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  1. Until @Jimmy Spagnola weighs in this thread is meaningless.
  2. I dunno, a 27 year old developing player on his fourth team?
  3. I too have virtually nothing to do with Thanksgiving. I'll prep veges for her, stuff like that, but it's my wife's show.
  4. I like your moxy kid. I'm on board. They'll win one or two that they shouldn't and they'll lose one or two that they shouldn't. I'm looking for an implosion in Dallas, winning there would be BIG.
  5. My takeaways: Edmunds is a very pretty man. Tug of war battles were great. California dinner on McDermott's birthday was great. What other team includes their kicker? Obviously edited, but, they really did want Ford when it got right down to it. Obviously edited, but, they really did want Oliver when it got right down to it. Who was the rook in the front left during Kyle's intro to the Bills speech? He was very disinterested.
  6. Well, Don (do you mind if I call you Don?) I do recall the Summer of 67. It was the coolest summer on record.
  7. If you build it, they will come. ™️
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