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  1. Tony Romo has basically given the Bills a game plan on both sides of the ball the whole night. Disappointing finish to very good season. RB, 2nd CB and RG should be high on our off season list. Also I believe John Brown has played his last game. His inability to stay healthy and get open in man to man sealed it for me.
  2. Weak!! Going for the FG on the 2 yard line. We need TD’s not FG’s against this team. Playing not to lose!!
  3. Major disappointment! A new topic was needed for his play this year. Can someone name one game where he has made a difference? Until we can establish some signs of a running game, it will be tough sledding in the big games.
  4. Devin Singletary and Dawson Knox have disappointed big time this year. We are definitely in need of upgrades at both positions.
  5. This team does not look ready to play. Say what you want. Belichick is trying to give us the game and we won’t take it.
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