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  1. They should show Bills over Jets and Pats. We definitely are more visible in the 518. I see way more hats, T-shirt’s, bumper stickers, etc than either NE or NJJ. Went to Saratoga on a Sat lost count of Bills swag and “Go Bills” ; Bills fans are the BEST!
  2. Warner never played in Canada but did play in Arena football. Iowa? Possibly another team too.
  3. they Have to consider the alternatives. Maybe it’s better to over pay for a QB that is just capable vs going years trying to find the next one. As Bills fans we should all know this, look how long it’s taken to find Allen. We change QBs very 2 yrs.
  4. Not sure about Lot 1 but I got a season pass for the RV lot through my ticket rep. Looking to sell a couple games (RV lot only, not tix) if anyone is interested.
  5. Not sure it was my first game but late 70s, Joe Ferguson vs Steve Grogan. I remember all the kids were lined up the tunnel throwing snowballs at the Pats on their way outta the tunnel. Security didn’t even try to stop us. Different times....
  6. Looking to sell parking pass for the RV lot at New Era. Have season tickets but will not bring RV to all games. Games available: 10/20. Dolphins 10/27 Eagles 11/3. Redskins 11/24. Broncos 12/8. Ravens 12/29 Jets This lot is sold out for the season, you cannot drive up and get into the lot.
  7. Sad but true. Will be the difference between 6-10 and 10-6.
  8. Out. Who needs 4 tix for Kids Day?
  9. Now can the schedule on the main page can be updated?
  10. I was wondering where the 518 was in this poll, took 8 pages to find someone. Where’s the Lunch crew? grew up in S-Ville, south of the stadium, been here for 20+ and have seasons for past 7yrs. If McBeane can’t turn this around 8yrs will be the end of my tix too.
  11. Got mine and my Camper lot parking pass....odd those are still paper. Won’t have RV at every game so if anyone is looking for a Camper lot pass hit me up.
  12. When using practical thinking a roof makes the most sense, however when I think of sitting stadium watching a game I love the sun, clouds, wind, snow, etc. I’ve been to games inside (including SB XLIX) and it’s just not the same indoors. Nothing beats “football weather”.
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