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Joey Bosa to Bills Trade Proposal (Speculation)

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Bills Get: EDGE Joey Bosa

Chargers Get: 2025 Round 3 Pick

The AFC East has belonged to the Bills in recent years—the team has won the division each of the past four seasons. But after what seems to some a shaky offseason, it appears Buffalo's stranglehold on the AFC East may have loosened. Much has been made of the team's situation at wide receiver after the departure of Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis. But the Bills have a potential weakness on defense as well. Only one player for Buffalo eclipsed 10 sacks last season—edge-rusher Leonard Floyd, who is now in San Francisco. Buffalo's projected starters on the edge (Gregory Rousseau and A.J. Epenesa) combined for just 11.5 sacks a year ago.


My take - seems to be too unrealistic to be anything but clickbait. When Bosa's not hurt, he seems to act like a hothead on the field. And we certainly don't need to saddle our books with another big contract that could end up being Von Miller 2.0 after doing so much off season surgery to get our salary cap in a good spot.



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Not sure how they pay for him. He is elite when healthy but seems like a Matt Milano availability will always be a question I am not sure I wanna invest future money in a big contract when reliability is that much in question

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3 minutes ago, HOUSE said:

Let's do it, we can trash Brandon Beane later if he bombs


Don’t sell us short! We will trash him now for not doing it sooner. We can trash him for paying too much in compensation. We can trash him…oh hell, I don’t have time to do the whole list…..


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I need to learn more about how I can write the hottest of takes *and* get paid for it.  I'm not even sure Gary's work on that one qualifies as educated guess.  


The Bills would never do this deal.  Let's say in the world of possibilities, that they were interested, they would do the deal in 2025 as a rental for a playoff run and only take on a portion of the last year of salary under his contract.  The Bills would not sign the then 31-year old player to a new contract.

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Not even speculation. Just a "wouldn't it be cool if?" article playing Madden with team's rosters. They're a dime a dozen during the offseason because there's nothing to talk about and they're not worth the little bandwidth they're taking up. 


The sad part is fanbases read this stuff and take it seriously. When reality is that 99.99% of the people "rumored" to be available to be traded aren't available and will never be traded. Then the fanbases go "what is this GM doing? they could have had (so and so)" - based on meaningless articles like this or Twitter chatter.

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