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  2. I'm not on Facebook either, so I'm not certain -- but I know some of the fake set ups have/had verification on Twitter/Instagram over the past year. It's a big problem (which I imagine happened to the last administration as well - scammers gonna scam kind of thing).
  3. ...what if a white Bronco is in the video though?........Marcia Clark on speed dial?.....
  4. 5 things to know about Buffalo Bills rookie Ed Oliver Many among Bills Mafia were surprised that Ed Oliver, a player many considered to be a top-five pick, fell to the team at No. 9 overall. After dominating AAC competition at the University of Houston for three seasons and ranking as their best recruit ever as a five-star, the defensive lineman found himself in Western New York, on a team that will use his services well. 1. He’s raw, but he should make an impact day-one At this point, we know Oliver is an athletic marvel, and he was used correctly at college, yet remained productive. But, he’s raw. He needs to learn how to disengage blocks on a more timely fashion, and his only pass-rushing move appears to be a bull-rush. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t be effective early on. Oliver should make an impact for the Bills as an interior run-stuffer immediately. His unusual combination of power, quickness, and flexibility will make him a matchup nightmare for offensive guards and tackles alike. Frankly, his run-stuffing should be able to translate well immediately.
  5. Troy Aikman Super Bowl wins 3, Donovan McNabb Super Bowl wins 0 Another reason to never use QB stats when comparing careers.
  6. This is about Iran and the GCC/US fight against their proxies which have been covertly happening for the past 2 years in earnest. The Kashoggi matter was also about Iran and the MSB more than it was ever about KSA.
  7. McNabb is a first ballot Hall of Very Good candidate. He's not a Hall of Famer.
  8. On the radio these guys aren't the smoothest but they do have good chemistry in the booth. There are times when Rivet is simply not in the mood to talk and then Peters knows how to cajole him back into the conversation. I also like Marty Biron when he is added to the mix. Marty has such an engaging personality that when he is being ribbed he is able to maintain his charming composure and keep going on while facing the onslaught. You can tell that these guys genuinely like each other. Although Marty is very talkative he is an excellent analyst and is knowledgeable about the players in the league. So is Rivet and to a lesser extent is Peters.
  9. ....damn right....and STILL going strong at 71.....him and Dick LeBeau (80+) defy all odds.....maybe not HC material, but find better at defenses and I'll go back under my rock....good Lord don't tell me Blowhard Buddy..........
  10. Obviously anything can happen, like injuries, etc., but putting that aside, I think the Bills are definitely better than 6.5 wins. I believe this for three reasons. 1. In a sense all that matters is your Qb, and I think Allen is a star in the making. He has the physical tools, he has the leadership skills, he has the smarts and he really wants it. He will do everything he can every day to get better. I think by the middle of the season the national media will be all over him, and it won't be because of his running. I expect him to be a top 15 qb, minimum. 2. McD will always have a good defense. They were pretty good last season, and Edmunds didn't know what he was doing. Even if he isn't an all star, his improvement alone is going to make a big difference. If the optimists about Oliver around here are right, he and Edmunds are going to make the Bills a great defense. 3. I've come to understand the process. OT makes sense and it will work because Beane is getting only guys who are willing to commit to it. The Bills are going to get better every season for about the next five seasons. 2019 is the start. 2020 they will be really good. And by the way, I think the first four guys they drafted all will be significant contributors by the end of November.
  11. I am not on Facebook, so not sure ,, do they have verified accounts there?
  12. That's as American as it gets. (If that's a real account and not a fake "campaign" account -- there are dozens of fake ones that look very real -- then it is indeed gross. But completely on brand.)
  13. Whom in the 2020 draft is worth tanking for? NOBODY
  14. Nothing is off limits for this guy... let’s sell more stuff !
  15. Trump tweeted this during his flight to Japan Brennan is packing a bag for his bolt hole from what I'm hearing. Clapper's got the goods on him and isn't afraid to use it (per my master of whispers), there's a negotiation going on between both sides right now. Comey is apparently still in the woods looking for that perfect selfie light... he's resigned to what's coming, or oblivious to it.
  16. Sports Illustrated‏Verified account @SInow 7h7 hours ago Donovan McNabb says he's a Hall of Famer http://go.si.com/z6N9n2f Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb says he deserves to be wearing a gold jacket and be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. McNabb made his argument to TMZ and focused his candidacy on one player. “I’m not hesitating on that. I am a Hall of Famer. My numbers speak for themselves," McNabb said. "My numbers are better than Troy Aikman’s.
  17. SO let me get this straight.. He is innocent but the video itself is porn. hmmhmm got it. Nothing will happen to kraft because of his rich little layers that get away with twisting everything. Then the league wont do anything cause #1 he was not guilty and #2 its him
  18. Kroft, after breaking the same foot twice now is not dependable. Time to move on. Lee Smith is a veteran who knows how to run the plays and what his role is and is valuable for those reasons. He won't hurt you out there and is dependable.
  19. They should get together. They'd have 30 out of 33 States (there is NO crossover presently). Though the national popular vote wouldn't need 33 to effectively take effect, they just need to get to 270 electoral votes. I wonder if that would withstand a court challenge.
  20. Man if Allen takes a leap this year we could be really good. Like 4K yards passing and this team is gonna beat some people
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