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  1. Why a combined Bills stadium-convention center isn't in the cards WOW - ok - I guess the state of NY is rich and we can do it all.
  2. The Buffalo Bills are bigger than Erie County. Mark is all butt hurt he doesn’t have a seat at the table. The Pegula’s know what the county can bring to the table. Exciting times for sure.
  3. I think powers that be are talking behind the scenes but no body can do anything until the Pegula's make an announcement. Once the cat is out the bag look out - everyone will chime in. Today's news is nothing more than Poloncarzs' trying to force his way in on the stadium conversation. Unfortunately for Mark - he will likely be the last to the table regarding the stadium.
  4. You think the Pegula's are going to announce anything that is half baked?
  5. Pegula's SHOULD pay for most of the new stadium... With that said, look no further from the New York Power Authority - a literal cash cow in our backyard taking in a TON of money. They helped with the build out of Canal Side and they should help secure the future of the Buffalo Bills in our own backyard. I would even advocate that the Public Bridge Authority should throw in some funds from that cash cow, too. I also bet you will see other private developers (aka Delaware North who alluded they were conflicted buying the Bills but would be interested in a partnership with a new stadium.) It's going to take a creative public-private investment to make a reno or new build work.
  6. And the BIGGEST spenders are in Southern Ontario. You spend a BILLION in downtown Buffalo to attract more corporate money - or you stay in Orchard Park and appease the table surfers and ketchup squirters.
  7. You’re dreaming if you don’t think prices in a renovated stadium will go up substantially, too.
  8. And laughable - look what is in today's Buffalo News: Study recommends new $441M convention center on Delaware Avenue Link
  9. Got it - convention centers are a waste of money. So what’s your beef with a downtown stadium?
  10. I'm sorry, I will just discount all the road games I have attended throughout the years and let you make up my mind. Help me out here wise one - are we saving all the land in Buffalo for all these companies that are lining up to build in Buffalo? Do we not have blown out corners all throughout the central business district - sitting there as gravel parking lots - just waiting to be developed? You think developing in area near the casino - is going to destroy our future and vitality of Buffalo? Buffalo needs to build from the core out - we cannot keep sprawling our resources outside the city. We need to capitalize on these opportunities - and not sit here in fear that we will no longer be able to bash our bodies into tables in OP.
  11. I don't care if they build a new convention center with a new stadium downtown or not - the benefits of putting the stadium downtown outweighs anything they do in OP.
  12. Maximizing tax dollar spend - killing two birds with one stone.
  13. I can't imagine tax payers footing 75% of any related stadium related tab...
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