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  1. Exactly this. Absent crowd noise being pumped in, I think a lot of people don’t realize how sterile the games will feel. Pump in noise and some good camera work would go a long way towards feeling like how the game normally feels.
  2. Well for anyone who wanted Chinn we’ll sign him in 4 years.
  3. Cool story. I don’t think you can win 3-4 playoff games in a single run without being involved in a shoot out at some point.
  4. I just don’t think Epenesa is a guy who make a huge difference in playing a team like KC. Baltimore is one of the most well run teams in the league and grabbed Dobbins right after us, despite having Ingram / Justice Hill / Gus Edwards already. I know we got Diggs, but we need guys who can put the ball in the paint, trying to win 24-17 weekly puts a pretty hard cap on your team.
  5. Meh. I mean he fits a need and I think fits the culture. But feels like a very limited upside guy. And of course Baltimore does the Baltimore thing and grabs the big name guy the very next pick.
  6. I love my Buckeyes, but passing on a guy like Swift / Dobbins / Akers / Taylor because Carlos Hyde is a FA is just gross.
  7. I really wish KC didn't take CEH with the last pick last night. Even if they had moved out of round 1 and took him early day 2 it would have been much better (at least what I'm telling myself), the league has a lot of copy cat tendencies and all these GMs are going to be thinking about the team they are chasing taking a RB for the ~16 hours between picks.
  8. I'm still largely ok with the Diggs move, but looking at this list, I'm jealous of what the Pats did, moving from 23 to 37 and picking up #71. #37 / #54 / #71 / #86 (plus the extra 5th and 6th) would put us in position to hit all the glaring needs (RB / WR / Edge / Big Nickle).
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