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  1. I believe he cashed his last check and never looked back. Great Bill.
  2. It's kind of nice to look back at year one and see how he as evolved from throwing with his arm only on a lot of those strikes. The throw against Jacksonville where the line swallows him is one of my favorite Josh Throws.
  3. I could see them moving on from Moss with Cook Motor and Johnson in there. The stuff with Jones for me come with them wanting to get cheaper younger and faster. He has been a special teams constant for McBeane the whole time though.
  4. Nothing wrong with depth/competition/cost control at CB. His ball skills are pretty good and he has decent speed with a big frame. Let him cook on special teams, get coached up and let him get his opportunities. Late round picks are found money if they hit so let's find out.
  5. Yeah I suppose you got me there. At a certain point memories go from being well defined gummy bears to a bowl of jello 🤣. Let me ask the kids and I'll get back to you!
  6. Basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer and we had a puttputt course. Outside of that it was weights and running track. We occasionally played hockey but due to checking we played it a handful of times a year. We were only allowed to play dodgeball in charity fundraisers for the school outside of school hours.
  7. IMO that was the best answer to give to any TMZ question until he retires from football.
  8. I honestly wouldn't be surprised in Watson comes out and plays below what's expected of him.
  9. Even with the deal, Diggs for number as a base will catch ears.
  10. Nope, but I did get to hear a lot of Bills jokes as a kid... never slapped anyone over it though.
  11. An actor pretending to slap another actor at an award show that nobody watches or talks about. 48 hours later people are talking about it. It worked. If it was real Will Smith should get black listed just like every other jerk in hollywood.
  12. Bob should relax, maybe take his patriots jet with all the Lombardi trophies on it to a get a Florida rubbing.
  13. Nobody goes to a roast expecting an award. It was a joke though and people shouldn't get so bent out of shape. But we also live in a world where people get mad if you call them a man or a women. I'm surprised nobody yelled "worldstar"
  14. And a guy who made a show about himself getting bullied as a kid. I'm not disagreeing with you. The whole situation is pointless.
  15. I can't say I've wanted to. But I guess I'm not a movie fan for having no interest in going to see a movie about little girl tennis players and their dad. Maybe they make it hard for people to see so that there is a bit of exclusivity to it. As for the slap, Chris Rock is 1 of 2 things: a meowsy or acting. Still don't rum your mouth about another man's wife.
  16. https://youtu.be/scx-lrRw5XERookie preseason touchdown pass to Ray Ray is what sold me on Josh
  17. The Poyer/Hyde breakup will be the next cap casualty imo. This year is superbowl or bust for the DBs. We can only get so many new linemen.
  18. Sometimes I just like to mix it up. Gotta live on the edge.
  19. This is turning into getting the band back together. Shaq and J. Phillips will be an upgrade over Obada and Zimmer.
  20. Time to focus on the rap career. Thanks for your service Mr. Beasley
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