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  1. Never ever listen to WGR, they by and large appear to dislike the Bills, if you listen to them you deserve your angst.
  2. And beyond..., but hopefully less than we stew ourselves. Go Bills!!!
  3. Employing such a person is a mistake, by making exceptions so an employee is allowed to do what Brown is doing without retribution is always a mistake, such administrative behavior creates resentment with the bulk of ones employees, then efficiency of operations declines, and end goals are rarely achieved. It’s always about the end goals.
  4. Conditions not accounted for in contractual language are in effect non existent, if his agent told him otherwise his agent screwed him, or he is just stupid.
  5. I’m thinking someone is getting dizzy from the centrifugal forces being applied.
  6. Thinking, he used to be the best...now he’s just a F up of a magnitude rarely seen.
  7. There are over 2100 billionaires on the planet at last count, most appear to have no interest in owning an American football team, judging by how few show interest when a team is up for sale. It seems to be an American thing by and large. I wonder if a name will ever get leaked, or as someone alluded to, it could be a unfounded rumor.
  8. Yeah, thought about trick play potential as well. Go Bills!!!
  9. Being that American football is not a world sport, and mostly ignored by the rest of the world, the number of potential candidates for the program is likely not that big, as well familiarity with how the game is played is rather low, see Christian Wade’s learning curve as an example. Also Wade is making far less money right now than he was playing rugby, so other elite athletes from around the world are going to take a large pay cut for a long period of time, and maybe never get that big contract. So the draw is not that big in all reality. Go Bills!!!
  10. So I’m thinking this spag guys got small hands.... Go Bills!!!
  11. I’m guessing that this bit of practice purposely had the defender grabbing Duke throughout the route, to see How well he handles the pressure, and he makes the catch both times. Getting open is fine, but catching the ball is more important every time. Go Bills!!!
  12. Then why did you care to start this thread with so much emotion, pointing out what you thought they should be doing? It appears that you do care.
  13. Hey, give them a call, and enlighten them on this missed opportunity...
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