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  1. The "Matt Barkley" potential on Tua is very high IMO, ie media builds him up to be sure #1 pick years in advance, then ends up going much later.
  2. At this point in the season, absolutely. When you are leading up to the draft and premier players in the middle of their prime come on the block and you have a boatload of cap space it's time to have a conversation.
  3. The Cleveland draft should be in Columbus. Better weather, better city and a nod to the relationship between the NFL and NCAA being in Ohio State's "City".
  4. Bell for a 2nd is laughable. Clowney, at that price, I would say yes. Rudolph for a 5th feels like the type thing where we should be getting a 6th back too. I've almost always been in the "can't trade a 1st for a player" camp, and the draft worked out perfect for us, but for a while when it looked like Oliver was likely gone and we'd be taking someone like Jonah Williams, thinking we could have just gotten Odell Beckham for that pick was giving some serious "hingsight is 20/20".
  5. All of this. Love DJ & Bucky's pods, especially pre draft when they really deep dive on prospects.
  6. I will happily be reading it wrong. It's just if you read the headline literally, that's how it seems.
  7. Maybe I'm reading the quote wrong, but it seems to me he thinks staying out of trouble is out of his control. If that's the case, it's a massive red flag.
  8. If McBeane could get that for him he'd be gone already.
  9. Yes. Though it seems people that make statements like that find politics in everything anyway.
  10. I'm not sure if it's just because our offense has been that bad for that long or if people don't actually watch non-Bills games, but I'm not seeing where a whole bunch of B- / C+ players are going to come together to make a dominant offense.
  11. 2018 - loaded QB class, Beane grabs his QB 2019 - loaded Dline class, Beane grabs what might have been his top DT 2020 - loaded WR / RB class...... Almost as if Beane has done some advanced scouting. A far cry from previous regimes where it felt like our draft pick either had to be from Clemson or was a random dart throw.
  12. Better offseason than last year.
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