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  1. You used to be able to bring a keg of beer into the stadium and full liters of whiskey. Things are way lamer than they used to be. No social media back then. People just did it. To find out that it happened you had to know someone who did it or saw it. Otherwise nobody knew. Now, everyone sticks their nose in everyone else's business. The partying antics of today are way, lamer than they used to be. Doing shots out of a chic's butcrack? Who cares if he likes the taste of it - knock yourself out. Some dude lights himself on fire. No big deal. Don't care. It is only a big deal because of people thinking their opinion of everything matters and people sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.
  2. Agreed. And based on their moves albeit just the last couple years, there is no evidence to suggest they place premium value on offensive linemen. Seems their opinion of them is closer to the mindset that they are "a dime a dozen". And perhaps it is more about the coaching and player fit more so than individual player talent. You might think so based on the production that Greg Roman was able to squeeze out of his offensive line while he was here. All I know is that regardless of how much talent Josh Allen has or any of the other offensive weapons, if the offensive line sucks, the offense will suck. Shady (who is generally accepted as being an above average runner) failed behind last year's line. And Allen spent too much time running from linemen instead of picking apart secondaries from the pocket.
  3. 1) They will dry them out and sell them as mementos. Necklaces perhaps. 2) Sell them in concessions to opposing teams fans as "Buffalo meat" 3) Buffalo chip throwing tailgate competitions
  4. I would be amazed if that was their reasoning. I think it is more that they simply don't value the positions as highly as other staffs do. As was the case with Sammy Watkins and Bob Woods. They don't want to spend money in either of those two positions with the exception of Center perhaps because of the importance of Center-QB relationship.
  5. I hope you are right. It is possible they make a step forward with the guys they have brought in. A lot of it also matters on the coaching and play calling as was evidenced when the Bills run game went from being dominant to being dominated. And it matters how each of the guys gels with the guys next to him. If the Bills solve that situation, this offense will get very good very quickly even with the receiving talent it currently has. IMHO
  6. Agree to some extent. If you have a QB who executes a fast paced attack well (like Brady does to perfection) you negate a lot of pass rush. That is the exception, not the norm though. We don't have that type of QB. We have a guy who wants to hold the ball the extra 2 seconds and throw deeper. It is beneficial if you have a QB who can make pass rushers miss so that he buys more time for a big play to develop. But, you don't design an offense based on making your QB do that constantly because expecting him to do that every game is a recipe for failure. (Even with a guy like Josh Allen) He should only be doing that a couple times a game if need be. If you build a dominant offensive line, you can run the ball when you need to (no matter whose name is on the RB's jersey) and buy your QB a clean pocket and the extra second or two to in order for him to execute the play as it was designed instead of being forced to improvise and throw under constant duress. Year after year the teams playing for conference championship titles and a trip to the Superbowl are the teams with above average or outright dominant offensive lines.
  7. Offensive playmakers won't have enough time to "make plays" if the QB doesn't have the time in the pocket to let the play develop. The Bills won't become a perennially dominant team until/unless they build a dominant offensive line.
  8. From the brief interviews, Oliver seems like a decent dude with a good head on his shoulders. His attitude is contagious. I think this guy might end up being a productive member of this team for many years. Hope he doesn't lose that hunger. Looks like he is going to be fun to watch.
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