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  1. Chuck Wagon

    Drew Lock's pro day went great, top 10 pick buzz grows

    This screams Elway. Raiders take Haskins at 4 with the plan to keep Carr for a year (his dead money falls off a cliff next year, making it very easy for them to move on from him). Then Elways freaks and trades up to 5 in front of the Giants to get Lock.
  2. Chuck Wagon

    New offseason territory and a Draft Would Ya?

    That's the strategy I like. Take BPA defensive front 7 at 9 then move back up to make sure to get a guy like Metcalf / Hockenson / Fant or one of the OTs.
  3. Chuck Wagon

    Devin White LSU LB: I’ll be looking for $100 mil in 5 years

    Here for the reactionary "This proves he's not a process guy!" posts.
  4. Realistically, if the price is a 3rd rounder like it's rumored to be, I'd bring him in here. With Allen's play style, I'm worried about him missing games, Rosen would be on a cheap contract, worst case he's strictly the backup for 2 years and we flip him for something else.
  5. Chuck Wagon

    Which BIG UGLY 2 round draft do you prefer?

    Oliver / Simmons is my favorite.
  6. That sells it, I really hope we draft Nick Bosa!
  7. I disagree on the last point. Schefter, usually Rappaport, in NBA Woj, etc do a tremendous job on confirmation. There's a reason they can be believed 99.9% of the time. It's pretty clear Rappaport got some bad intel on the Antonio Brown thing, but that situation could easily be explained as a source thought the deal was done, once the Bills talked to AB they pulled out and the spin is it never got that far.
  8. I do taxes. It's 2018 until April 15th.
  9. Problem is in 2018 there's very little value add in the traditional "beat reporter" role. Someone is almost always going to beat you to a "scoop" on twitter. And ESPN doesn't treat him as a traditional beat reporter, they use the staff in those roles for all kinds of "editoralized" content for season previews, draft reviews, whatever else. More often than not ESPN's take on something the Bills have done is negative, and he's the voice in the room as the representative. In fairness to Mike, the team has made it very easy to be negative.
  10. I've seen plenty of "professionals" responding to comments pointing out how many followers the commentor has...
  11. With the Raiders and Gruden at 4 anything is possible. I do tend to think the Giants really want Haskins but might be elbowed out. If Murray goes 1 and the Niners aren't willing to take 6 + whatever to pass on Bosa or Williams, the Jets refusing to deal with the Giants and taking whoever is left from Bosa / Williams or Allen and the Raiders taking Haskins at 4. If one of Denver / Miami / Washington / maybe even Cincy falls in love with Lock or even Jones, Tampa at #5 could be a really hot trade spot with someone looking to jump the Giants.
  12. I think it's pretty clear a year later the vast majority of teams had Baker / Darnold / Allen as 1 - 2 - 3 in some order on their boards and the "Chosen Rosen" narrative along with the "Josh Allen is a sure bust" was largely a media creation. IMO most, if not all, teams had Rosen as a distant 4th. There were 3 "prizes" and the Jets moving to 3 assured they would get one.
  13. Chuck Wagon

    NFL.com Bucky Brooks 2019 Mock Draft Version 3.0

    This is worst case draft scenario and completely realistic. 1 QB top 8. 3 TEs top 19. The top defensive players (outside of maybe Oliver) flying off the board. Yuck.