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  1. Kind of a stupid rule that they just don’t make all coaching hires wait until Super Bowl is over so that all coordinators have equal chance of a HC job. Why are those with good teams being penalized?
  2. Directly from my email with my time to buy today (12:30): “If you sign in before your designated time, you will not have access to see the event and will need to sign out and sign back in.“
  3. Steelers. That way the winner of the Titans/Ravens goes to KC....and win. Bills beat Steelers and the Championship game is at home! Cleveland is not going to be able to beat KC.
  4. I moved up 2 hrs, from 2:30 last week to 12:30 tomorrow. Now to hear tix are on sale today is a real bummer. If last game sold out @ 1:50 and I was at 2:30 I really thought I’d be near top of list this time around.
  5. I feel someone is trying to jump in front of me for tix. for next weeks game. If you are hoping to get enough people to pass on the opportunity to improve yours, it’s not working on this guy. Kudos for the attempt...see you at the game, GO BILLS!
  6. I’m at 2:30 too. Tried jumping the line. Started at 241 got all the way to front of the line and got booted out.
  7. SNICE


    How bout lining the road out with cars, lights flashing and horns... be safe out there....if there’s any chance for fans for playoffs we need to be smart
  8. Now that we are past the first two home games, which the team said would have no fans, has anyone heard about the rest of the season? Next home game is Thurs night vs Chiefs, would be nice if we had fans and an opportunity to be there. At this point the NFL should have enough statistics from the games that have had fans. They can also learn about the how to get fans in and out with as much social distancing as possible. I’m still holding out hope to get to a couple of games this year.
  9. Will there be two weeks between every game? Why if it were to start a month late would the SB be 5 mos later?
  10. Brady got a +20MM signing bonus before last season for a 3-yr deal that voided after the first year (don't ask me). Therefore the signing bonus is split over 3 years for $6.75MM each year. So if he retires or leaves (check me on that last part) all of it goes to dead cap at $13.5, if he resigns then only $6.75MM goes against the cap this year.
  11. Being this is our year shouldn’t we stick with a Buffalo theme - GooGoo Dolls or Scary Chicken?
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