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  1. TBD parking Hammer’ Lot. Miami game. Sign up

    Wow, I'm glad you said something I thought I was the only one offended by thread hijacking.
  2. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  3. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

    UNICEF Bills are the NFL's charity case
  4. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  5. Boat shopping: Advice needed

    Go for this one. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5180249/Luxury-200ft-super-yacht-helipad.html
  6. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  7. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    ^^^Keeps his venison allergy in check by not receiving any venison.
  8. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  9. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    ^^^top notch tailgater
  10. City you've never lived in, but felt at home there

    DFW "metroplex" Met some wonderful people but it was never home.
  11. City you've never lived in, but felt at home there

    What can you tell us about Denver's lock system?
  12. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    confuses profession with attribute
  13. Boat shopping: Advice needed

    It is posts like this that show how our parents have failed us. You would seriously consider a sailboat?
  14. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  15. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

    sex as long as you still have a kiko jersey hanging around