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  1. Cripple Creek

    If the Bills don't draft a pass rusher...........

    Draft White, move Edmunds outside.
  2. Cripple Creek

    moving up?

    You have a good idea but White should be the target.
  3. A man your age getting flashed is dangerous. Your ticker is running out of warranty.
  4. Cripple Creek

    Advice dealing with local government

    So add me to the list that includes your bosses (for offering you a raise) and everyone who stands at a football game. That’s a mighty long list there Lou.
  5. Cripple Creek

    Can you name the TBD poster

    who is the brother of this guy?
  6. Cripple Creek

    Beane Coming Up Next on PFT Live on NBCSN

    Too late. Let us know what was said when you have a chance. (thank you)
  7. I'm not one to typically agree with yourself, but on this we are in alignment. My first thought on reading this was "fix what you started" rather than going off on a jaunt that will take up too much of your time.
  8. Cripple Creek

    Advice dealing with local government

    Contact @Limeaid he has a wonderful way with people.
  9. Cripple Creek

    Interesting Map of population growth

    I blame Carrier.
  10. He is getting a tryout. To be handed something would be EJ as Bills QB. That was supposed to be permanent. This is not that.
  11. My friends generally don't react that way to me, only occasionally.
  12. Tough thing to do on the internets. Much easier face to face with someone. perhaps a PM to the OP will get you your answer
  13. True, but he hasn't shown enough. If he's brought up then there must be a purpose. You either see what you have (consider it a final chance) or you try to showcase his abilities. You best do that by pairing him with the "top" line.