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  1. They're going to want to get some of that Khalil Mack value... all joking aside Milano, Edmunds, and Roquan couple with rotating the depth guys would be solid. Too bad we run nickel base defense...
  2. I was recently listening to a podcast where they were talking about NBA players not living long due to their size and cardiovascular health. One of the host then mentioned Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a counter point. Little to no relevance but a little nugget. RIP to a legendary player.
  3. Its been nice to not have the over reaction crowd like it was with Darnold. Shouldnt hurt to have McCaffery as a security blanket but does second place in the NFC South get you a playoff spot?
  4. The Nick Wright model of getting clicks and views is alive and well or we like our echo chamber and could never accept an outside opinion even if it is wrong.
  5. The lawyer saying happy endings aren't illegal if you don't pay extra reminded me Herman Cane saying you want the job don't you
  6. That's got to take dedication. To sift through all of the Rob Johnson games, find those and put in the editing work. Josh Allen is awesome
  7. Looking forward to seeing how all of these guys work out.
  8. Perfect wonderlick Perfect beard Perfect high pitched girly scream No doubt.
  9. When I saw the price of eggs at the store the other day it blew my mind. These chicken wing prices are crazy too.
  10. Tommy John surgery used to be the end of pitchers too. Hopefully Tre comes back true to form. He has become a all time Bill IMO in his short time here. Wishing for his health, hoping for the best, and trusting the process on this one.
  11. Jay Cutler has never given a single f.
  12. If Zach Wilson makes a leap, Josh Allen is better. If Tua figures out how to throw the ball 20+ yards Josh Allen is better. Mac Jones was allowed to throw the ball twice. Josh Allen is a parody of a QB prospect.
  13. I think both guys are as safe in their job as it gets. My wondering was more on are they tied together enough that they would be fired together. I'm all about the process to the point I clap non stop coaching my kids flag teams.
  14. I was thinking about this the other day. If they come out and get beat badly on week 1 it's going to be a big hit but not quite enough. If they lose enough games throughout the season from bad coaching the frogs in the water and the stove on. The straw that breaks the camels back for me would be him losing the team. That's what I worry about the most is the message getting old. If the process becomes a problem I wouldn't be too surprised if the Pegulas started having talks. The next question is are Beane and McDermott truly McBeane or would Beane stay? Is he good at drafting for McDermotts system or all around a good talent evaluator? This is why they need to win. Then I can just think 'Superbowl.'
  15. One of my kids(the biggest football fan) is pumped for all of these games. Any time he sees or hears an ad for it he is all in. Not being a fan of a certain team makes it a lot easier to be a fan of the game itself and explain it to your kids without being compromised by a rooting interest.
  16. Laremy Tunsils gas mask must be smoking or PFF is about to lose any credibility it has
  17. This reminded me of a scene from White Men Can't Jump "Raymond is that you? Nah nah this ain't Raymond nah"
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