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  1. He's practically on pace for that right now. Factor in experience, opponents, and more home games down the stretch and I'd say it's more than likely he eclipses those numbers. The number Allen really needs to avoid is Kizer's turnover number. 28 in 15 starts is pretty rough.
  2. I'm sure there were more, but @thebandit27 & @Turbosrrgood both really liked Mahomes pre-draft. Jeffismagic left the board because we didn't draft him, among other things. I wasn't very high on any of the QBs that year, but favored Watson over the rest. Footwork was my major concern with Mahomes.
  3. No. Nobody aside from maybe Deshone Kizer has looked as bad as Peterman did this year. Peterman is measurably the worst QB to get this many chances this millennium.
  4. BuffaloHokie13

    Next Playoff Appearance

    I said the 2020 season, but it really depends on how his offseason plays out.
  5. Also set a franchise record for consecutive 20+ point home games I believe.
  6. BuffaloHokie13

    Congrats Drew Brees

    Assuming he stays together with his head coach, I think the QB that has the best shot at coming close is Jared Goff. Very young, so obviously a lot of projection, but assuming health and McVay are there he's the one I see challenging down the road.
  7. BuffaloHokie13

    NFL Power Rankings week 6 - A few laughs (updated)

    Or if their kicker could kick, even.
  8. BuffaloHokie13

    Is Josh Allen just a taller Tyrod Taylor

    I compiled the stats for recent rookie year performances if anyone is interested. Obviously this year's class is a work in progress and subject to change.
  9. BuffaloHokie13

    Roll call for Lambeau!!

    Had a great time in Green Bay and Lambeau. Only thing that would have made it better is if the Bills played this weekend! From the seats: Best photo I got:
  10. BuffaloHokie13

    Barnwell: Building a Team Around a QB on a Rookie Contract

    It totally depends on the circumstances. It was only a couple short years ago that the Vikings traded a 1st and a future 3rd/2nd/1st for Samuel 'Deer in the headlights' Bradford.
  11. BuffaloHokie13

    Panthers Sign Safety Eric Reid

    I rank Kaep 30-40. I rank Peterman 241/241. Look, if you want to use 5 games that's fine. I'm talking about his performance in every game he has played in since 2015.
  12. BuffaloHokie13

    Barnwell: Building a Team Around a QB on a Rookie Contract

    I don't think you do it if you have a top guy, but when the QB is decent it may be worth shipping him out and using the assets on another low cost swing instead of re-upping the contract. Guys like Mariota and Winston are guys that wouldn't make the cut imo.
  13. BuffaloHokie13

    Panthers Sign Safety Eric Reid

    That's awfully generous. I put him in the 30-40 range, and that's omitting the rookies this year. In his last 21 games played he's sub 60% completions and averages 200 yards of offense per game, has a TD% of 3.32% and a TO% of 1.59%. He's basically Tyrod, but with less yards, less TDs, and more Turnovers. That doesn't even sniff 15th. Reid on the other hand, is an excellent safety, so it's not surprising that he's getting a shot somewhere.
  14. BuffaloHokie13

    Mike McCarthy calls Allen a 'stud'

    I'm sorry, but I've gotta pick on this the same way I picked on it when Tyrod was here. You have absolutely no idea that he can't. As Allen gains game experience he could certainly develop a better feel of pressure, fronts & formations, and game flow overall. These things will aid in his ability to escape and turn broken plays into big gains. Just because he hasn't, or hasn't often does not mean that he can't.