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DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

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10 hours ago, billsbackto81 said:

3 for 10 is ridiculous. I don't want it to seem I don't like the pick up because I do and let's face it, everybody expected it. I saw him as a max 3 for 20 type. Team has soooooo many holes to spend that much on him.

That figure was quoted in the article and not my opinion. I feel he's a 3 for 20 type player.

I was expecting (I was hoping for) 5 years 40 million total, so about 8 million AAV. We over paid slightly but he fits the scheme to a tee and he knows McDermott's system very well, but that's a little high for a run clogger and I worry if he sees year 3 or 4 of his contract, 10 million a year is a lot of pressure to live up to.


I'm hoping that we pay him the 20 million over the first 2 years and then ideally he restructures down the line as he gets older and loses a step. Star may find himself at 30 years old making 10 million a year and Beane asks him to take a 2 million pay cut in the future and he may have to take it because he knows he won't get a better deal on the market, but that big ass 50 million dollar contract at least gets him in Buffalo.


Then there is a chance he actually lives up to it.

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On 3/16/2018 at 6:32 PM, ColoradoBills said:



Both you guys defined the reason he was brought in to a tee!

If he succeeds doing this on most plays he is worth the money.

If he doesn't he will be overpaid.

We will know in camp.

well I know this much: if Kelly and I agree on something, then that something has high chance of being true. Why? Because normally we see the world very differently.

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