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  1. I’ve always thought highly of Ms. Adams.
  2. Why call out the OP? He started a thread based on something McNabb said. Why do you assume that he is on the side believing that McNabb deserves a gold jacket?
  3. Your original post went something like this... Someone mentioned round pizza cut into squares. You called this “an abomination to God.” You then went on to explain that square cut pizza by default had slices without the barren “outer crust, which was the best part of the pizza.” When you were politely asked to clarify you stood your ground. When the fallacy of what you said actually occurred to you you came here and created a poll that in no way/shape/form resembles what you originally said in the box.
  4. 😂 then you are the anti OP. (& I said you were leaning towards the light, not that I convinced you.)
  5. Compare that to Whaley’s one hit wonder attempts.
  6. Nobody is saying that you can have a good pizza with lousy crust. What you and 1.5 others (I have 716 leaning) have said is that the bare outer crust sans sauce, sans toppings, sans cheese is the best Bart of a pizza pie. More power to you.
  7. So, you prefer breadsticks to pizza. That makes two of you.
  8. But, you fail to answer the question as posed by the OP. Is the bare outer crust the best part of a pizza?
  9. Oh wise and wonderful human being, it is obvious that you are able to separate the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad, the Gugny from intelligent humans.
  10. But, fine sir, the obfuscating OP stated, on the record, that the outside edge of a pizza (he calls it the outer crust) is the best part of the pie. (You know, that bare portion that you use to hold your slice) Intelligent folks are left to wonder why he bothers with sauce, toppings or cheese. After, bare crust is, to him, the best part.
  11. There are two ways to win an argument. One is to actually be correct.
  12. As you may or may not know, counselor, the argumentative individual who started this thread stated unequivocally, on the record, that the outer, barren wasteland, crust was the most important and delicious part of a pizza. An astute observer suggested that he switch to breadsticks.
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