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  1. I agree however i dont want to sleep on the giants. Barkley is not to be messed with. Not to mention the patriots game which we all know our track record in those games, especially if Brown is playing
  2. Is that as crazy as it sounds? A punter and rb. I'm all for it 2 birds with one stone
  3. Thats what I was getting at, when you have a kid nothing likebthe parents, its the running joke " must be the mailmans kid" lol
  4. I dont know what to say... Good for Bell I guess? I mean his nickname was the "mailman"
  5. I just spit up my beer 😂😂😂😂 Say what you want about the guy but that was great
  6. Singletary, Joseph, and jackson I think all will get significant time tonight
  7. Damn thats a number I should know... With that said I started going to games in high school, probably 8-10 in total. Went to UB and another 3-4 a year. Graduated and had season tickets from 11-14 and have gone to at least 3 games since.... Dont know an exact number But I do know I wish all of them were tailgating at hammers with mead! Those have been the most memorable......i dream of those calzones
  8. As I am 6'6'' myself, i totally agree with him. I once went to Japan which was a 14 hr flight- and let me tell you about 3 or 4 hrs in I wouldve drained my bank account for a aisle or exit seat 🤣 Planes, unless its fist class, are not made for tall people
  9. After the first loss when Brown gets only two catches: How you feeling bro?
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