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  1. He's one of many Bills who never had a chance on a decent team. I'm with you.
  2. I firmly believe that with a running option outside of Gore we win that game. Let's hope Singletary comes back strong and stays that way.
  3. Sure, unless it's changed up. Defenses would be extremely vulnerable on "critical" plays.
  4. https://www.npr.org/2019/10/09/768475870/stuffed-with-sockeye-salmon-holly-wins-fat-bear-week-heavyweight-title
  5. So, you believe that people who made idiotic predictions want everyone to see how stupid there are? K.
  6. How long before your little balls have become smashed beyond recognition?
  7. Sorry that I derailed this thread. Here's a real one that I really like. As everyone knows the "outer" crust on a pizza is the absolute best part. I, personally always eat it before I worry about the inner crust, sauce, cheese and toppings. There's one life hack...eat the outer crust first. If you're getting full and can't finish the entire slice always eat the outer crust and leave the lesser inner crust etc. behind. (that's hack 2) Finally, I have isolated and perfected the outside crust (hack three). I call them breadsticks. PM me if you want the recipe. In conclusion, you can also add dipping sauces (cheese, marinara, garlic butter etc.) to make the perfect outer crust AKA breadstick even better. (this is hack d)
  8. Two questions, if you don't mind. Who's chest do you keep by the front door? What can you tell us about food processors?
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