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  1. I’m a Buckeyes and Bills fan. I hope every official gets testicular cancer.
  2. I think the Pats are up against it with the Titans. 2nd half of the season they've been a very average team. Tennessee seems like a type of team perfectly designed to knock them off, a team that would love the Pats to play slow down power football.
  3. It just feels like we run two completely different offenses. If we are down at all we'll take the reigns off and let JA rip it and play with some freedom. But the moment we go back on top it's like we put the muzzle right back on.
  4. Two drives killed us. We hit the long pass to go up 17-13. Next drive we hold New England to 3 and out. We get the ball back at the 27. Run Singletary up the middle twice and a designed run for Josh on 3rd and 4. Punt. NE gets the ball back, moves down the field, ends up with a FG. Bills ball, 1st down run Singletary up the middle, 2nd down Josh gets crushed by a blitz, 3rd down Gilmore gets away with a PI on Brown. NE gets the ball and marches down the field on a long drive for a TD. We had them on the mat, up 4, every bit of momentum on our side, crowd quieted and we went 3 and out twice with pretty conservative play calling.
  5. The Rams haven't had any problem extending their young core. The problem has been Goff and Gurley turning into pumpkins overnight. The Saints have operated in "cap hell" for a decade. Unless the next CBA dramatically changes the salary structure, anyone operating under a cap conservative mindset is showing a lack of understanding. McBeane should be aggressive and target the best players suited to our team needs.
  6. I very clearly read you want to sign a bunch of "I've heard of him" all-stars to overpaid mid level FA deals. Also. You had Clowney on your initial list. Then replied to me saying it would be ridiculous to sign him. So.
  7. When did I say "superstar free agent"? Those guys aren't signing in Buffalo anyway. In regards to "sustainable model" there's only 1 sustainable model and that's Josh turning into a true franchise QB. Absent that and especially when he's cheap, the proven model has been acquire as much talent talent around him as possible. The NFL is about windows of contention. Look at the Falcons, Panthers or Broncos, you can go from loaded Super Bowl contenders to overpaid rosters one year to the next. The Eagles captured a title in their window, the Rams got close. If we make it to the Super Bowl much less win one no one is going to be sitting around saying "yeah but guys, what about sustainability". Being aggressive in FA doesn't mean being the Browns and simply building the best Madden team. And Beane and co have been aggressive in FA the last 2 years.
  8. It rarely ever works? The last 2 NFC Champs followed the model, adding an influx of FA talent to a team with a young QB and the Patriots are one of the most active teams in FA. Eschewing FA puts you in a purgatory like the Packers existed in the last several years.
  9. That approach would be a waste and a terrible idea. A passable QB on a rookie deal is the most valuable asset in the league. Especially given our success this year we need to do what Philly and the Rams did and load up on impact FAs with deals that will clear by the time we are really into extending our young core.
  10. That was terrible. He came off like his only exposure to us was PFF's grades and was bound and determined that we are terrible because his precious analytics said so.
  11. It's December, we basically control our own destiny for the #1 seed in the AFC and talk shows are asking if we are better than the Giants and Jets.....
  12. The Redskins are very much alive in their division...
  13. No one was ever saying bench Brown. But when you've got Zay & crew running as the WR opposite him, yes, we are right to call for an upgrade. Does it matter who the Vikings "WR #1" is? The Buccaneers?
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