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  1. Our backups are good backups our starters coupled with that is why we have a #1 defense. Football is a team sport and if we bring back a piece at a decent price we should all look forward to it.
  2. Let's hope Mckenzie does some similar damage tonight.
  3. I don't think these guys should feel any added pressure. If anything the potential of punching the ticket to a Super Bowl in Buffalo should give them a little more juice to get that home game.
  4. He has a job because he gets the reaction from us (bills fans) and fans like us. Let the Bills provide him a plate of crow. Let's hope Chef Allen delivers a Michelin star meal.
  5. IF they decide to go blitz heavy on Mr. 17 they will have to deal with those same legs that look great in shorts. Let Josh cook.
  6. The closer we get to game time to more errands I'm finding to run. Much better than sitting idle I suppose. Ready to get this game rolling and hopefully watch another beat down.
  7. Can't say I've heard twice baked sweet potatoes before but sweet potato fries with some marshmallows sauce can be delicious when done right.
  8. I'm kinda surprised at this point they don't just have Hyde field them all. Mckenzie might get the start but if he doesn't signal the fair catch good enough McDermott probably benches him. Speaking of Mckenzie I hope they utilize him this week.
  9. I couldn't help but think these teams should be playing against the Bills/Chiefs.
  10. Staying basic with some Chiavettas Chicken probably twice baked potatoes and still debating grabbing a couple racks of ribs.
  11. I don't know if it's this game or our game looming; I just can't get into this current one. It's been entertaining but has little to no value outside of a look at Burrow and the return of Henry.
  12. I was hoping for a spinaroonie or the hand stare. Still enjoyed the promo though.
  13. I enjoy every second of this. Mostly because the cowboys fans and how exhausting they can get. Jerry should probably just fade into the sunset and be a fan of his team with the time he has left.
  14. What a reach on this parody of a qb prospect. Wrong Josh and same old bills.... I'm beyond ready for Sunday.
  15. Let Go Bills. Time to go and put this Chiefs thing to bed too. P.s. thanks admins for finally getting me back in here.
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