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  1. Lost in QB buzz... No help at WR or TE

    The topic was the 2017 WR corps and the first 2 players you list aren't WRs. The 3rd was a rookie with the worst catch% since targets became a stat, and the 4th played 5.25 games for the Bills. Now moving into 2018 we have a hopefully healthy KB, Zay coming into his 2nd offseason with a clear head and a fixed shoulder, Holmes, Streater, Reilly, & Dupre. Looks like a solid X, a young slot guy with potential, and depth guys. We still need a Z. Here's hoping they pursue a Nelson, Pryor, Maclin type. Personally I think Nelson's experience would do a lot for the WR room as well as our young QBs.
  2. McCarron vs. Rosen...who starts?

    we don't have pick 21, and pick 22 is the death nail for all QBs.
  3. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    It's 2 years $10M, with $6.5 in escalators.
  4. Do that and still sign Pryor.
  5. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Literally half of your 4 criticisms are completely unfounded. Size? He's 6'4" 226 lbs with 9 7/8" hands. And his intermediate and long game was one of the best in college football. And the other 2 are intertwined. His durability has been almost entirely related to his concussions. And Headshots to the QB are something that is more protected in the NFL than in college.
  6. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Easy position to take when you are confident that your long term plan is coming from the draft. Even if McCarron went they could've taken Anderson or Moore. Clear direction!
  7. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Looks very similar to Tyrod's prove it deal a few years ago when he had very little experience.

    The Nate Peterman Era: 3/14/18 @ 4:00PM - 3/14/18 @ 7:22PM
  9. Ross Tucker Says We're Likely Signing McCarron

    I still think Derek Anderson will get a look.
  10. Ross Tucker Says We're Likely Signing McCarron

    Mrs. Poyer I believe
  11. Albright: Broncos Targeting Mayfield, Bill's Josh Allen

    Beane wants Cleveland to pick Allen at #1
  12. Likely Next Move - Trade 22nd and 12th

    JJ Values make no sense in most of those trades, especially when you look at trading into the top 12, even more so into the top 5. The team trading down is getting less value than the team moving up? No. It isn't based in reality since the wage scale came into effect. And you conveniently skipped LA Rams moving to #1 and Philly moving to #2 for QBs. I wonder why... Rams: #15, #43, #45, #76, Future 1, Future 3 - 2670 Titans: #1, #113, #177 - 3088.6 Eagles: #8, #77, #100, Future 1, Future 2 - 2159 Browns: #2, Future 5 - 2621 If Teams were following the JJ Chart then only 1 of the 6 deals outlined would have gone through. You don't move back for less value than you have.
  13. Likely Next Move - Trade 22nd and 12th

    What I am suggesting is based on all draft trades that have actually happened since the rookie wage scale came into play.
  14. Likely Next Move - Trade 22nd and 12th

    You might want to educate yourself on how these trades work these days before asking such questions. Jimmy Johnson values are pointless.