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  1. As someone who didn't stand you up, after you had driven hours to meet, let me wish you a HFBD.
  2. If AB asked @teef to help him out at the gym, would he?
  3. Give that dog a cheeseburger! Very cool story and what and an athlete! But, not goat is better than @Mike in Horseheads' goat.
  4. Yup. You're better taking the 4th best WR vs the 4th best edge rusher.
  5. How often did you watch him last year? Personally I think he's lost a bit off his fastball. Those 50/50's aren't getting there as fast as they used to.
  6. Three pages off of a Talbot rumor? For reals? Is there anything more solid to go on or are all y'all going through withdrawal so bad that you'll argue about anything?
  7. Like to see Reed and McCoy win. Still don't like the cut and it cost the Bills, but that's not Shady's fault.
  8. If this neighbor knew that you coveted a kitchen appliance and she bought it for you then, yes, you are bad.
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