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  1. Robert Foster used to be his favorite Bills player.
  2. My 7 year old started in about him today and I had to explain that every year there is a guy like that on the team. We all like em but they aren't making the team.
  3. Great point. Another reason why I tune into wgr is that it gives a feeling of "back home" being out of state.
  4. The guys like cover 1 and buffalo fanatics are doing their best to force the issue. Small market small coverage?
  5. Howard and Jeremy were the best tandem on WGR. It'll be interesting to see who ends up getting on there with Jeremy full time. Schoop and Bulldog are brutal. At least during the drought the anger and distain could entertain sometimes.
  6. If they don't regret signing Watson why would they regret ridding themselves of Mayfield? Browns might suck but they still make money.
  7. Brandon Beane needs the GM version of a turnover chain. Getting picks for guts on their way out. Elite Level GM'ing. In all seriousness good luck to Cody Ford.
  8. What else do we do with preseason cuts of guys who don't make the team?
  9. Guess the punter couldn't hack it... Tavon had the tires kicked. Wish these guys the best. I'm honestly surprised they didn't keep Christian Wade at running back. With his Rugby background we could have depth and a punter.
  10. Think of the package we could get for Allen. It would change the whole organization.
  11. Preseason pledge intact... Khalil Shakir looks good. Tough breaks coming for the rb room. Backups look good against backups.
  12. As a youth coach I have personally coached in league where people were running numbers, heated coaches arguments with each other and refs every game, and there was a shooting. Also had announcement before a game not to smoke cigs and pipes... Needless to say I no longer coach in that league and went to NFL sponsored and faith based leagues. But the fact remains its sad when you enjoy something enough to dedicate time to it and things like this happen.
  13. Had to meet with the accountant to make sure kraft was still making deposits with TB12
  14. When blue cheese goes green. Got two of the hot sauces, one to eat and one to put with the Bills stuff for my kids to throw out in 30 years.
  15. What a horrible pick. Wtf were they thinking drafting a high end SEC corner with family legacy in the league who brought notes to his team interviews to discuss football. He is going to be out of the league by time the 53 man rolls around. If he manages to stay on the roster we are going to lose every game because of him. If that happens maybe when Tre gets back and he moves to CB2 and loses to all the number 2 relievers we can finally be rid of him. Good job Beane. I miss Whaley...
  16. 80 for full game replays wouldn't be the worst thing. That is if the update is within 24 hrs and the replay would be available the next day or that night. NFL highlight packages are 15 minute long now and summarize the game for free on YouTube too. The only way they can keep printing money is to find new places to put the printer.
  17. With Klein being cut I went to the next back up on the list.
  18. Yes that kick was great. Let's hope we need the leg as little as possible.
  19. Can the 7th rounder beat out Matakevich? Does the preseason give him time to take his roster spot? Tune in preseason week 2 to find out.
  20. Khalil Shakir looked good. Liked what I saw from both rookie corners. Matt Barkley is a legend
  21. Before watching his highlight package I'm going to blindly say that unless he has a wow throw maybe we pump the breaks a little bit. The flip side of that coin had his potential push him into top 10 prospect talk pre daft so it could be there. Side note, are these Bills playing against a much tougher AFC compared to the 90s Bills? If Malik has it the QB list is even more challenging this side of the league.
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