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  1. PolishDave

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    Bite your tongue. God is a Bills fan and you know it. It is his way of teaching us humility.
  2. PolishDave

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    You think a few games on the bench are going to make him a decent NFL starting QB? I don't. I think being thrown in the deep end of the pool without a lifejacket will make him either learn to swim or drown. Either way Bills know which direction to go after this year. But, only if he has enough playing time.
  3. Thanks Ralph & family. Class act. We were lucky to have a generous man like him own the team.
  4. PolishDave

    New England 1-3

    Agree. Edelman will provide a big boost in Brady's passing confidence. And the dope toker will be a distraction for Miami so they end up not taking care of business on Edelmann and Gronkowski. I am just hoping the Dolphins play an incredibly physical game that punishes and dings up a lot of Patriot players - that hopefully comes to haunt them as the season progresses. Break a leg Brady. Break a leg.
  5. PolishDave

    What Makes a Man Cheat?

    Except humans' DNA differs from other animals enough to cause humans to have a much more highly developed brain - especially the neocortex. This highly evolved brain allows humans the ability to reprogram (dampen or enhance) the primal brain to some extent. If a man so chooses he can use his logical brain to affect the primal urges his older animal brain naturally reacts to. That is part of evolution. Some people are better at controlling primal urges and emotions than others. Some people realize they have this ability and exercise it. Others do not. And then there are people who may realize they have the power to control it, yet choose not to exercise that control. When it comes to sex, in more than what I would guess is 99% of cases, a person has to make a conscious decision whether or not to do it. They choose whether to suppress the urge or act on it. It is not the same as other mammals/animals.
  6. PolishDave

    Prostitution arrest: Iowa style

    This chick is 37? Drugs = bad Here she is cleaned up:
  7. PolishDave

    How Safe Are Coach McDermott and GM Beane?

    This thread will be more interesting in weeks 12 + Let's see if they can win any games between now and then.
  8. PolishDave

    Bills Mafia Does Road Rage

    Hey man. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
  9. PolishDave

    Bills Mafia Does Road Rage

    Who hasn't got in a fistfight at a tollbooth on the NYS Thruway? One time, before EZ Pass days, I had a toll taker chew me out when I pulled up to get a ticket to get on the Thruway. Buddy and I were bickering over the long slow line when all they were doing is handing a ticket to every car that pulled up. The guy told me "You Think This Job Is EASY!" Dude was teetering on the edge of going Postal. Probably had a piece in the booth with him just looking for an opportunity to use it.
  10. PolishDave

    Bills Mafia Does Road Rage

    The one guy is a gun dealer. (Interlaken Guns and Ammo) This could have ended differently. Would have been better if the guy in the White Challenger driving in the other direction would have got out and kicked everyone's ass and had the chicks climb in his car.
  11. What new info would there be? Dude retired.
  12. PolishDave

    New Era Field

    Every year when they survey season ticket holders and ask what is the one most important thing to them - I tell them it is important that they keep the train horn. It is my first priority! Must be my vote is cancelling yours. 🤣
  13. PolishDave

    Video of Vontae Davis quitting at the half

    My guess is his agent isn't going to give back his cut of the total pie either.
  14. PolishDave

    Max Kellerman is a total jerk

    Josh Allen's psycho twin sister?
  15. PolishDave

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    If you watched the Senior Bowl game, Allen looked like a Superstar (my opinion). He looked better than the other quarterbacks who were playing with the same talent. Of course it was just one game. I think he has it in him to be great if he is given the right opportunity. I am not convinced, with Beane running the show, that the Bills are going to give him enough talent at the right positions for him to become as good as he is capable of becoming. I think things are going to get extremely ugly all around this organization if they get to a point where they are winless half way through the season or 1 and whatever. Nobody, including football players of character, likes being a laughing stock.