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  2. Some one in the Eagles organization knows how to spot talent and make the tough decision when it needs to be made !! I just read that Micheal Vick is back in the drivers seat after they named Kolb the starter , the Eagles higher ups saw that Vick is playing at a higher level than Kolb so they made the switch . Then to add insult to injury the Eagles signed Joique Bell off of our practice squad . Mark my words this kid is going to be one of the great backs i've had the same feeling about this kid that i had about Fred Jackson . I wish that one of our higher ups had the sack to make the tough decisions when needed to be made . Joique Bell although it was preseason had an average ---- AVERAGE of 8.3 YPC then you look at what the kid did in college if those things aren't a red flag i don't know what is . Put the Eagles coaching staff in Buffalo --- Lynch is traded for a LT Bell is brought up to replace Lynch back field now consists of Jackson #1 - Spiller #2 & Bell #3 wheres the loss ?? QB situation -- Trent & Fitzy are released Brohm & Levi fight it out for the starter , all the while looking for competent veteran QB such as Vick , Garcia, Bulger, & more than likely bringing in a veteran that could or would take the reigns until they develope the younger QB while he (the veteran) teaches him . Jonathan Scott is kept dispite a not so good year last year - less money - younger & more upside than the relic known as Green. Bring in other veteran talent with a better track record for depth or to start . I'll be the first to admit i ain't no master mind when it comes to football , heck i'm more than likely in the lower half of the spectrum when it comes to football minds !! But i've read some thing that us as fans come up with that makes a ton more sense than these folks that claim to be football people and have done it most of their adult lives . I just hope Nix can use the balls he seems to have to start dictating things the way a team like the eagles have done and then we may have some thing ....... go bills
  3. You would think this guy would learn from lessons past !! I just read an article from 2007 - Edwards was the guy Donte Stallworth was drinking with when Stallworth killed the guy that night in Miami . He had better hope Goodell has a short memory - just having his name involved with the Stallworth thing shows poor judgement & now this !! These guys must think they can get away with anything --- Well i guess they can get away with ------ murder ?????
  4. With the change at the QB position this week the thing that pops into my head even more now than it did before is ....... Why did we just throw away a draft pick on a QB ?? Weather it was a 7th rounder or not why did we just release him ?? The upside has to be better than the known down side -- isn't it ?? At least put him on the practice squad & try to see if he comes around .... Maybe it was just sheer hope or Gailey just being arrogant thinking he could turn Edwards around ?? I know hind sight is 20 - 20, but with the tape that they had on Edwards and the rest of the QB's on the team , the powers that be surely could see what we had just by WATCHING THE TAPE !!! And again if they didn't see it why waste the pick on a QB ?? While i'm on the subject of just throwing away draft picks -- we also let the kid from Iowa go - Calloway - what was up with that ? Was he that bad ? He had to have a better upside than Green !! Plus was younger & cheaper .......... Maybe RT wasn't his position but what the heck ???? Like i said in the title ------------------------- "I just don't get it" !!! No wonder Bills fans are some of the best partiers in the NFL :
  5. Spoken like a fan that just doesn't pay attention to any thing but what comes across ESPN !!!
  6. Wow !! 2 for 7 that's not such a good percentage !!
  7. I'm so glad we as fans have great football minds such as yours to turn to , to help clarify the things that our puny little minds just don't understand about the game ------- Thank You so Very much i will look forward to your daily post so i know just what way to think about the future of the team ..... Again Thank You !!!!
  8. The only thing i can say about Fitzy is he's not afraid to go down field and i think Chan wants or should i say needs that in this offense to get the opposing defenses to back off a bit to give us at least a chance & Trent just doesn't see down field quick enough , he just gun shy !!!
  10. I don't know wear you are getting your info from , the last i heard from Jeff Fishers news conference Vince was still the starter this week he was just trying to get a spark to win that game . Plus with our O line Mike Vick would be a better pick he has better legs & will be looking to get out if he doesn't start . The only bad thing is it won't be til next year.
  11. And we wonder why we can't win ---- If we had the balls to pull the trigger when we needed to we'd have an O lineman & Bell would be the third back in what would still be a great backfield plus upgrade the line . So much for the possibilities .
  12. How do you know unless you try ---- I'm still all for bringing in Jeff Garcia -- you all said it was stupid in the offseason (hows it lookin now) but he would leave the OFL or UFL what ever it is (and would give us a better chance to win) to play in the NFL again . Hell bring back Flutie !!! But at least go in a direction that there may be an upside that the out come isn't all ready pretty much predetermined !!!! I was all for giving Trent the benefit of the dought but after seeing the way Phillip Rivers handled himself in the post game interview after their lose and the way Trent interviews after a loss there is a distinct difference in being a leader !!
  13. I would definitely bring in Gradkowski the kid has a set and isn't afraid to go down field & possibly Campbell but the others ????? We can lose with what we got i want to win !!!!!
  14. I'll agree on all 3 fronts as far as the trade thing but what are we going to trade with ?? Plus Ralph won't get off the kind of $$ it would take to bring in Haynesworth & Jackson . But i do like it ... i like it a lot !!!!!! Hey we could entice the pot with our lack luster LB Maybin !!!
  15. What the hell does that have to do with football ......... NOTHIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. That could be part of the thought process of bringing in Urbik so they could move him to RT & put Urbik in Andy's position ??????
  17. But your picture just gets better & better every time i see it !!
  18. I went to CBSsports.com only to find a article on "The Top 8 Worst Q.B's of Week 1 In th NFL" And figuring the Bills are the red headed step child of the league i thought they would have Trent among those picks for week one . But for all you that call for Trent's head every chance you get & put 90% of the blame of the Bills losing on his shoulders ........ guess what ?? HE WASN'T ON THE LIST so all you haters put that in your pipe & smoke it along with something else and maybe you'll CHILL a bit !!! One of the teams in our division with an ESTABLISHED Q.B. made the list though ... so check it out if you don't billieve me . GO BILLS & GO TRENT !!!!!!!!
  19. I don't know and you all can call me a dumb A** but i thought that when you go down (at least in the field of play) when your knee or your butt hits the ground you are down & to add to that i thought that the ground can't cause a fumble ?? What did the competition committee change the rule when you step into the end zone ?? That guy was robbed !!! His knee was down first ,his butt hit then his hand , all while maintaining control of the ball .
  20. Was the kid we let go from Iowa that bad ?? It sucks that we basically wasted a draft pick just to let the kid go . Was it Calloway ?? I didn't get to see hm in any of the preseason games but would have thought his upside would be better than Greens , and if the kid knows our offense why wouldn't they bring him back ??
  21. I didn't realize that McGee was the one that McKelvin took the place of but i did notice that McKelvin was really effective at keeping the ball out of Marshalls hands in the second half. McGee had better be careful if that's the way Mckelvin comes to play every week we might have a new starter .
  22. You're dreamin !!! that will never happen !!!!!
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