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  1. That's cool. Was it still through Amtrak or was it a private organization? I wonder if they would consider starting that up again, especially if the new stadium goes downtown, closer to the station.
  2. I gotta say, I was surprised how much Bills gear I saw when I was out in Albany last month. Of course, having the Jets and Giants both be terrible probably helps matters.
  3. Good teams find ways to win. At the end of the day, an ugly win is better than a beautiful loss.
  4. I used to like the Packers. Then last year happened. Man I cannot wait till golden boy Rogers is outta the league.
  5. I'm not calling anything until they stamp their ticket to the playoffs. Too many times I have gotten overexcited with this team and too many times, I have been let down. See 2007, 2011. I'll take it one game at a time. Then let's move on to the next opponent.
  6. I was meaning to ask all you 518er's were you go to watch the Bills games. I grew up in the area and then moved to Buffalo but am back and forth to visit the folks and sometimes have to catch the game out there. All the places I usually go are filled to the brim with Jets and Giants fans.
  7. I was over in Titan Forum Land. They were predicting a titan blowout. I think it's going to be a defensive battle. Low scoring. 13-6 Bills.
  8. I got excited thinking that Spags actually posted. Miss ya kid.
  9. At least it's relatively easy to change all the Billboards to Celino OR Barnes.
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