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  1. Brady got a +20MM signing bonus before last season for a 3-yr deal that voided after the first year (don't ask me). Therefore the signing bonus is split over 3 years for $6.75MM each year. So if he retires or leaves (check me on that last part) all of it goes to dead cap at $13.5, if he resigns then only $6.75MM goes against the cap this year.
  2. Being this is our year shouldn’t we stick with a Buffalo theme - GooGoo Dolls or Scary Chicken?
  3. Let me get this right, you are concerned about JJ watt and a brace because Gronk is a moron and actions of his brother? Seems like a stretch. let’s just keep focus on winning and not whining. Go Bills!
  4. One common theme here is they all played their careers for one team (mostly). I know Brees had 5 seasons in SD but 13 in NO - so far. And don’t forget Matt Ryan, he’s getting close too. So happy to have Josh.
  5. RV parking pass $80. can get it to you tomorrow afternoon.
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