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  1. I'm absolutely kneeling for both. #Equality
  2. Oh okay. So you really didn't follow the incredibly short conversation. Got it.
  3. unless we're talking about the US Census or the establishment of slavery in the middle east and north Africa. Then they're definitely white
  4. So we're in agreement that the statement I highlighted is based on nothing? Fair enough.
  5. Well that's very confusing. If we're at 125k deaths, and the quota is 60k, what about that would indicate 10s of thousands more? It's almost as if you didn't follow the incredibly short conversation at all, but perhaps I'm missing something.
  6. She's absolutely had enough moments that we don't need to use made up ones!
  7. Did I miss the official quota number announcement?
  8. I'm pretty sure that's what Bubba Wallace calls his car
  9. Why do you consider increased cases as difficulty fighting through it? Was it your expectation that it would go away if we hid long enough?
  10. I'd have to rewatch it, but I remember it being a pretty good speech
  11. You have a very strange definition of proven, but I guess that isn't surprising when you have a strange definition for defund. Am I wrong in assuming you also have strange definitions for gender and racism?
  12. Oh, I'm sure. The qualifications are why it's painful lol
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