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  1. PolishDave

    Where has 26CornerBlitz been lately?

    Stalker! Obviously it was a New Years' resolution to GTFO and never post here again.
  2. PolishDave

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Bobby Bin Laden? I kill you! Dude looks like a terrorist.
  3. Did you guys forget that first Miami game? They ran his way often which contributed a lot to MIami's rushing stats. Cornerbacks shouldn't be trying to catch running backs from behind when the ball is ran at them. And that wasn't the only bad game he had. My sense is - if the entire defense was kept in place as it is right now - Wallace would be the weakest link on it. This guy was often responsible for big plays given up on defense. I suspect the Bills will add talent here and make him earn a starting spot next year. Right now the dude is flat out - not good enough. Just my opinion. One of many holes to fill.
  4. PolishDave

    Edmunds and Allen - Two Huge Misses in 1st Round

    Well, Allen is currently the best player on the entire offense. So...........the rest of the team must be really, really bad.
  5. People are pissed because the product on the field was a joke and nothing about today pointed to an optimistic future. If anything it showed there are going to be more holes next year on this team, on offense and defense, than previously anticipated. Absolutely nothing to be optimistic about today except the bump up in draft position. This team is a long way from being good. And, this Bills front office has to get an awful lot right this offseason for this team to be a playoff team next year.
  6. A better offensive game plan would have included more Run Pass Options and a lot, lot more empty sets with Allen operating from the gun. They should have gone to shotgun empty set after the end of the first quarter. It was obvious this was going to be another pathetic run day if they were going the traditional route. I don't think the coaches cared that they lost today. Seemed like a traditional football, relatively vanilla, play all the young guys, preseason game. They ran basic plays to see who could execute. Didn't call the game like they were trying to win at all costs. And this is the result. Lucky the defense played as well as they did in the passing game. Otherwise, Patriots put up 50-60 today. Daboll sucked today. Dline and linebackers sucked today.
  7. A lot of those yards you can blame on 47 and 52. The Patriots ran at them all day successfully. Very smart decision on their part. And Lorax has lost 2 steps not 1. He has excellent instincts, but lacks the physicality to execute what he knows he needs to do. Wish he could pass his instincts on to Edmunds magically. Maybe then Edmunds would be good. What the Bills needed today was a healthy starting defense like they had a few games ago. And - some receivers who don't suck. If they had that, they win that game today even with the mistakes they made. And I think they would have won handily. The reason I say that is because if they could have ever got the lead, especially early, the Patriots would have gotten away from the run. And this had the makings for one of Brady's worst games ever if they could have just forced the Patriots to be one dimensional - throwing. Those early big runs gave the Patriots the confidence to just keep pounding it on the ground.
  8. PolishDave

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    Josh looks like he is going to be the type of QB you want leading your team when you are down by one score late in the 4th quarter. He has some kind of "win at all costs" and "never give up" attitude on gameday - and man I love that about him. If given a better offensive line (one that can execute a decent run game along with pass protect) - and given receivers with reliable hands - I think he could evolve into one of the best in the NFL. In the senior bowl game he sure looked like a superstar. He had a good offensive line and receivers that could catch. If the Bills get him those two pieces - he will succeed here. If they fail at that, my guess is Josh Allen becomes a backup QB in a couple years.
  9. PolishDave

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    For years people complained we didn't have a QB that would throw a guy open. Now we have a QB who throws a catchable, game winnable ball, to a spot where the only person who can catch it is the receiver - and fans whine the pass wasn't good enough. It was a decent pass. The receiver epically failed at his primary job duty because he was more worried about keeping his feet in the endzone rather than catching the ball first.
  10. At the stadium during the games, they show MPH for playmakers on the plays they make. They also have them here.
  11. PolishDave

    Caption This...

    Danny Crossman! Get your cold hands out of my pants and off my ass! Not in front of the ref!
  12. PolishDave


    This is a fundamental part of "The Process" that all of those "Process" coaches use. Get 1% better every day in every way you can.
  13. PolishDave

    Nice game but Allen needs to pass

    Allen is the Atomic Punk. It looks like he is Runnin With The Devil every time he decides to Jump a would-be tackler. Those defenders look like they’ve got Drop Dead Legs. Someday Allen will probably end up saying “You Really Got Me – now Somebody Get Me A Doctor”; but for now I really like how this coaching staff has him Unchained.
  14. PolishDave

    Wonder how long it will remain "New Era Field"?

    Your level of stupidity throughout this thread is unmatched son. You don't know what you are talking about. Sorry, you just don't. I pity you.
  15. PolishDave

    Bills Release Peterman

    The guy is done as a player in the NFL. No GM will touch him unless they are a masochist. And that is exactly how McDermott and Beane should have thought about the guy even going into preseason this year based on last year's performance. ABP (Anyone But Peterman) should have been the starter week 1. Peterman should have been off this team for an (any) round pick when he looked serviceable in preseason. Then maybe he would have got a shot to earn a backup spot somewhere.