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  1. you OK  or just tired of the board?  


  2. But, we still love him because of his Allen hot takes, right?
  3. Judging someone by their profile pic is akin to judging a person by the color of their skin.

  4. I’ve had it since the beginning with less than a handful of questions, 3 in this thread. It’s time for people to feel discomfort.
  5. It’s easy to find where I stand. Hover over my name and do a search of my posts. You’ll be surprised, apparently. You don’t have to come back to apologize though. If you were part of that unit and your union told you that they would not support you in legal proceedings would you stay knowing any expenses would be out of pocket? Their union let them down. You sir are missing the point, by a mile. Have a nice evening.
  6. They didn’t resign, so perhaps you are missing the point. They are still active, just not part of that special unit (unless things have changed since I last read on the subject). So, if called for crowd control etc. I would assume they are out there.
  7. It’s ill informed thinking. At least a handful, and I’d guess handfuls more stepped down because their union told them they would not provide legal support to members of the unit during the marches. I’m sure some stepped down because of brotherhood.
  8. Well, ***** my life; I didn’t make the list. For me the list would be: Abraham Lincoln John Lennon Buddha JFK David Bowie
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