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  1. So he’s the guy who gave up having sex....fnnn wack job Go Bills!!!
  2. Society as a whole certainly is better than it was a hundred years ago for sure, but as of late there has been a good deal of back sliding by many Americans of all socioeconomic strata when it comes to race relations. We as a people, as a country, should always aspire to being better souls on our planet. That includes objectively looking at our own actions and inactions and what those actions or lack there in bring about. Go Bills!!!
  3. Yet another male, bringing harm towards women, what’s up with men in our society? This crap is happening every freakin day. Wtf is broken in these guys brains?
  4. Weo, football is not some holy thing to not be spoken against, it is just as filled with crappy people and situations as the rest of society, even more so on some levels, calm yourself, the guy makes very valid points. The NFL owners are not greedily rich for no reason. Do you always get this upset when someone speaks out against their employers actions or methods? If you do so you shouldn’t.
  5. No link, but on their side, sayin they are having their way with us on D & O on our side the opposite, saying we are doing well. Who knows... its all opinion, the fashion conscious call it bias... Go Bills!!!
  6. Multiple guys throughout the NFL will get injured regardless, it’s a full contact sport, you do know they are trying to knock the sheite out of each other right? You do know football is gladiator sport in America right? For your own sake try not to be so scared. Like you said they are not trying to cure cancer.. Go Bills !!!
  7. What’s with this new buzz word “bias” come on people, it’s silly, it started the media, and now it’s on football message boards. Bias=opinion Every human being that has ever lived was/is bias on virtually everything they see say or do. “Bias” is the latest buzz word on social media, and is heavily over used. For Christ sake enough, Thank you ?Rant over. Ed Oliver will be fine regardless of people’s opinions. Go Bills!!!
  8. Yup, like it said in the article, if you don’t have everyone pulling in the same direction your not going anywhere. Go Bills!!!
  9. There likely is no actual bush... Go Bills!!!
  10. Wade can not be called up if the Bills put him on the PS, nor can he be claimed by another team, it’s part of the rules for the foreign exchange players thingy. Go Bills!!!
  11. It says more about the O line during that season, wouldn’t you think? Go Bills!!!
  12. Arguments can certainly be made for both locations. The biggest draw back for the Pegula’s is the fans who get drunk for the games, the potential liability is through the roof, this can not be argued. If the fans were even a little self policing it would likely not be as big a problem for them, but they aren’t. In fact fans outwardly encourage the behavior. So what’s an owner to do? Build the new stadium we’re that style of tailgating is naturally curtailed, where the location complements their other massive investments, why in the world would they do that?? hmmm..., Go Bills!!!
  13. I agree, that is what is going on, Morse will be playing week one. Go Bills!!!
  14. I think Bodine is next regardless, both Long and Feliciano can snap the ball. Go Bills!!!
  15. The mud elephant wading through the sea leaves no tracks Go Bills!!!
  16. Nate sure looks kinda slow, either that or that D is really slow... Go Bills!!!
  17. Lamb Vindaloo for me, spicy as hell ?
  18. Only if it was the Jay Cutler without his head up his azs, Just sayin, Go Bills!!!
  19. Bean never stops, good to see he does not hesitate to bring in guys. Go Bills!!!
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