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  1. Peanut butter and bologna, and it is not tasty ?
  2. Self driving cars are already happening, you may live long enough to watch it start in earnest. Likely highway use first, times a changin, ? me, I travel mostly by boat nowadays, still rent cars a couple times a year.
  3. That technology is on the cusp of happening, I am 60 years old, and have owned one new car, got my license when I was 34 years old, I just did not need a car, mass transit and bicycles took care of 90% of my travel needs, it took many years after I got my license before I bought a car. Rented when I needed one. People like me were the early adapters, ?
  4. Again not Arguing the aspect when the owners don’t pay for the stadium, I know and have read likely the same information you have, and I agree with it pertaining to economic stimulus of tax payer funded stadiums. I guess in the long run cities just let teams walk, which is what might happen in Buffalo at some point if the local area does not foot part of the tab, maybe the Pegulas will be different and force change, but I doubt the NFL will allow it, and force them to sell the team so it can be relocated? It’s a tuff thing for a community to deal with, especially when they are paying a mortgage on an unused stadium.
  5. Is that “majority” actual in such a way as it has been officially measured? Or is it what you and your friends perceive? Not trying to be a jerk, just asking a question. And if it is so, what do Buffalonians want done with those currently unused parcels? Again just asking questions to learn.
  6. Not going to argue that, I certainly would prefer the Pegulas and the NFL pay the tab, they can certainly afford it. But we also both know Buffalo wants the Team to stay, it does add value to a city to have such an amenity that can enhance reputations, attract people and businesses, Buffalo is growing again and wants the growth to continue, it would be a huge blow to the city and surrounding communities actual and perceived economic value, which have both suffered over the last many decades, it’s a big picture view for those that make the decisions. It ain’t easy being in that position.
  7. Other people will sit in your former seat inside the new domed stadium, and have dinner at the steak house restaurant before they go home, times change, and we are both likely old, and not likely to go to as many games as youngsters will, demographics rule.
  8. Certainly your choice to be a fan the way you like, but you do realize that your former seat will have another backside in it watching the game in the new domed stadium not freezing it’s backside off while snow removal continues outside, right? And its not like it’s perfect conditions in OP on a snowy weekend... Go Bills!!!
  9. Should the new stadium be downtown people will adapt, they always do.
  10. People will adapt, they always do. that and there are far fewer people in Buffalo, even at entry and exit times of games, and yes no one knows for certain if or were a new stadium will be built, but the likelihood of The Pegulas wanting the stadium near their sports entertainment businesses is a relative high probability.
  11. Ever been to a Yankees home game? that’s a sports stadium packed into a very densely populated area, and people have no problem going to and from games via walking, car, train, and buses, while surrounded by a million other people going about there day, it is not some insurmountable issue you seem to make it. That, and there aren’t going to be more than a hundred and twenty-five thousand People plus or minus in the area at entry and exit times, and only about seventy thousand ish will be attending a game so traffic clearing would average two ish to three hours before the majority of people are well on their road home. Even at the Cap it takes one to three hours just to to be on the highway after a game, and many people are willing wait an hour before they even start their engines, and that’s with seventy thousand ish people at the stadium for a game surrounded by the local population going about their day. Moving people ain’t that hard to do. You just make select two lane roads both outbound after a game for a couple hours, cities have been doing this sort of stuff for decades it ain’t no big thing. That and infrastructure will have been modified as part of the construction plan from the get go, so again it’s no big deal. Go Bills!!!
  12. One hell of an accomplishment, and she is considered on the older side for her sport at the age of 22 ish years old. You go girl!
  13. ...When he drove down the street in his Maserati, Pablo Picsso was never called an azshole, not like you.., ( part of the sound track from Repo Man)
  14. The NFL is full of Multi billionaires, making billions of dollars annually, and many counties have torn down their old stadiums, and “written it off” within the deal made with the multi billionaires to put up a bigger and better version. Tax payers come last, and are only given lip service, the true financial manipulations will never see the light of day, you and I both know this to be true. None of us know what the monopoly will do, we only speculate on what might occur. Me, if they are gonna build a new one, make it multi use, domed and put it in the city of Buffalo, were it will have the best odds of being a good thing for the little businesses, restauranteurs, bar owners, etc, and even new hotel owners, it’s good for the tax base of the City, Sleepy bedroom communities (suburbs) don’t need or generally want a bunch of drunk sports fans in there towns anyways, ? yeah, i’m Pro city, won’t deny it... Go Bills!!!
  15. Well, two or three of those names have nothing to do with Rock & Roll, but frankly I don’t care so much. They should just call it the Pop music hall of fame, and induct every crappy pop music “artist” you know everyone is on par with the Stones, Hendricks, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles.. Get of my lawn!!!
  16. Weirder stuff than that has happened, deals are worked out all the time, big money always talks loudest in America, always been that way. Any ways, old stadiums have been torn down more than once, this would (should it happen)just be another time. Hell, for all we know they may very well build a huge concourse around the existing stadium, with every luxury you or I could imagine, big money talks the loudest... Go Bills!!!
  17. Not unreasonable at all, but very unlikely the fins come out with a win, this is not Fitzies old Bills teams. SM will make it known to the whole team that anything but full effort will embarrass themselves and Buffalo. Yes it’s still early in the season for long term predictions, but I think we are trending in the right direction, jmo. Go Bills!!!
  18. Add another QB to the trail of crushed careers in the Buffalo Bills wake.., isn’t that three kickers and two QBs in just five game? Go Bills!!!
  19. I would think being a starter/main rotation player in ones rookie season is ample praise in if itself. yes I think it’s a good way to handle rookies. Go Bills!!!
  20. The reality is if you don’t have a good O line you won’t have a really good QB, this has played out hundreds of times in the NFL, and yes i’m Gonna say it; the game is won and lost in the trenches... ?
  21. It appears that “The Duke” does get “open” he had his defender beat on his third or fourth step on the TD reception in a crowded red zone. Now with three primary WRs that can actually catch the ball vs two out of three previously, this will help the offense as the defensive pressure will need to be more spread out. I think Williams is on par with or very close to being on par with Brown or Beasley. With it being likely that the O line will be healed up, and having Singletary back is going to keep opposing Ds on their heels more often. I for one see 5-1 as a good bet, SM will keep the team on track, I see no let Downs, and Williams will be an important part of the O going forward. Go Bills!!!
  22. This could be a very good idea, and could very well work, but the total cost would be pretty close to putting up a new stadium. It’s hard to say what will actually happen, I tend to be a city location guy, a downtown location helps the City of Buffalo more than a stadium in the burbs, imo. We shall see...I kinda think the Pegulas will put off any real action on a new stadium as long as they are able to, it after all is a huge outlay of cash.
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