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  1. PolishDave

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    Josh looks like he is going to be the type of QB you want leading your team when you are down by one score late in the 4th quarter. He has some kind of "win at all costs" and "never give up" attitude on gameday - and man I love that about him. If given a better offensive line (one that can execute a decent run game along with pass protect) - and given receivers with reliable hands - I think he could evolve into one of the best in the NFL. In the senior bowl game he sure looked like a superstar. He had a good offensive line and receivers that could catch. If the Bills get him those two pieces - he will succeed here. If they fail at that, my guess is Josh Allen becomes a backup QB in a couple years.
  2. PolishDave

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    For years people complained we didn't have a QB that would throw a guy open. Now we have a QB who throws a catchable, game winnable ball, to a spot where the only person who can catch it is the receiver - and fans whine the pass wasn't good enough. It was a decent pass. The receiver epically failed at his primary job duty because he was more worried about keeping his feet in the endzone rather than catching the ball first.
  3. At the stadium during the games, they show MPH for playmakers on the plays they make. They also have them here.
  4. PolishDave

    Caption This...

    Danny Crossman! Get your cold hands out of my pants and off my ass! Not in front of the ref!
  5. PolishDave


    This is a fundamental part of "The Process" that all of those "Process" coaches use. Get 1% better every day in every way you can.
  6. PolishDave

    Nice game but Allen needs to pass

    Allen is the Atomic Punk. It looks like he is Runnin With The Devil every time he decides to Jump a would-be tackler. Those defenders look like they’ve got Drop Dead Legs. Someday Allen will probably end up saying “You Really Got Me – now Somebody Get Me A Doctor”; but for now I really like how this coaching staff has him Unchained.
  7. PolishDave

    Wonder how long it will remain "New Era Field"?

    Your level of stupidity throughout this thread is unmatched son. You don't know what you are talking about. Sorry, you just don't. I pity you.
  8. PolishDave

    Bills Release Peterman

    The guy is done as a player in the NFL. No GM will touch him unless they are a masochist. And that is exactly how McDermott and Beane should have thought about the guy even going into preseason this year based on last year's performance. ABP (Anyone But Peterman) should have been the starter week 1. Peterman should have been off this team for an (any) round pick when he looked serviceable in preseason. Then maybe he would have got a shot to earn a backup spot somewhere.
  9. McDermott had to give his stamp of approval on every move Whaley made. Whaley had to allow McDermott to have that control or else (I presume) Pegula would have fired him before the draft and just allowed McDermott to publicly call the shots. Whaley (or any other lame duck GM) wouldn't be dumb enough to defy that power structure because he would immediately be blackballed by all of the owners in the NFL. He would never be allowed to work inside the NFL again. These GM's and coaches know how the NFL works. They play along if they hope to find new employment in the future anywhere inside the NFL. Same thing happened when the previous GM left Buffalo. It is a very political job that requires public manipulation. I am quite sure the owners have a very nice good ole boy network whose policy keeps GM's and coaches out of the league who won't play along with a highly functional and highly profitable system. Do you honestly believe McDermott didn't have to approve of every player personnel hiring or firing or drafting during Whaley's last 4 months on the job? I think every one of those player personnel decisions was ultimately McDermott's decision. Maybe someone else suggested the moves, but McDermott had to agree to it.
  10. The basic idea behind "The Process" is that you ultimately have no control over the outcome of games (or your future). That is honestly their mindset. Buying into "The Process" means you focus on improving yourself and your play a little bit each and every day/game and then let the future unfold as it chooses to according to fate. That is why he is talking about things like "wins not always on the scoreboard". He honestly doesn't buy into the idea that you and your team control your own ultimate destiny (neither short term or long term). This is why he is stoic about wins and losses. He believes wins are ultimately out of his control. He just thinks if everybody gets incrementally better every day/game that the wins will automatically take care of themselves - but maybe not a Superbowl victory - because they can't control that. It is up to fate. I wish his philosophy was more like 100% all in on "The Process" in between games and preparing for them - but when it comes to games - your outcome is 99% under your control - the only thing that matters is winning the game (within the rules of course). I like your posts and can see why you have the opinion you do based on your paradigm of who is making the biggest personnel decisions about the Bills. But I think you are wrong about it. It was obvious right from day 1 of the McDermott hiring that the Pegulas were handing the reins of total control over to McDermott to decide his fate and the team's fate. The biggest move McDermott made was getting his patsy hired (Beane). If you honestly believe that Beane is the one telling McDermott which players McDermott is going to get for his team - then I think you are very mistaken. If Beane had been hired first and there had been as big of a deal made by the Pegulas about bringing him in to replace the Rex/Whaley regime, I might think different. But it didn't happen that way. Pegulas flushed the Rex toilet, bleached the bathroom and anointed McDermott king of the realm for his tenure here. So much so in fact, that if McDermott wanted Beane gone, then Beane would be gone. But if Beane wanted McDermott gone, Peguals would say - not a chance. Beane was a McDermott hire and is his underling in terms of power structure. Beane is merely doing whatever job duties McDermott has delegated to him - which I assume are probably most normal GM duties except the starting personnel hire and fire decisions. No way McDermott gave up that power.
  11. Has Peterman thrown a pick 6 to a d-lineman yet? We should give him a chance to do that before benching him.
  12. Posting things like that on social media probably isn't a great way to get your foot back in the door somewhere.
  13. Sorry John. There is no way in hell that this is playing out as they planned. You don't plan on being epically bad. If they wanted to tank, they would have done it last year. So they could have their choice of quarterbacks. They didn't because McDermott still believes attitude trumps elite talent. You are witnessing a staff of employees who are failing very badly at their primary job duties. I blame it on McBeane's misjudgement of talent - of players and coaches. They effed up. BAD. This team sucks donkey balls. It is absolutely laughable that people are still making excuses for a coaching staff that created this level of trainwreck. There is no denying this coaching staff has failed miserably this year. Becoming the NFL's new "Cleveland - a.k.a. laughing stock" was not in their plans. During the games at the stadium they should play background music when the BIlls are on offense "the theme song from looney tunes cartoons".
  14. PolishDave

    Someone should be fired. Simple

    Somewhere sits Rex Ryan, massaging some woman's feet, drinking a beer, reading this thread, grinning from ear to ear.