds fun! I'm going 299 Trump, 239 Biden
  5. The last I saw he said that the American people didn't deserve to know his stance. Maybe he clarified during his town hall? I can't imagine the message played well with people. www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/10/13/biden-says-voters-dont-deserve-know-his-position-court-packing-thats-unacceptable/
  6. I think if the Democrats win the presidency, senate, and house that it shows that the country supports their plan/platform over the current group, yes. Biden has gone out of his way to not give an answer about court packing, so probably not the best example. Based on the elections occurring the Senate seems unlikely, though maybe in '22.
  7. Indeed, utilizing the precedent for other federal appointments set by Harry Reid. Wasn't it McConnell himself who said they would regret setting that precedent? So they only took back the majority, like I said? You'd think that if the country didn't want the President held in check they would've stuck with the party...
  8. FWIW, my questions that you answered earlier were direct products of me working through potentially setting up the club you suggest. I imagine there is probably a subset of posters that prefer someone other than me, but I doubt there is a consensus answer there unless it is you, who would prefer to be distanced from this. In any event, if there is something I can do to assist definitely let me know here or in PMs. I'm not the most active poster in the dungeon, but I do kind of enjoy it down here. Thanks for everything and being willing to work through this.
  9. Harping back to a question asked previously, if we were to start a club as the alternative: - Are you able to move forum posts to a club? If not, will politically charged threads that were previously moved here now just be removed altogether? - If a club is open - I assume a PPP alternative should be - and a club moderator boots someone, can they just rejoin?
  10. I believe it was within McConnell's full statement on the matter, but I could be mistaken. Neither one (Kavanaugh or Barrett) would've likely happened if the Democrats didn't change the rules, by the way. Simple majority vs 2/3 led to this. Regardless, I agree that the Democrats will seek revenge for the Republicans taking advantage of their own rule change.
  11. Graham was wrong, but the point was more that despite electing a democrat as president in 2012, the senate went republican in 2014 'to put a check on the president' those circumstances are not replicated here.
  12. Check out the 'Gender, Partisanship, and the Pandemic' section and associated poll data. https://news.gallup.com/opinion/gallup/321698/covid-responses-men-women.aspx
  13. Ajayi and Drake both blew up that one year. Was he still in Miami for that?
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