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  1. No second contract for Edmunds and the end of Poyer/Hyde.
  2. This guy is garbage and the people that still support him are also garbage. Justice is blind alright
  3. The draft should be interesting. Beane seems to have set himself up to do whatever he wants. DBs, WRs, and LB/linemen depth.
  4. What kind of GM would aquire a player that he can get the inside scoop from former colleagues.
  5. Guess it's cb, wr, o/d line heavy in the draft.
  6. We got Jerry Hughes when he was buried on the colts. If he could make a career out of this deal it'd be a win for both parties. Can't say I've seen this guy make a play ever though.
  7. Price is going up after next season regardless of his production. Will he be here, now that will depend on production. If he plays the way we all want him to absolutely. If he stays the same its time to move on.
  8. Josh Allen is having the McVay. Mitch and Fromm both got on other teams after holding Josh's clipboard
  9. An upgrade but still not enough to command more wins
  10. I'd take Shaq Lawson over Efe Obada
  11. Could this be a cut and resign kind of thing? Thought he was a decent back uo
  12. If it's a rebuild in Seattle time to try and get Metcalf.
  13. The 2 1st and 2nd round picks surprised me. Looks like Denver is pulling the LA method.
  14. Just give out more terrible towels. Maybe have Mike Lindell make them and offer them at a discount.
  15. When JA17 destroys you.... you leave the afc east.. right?
  16. This hand size topic comes up every year and I always hope the small hand guy does well.
  17. I met his bestfriends best friend and he told me he was signing in the usfl.
  18. Team friendly deal and I'd take him. However somebody is going to put him right back at his old salary just to get him in the door
  19. It was a heck of a run for the big man.
  20. There are a few good wideouts from that draft but we ended up with the best one.
  21. I'll take a shirtless Fitz in the stands over a rostered player at this point.
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