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  1. Miami - 17 Bills - 13 Not feeling the love right now.
  2. Personally, I'm done with McD's dismissive tone when it comes to questions about the offense or personnel. I don't think someone with the Mahomes / Watson decision, taking Zay over some of the other WRs on the board, giving JA the weapons he's gotten so far on their resume should be acting like they've got all the answers when it comes to that side of the ball.
  3. Sammy had everything lined up for him to break out in a huge way this year when Hill went out. He didn't. His ship has sailed.
  4. Can’t let the Browns take it right down the length of the field to get the winning TD. Offense simply needs to be better, but the way this team is built, kicking off with a 4 point lead and 5 minutes left in the game, the D has to close that out.
  5. This game feels like arguably the biggest of the season. The Browns are down on the mat, we have a chance to step on their throats. This win puts a 9-2 start into play which would almost certainly puts us in the playoffs. A loss puts huge pressure on the Miami / Denver games has this season could turn sideways quick if we head into those final 5 games at 7-4.
  6. I got my wires crossed. But there's been several stories about him hating the teams move to LA.
  7. PFT has been strongly hinting for a while that there might be a very good likelihood we see Rivers in Nashville next year. From what I've gathered, it might be a "trade me or I retire" move.
  8. AJ already said he didn't want the franchise tag. There's more at stake than just a trade.
  9. I think he's low key playing the Jalen Ramsey "my back hurts" move. At this point why would he play this year?
  10. The NFL is all about culture. It's why the Patriots are the Patriots and why franchises like the Steelers and Ravens have persisted. McBeane has set the culture and we have 100% buy in. Pegula has been professional across the board and stood back and let them work. The Browns lack of culture starts with Haslam (a literal criminal) and Dorsey (as "look at me" as they come at GM). It bleeds through the whole locker room. Kitchens has zero control and the team has been built with flash but no substance. It's always been the book on Mayfield. Pressure him, take away his quick reads and he's going to put the ball in places where you can make a play on it defensively.
  11. Did Baker spend the entire offseason just shooting commercials and taking shots at Colin Cowherd in the media?
  12. I think we make the playoffs then get absolutely housed by the Chiefs in the wildcard game.
  13. McDermott traded the QB who won the NFL MVP his first year as a starter, let the best CB in the league walk to a hated rival in FA and canceled out a comp pick for him by signing a special teamer, a fullback and a backup DE. I really don't need him lecturing me about past irresponsible decision making.
  14. OJ Howard would be the guy I'd go for, 24 years old and plenty of talent. We could do a lot of interesting 2 TE looks with Howard & Knox.
  15. Next 4 games are massive for our playoff odds. If we go 4-0 you can pretty much print the tickets. 2-2 and it's time to get nervous.
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