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Anyone talking about our run D?

Skyline Chili

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4 minutes ago, FireChans said:

Is our run defense great? No.  Is a great run defense necessary to win a Superbowl, particularly through a gauntlet of great QB's in the AFC?  Also no.

We can agree to disagree. But I think if a good to great defense that allows many rushing yards just exposes the defense to big passing plays, cause eventually the defense will be focused on the run and play action would slice them up

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I don't understand why teams don't run every time against us. It been a weakness for years and our secondary used to be able to make plays. Now that our secondary is old & slow i get wanting to throw it more but jeez your guaranteed 5 yards per carry

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28 minutes ago, Billznut said:

Bills got gashed for 172 yards on 28 carries I believe. They had some good stops, but also gave up a lot of big runs. I’m actually amazed the Jets didn’t run way more often. Had they, we probably wouldn’t have even made it to OT. 

Rex Ryan would point out it happened on mostly 3 runs. 

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1 hour ago, FireChans said:

Yeah after he broke 1 run for 83 yards, was run down, and got..... 3 points.

More concerned with our headcase under center.  Breece Hall is a great young player, but he ain't the difference between winning it all and not.  He's a good fantasy guy.

lol youre outta your tree.  swap cook for him and play a pro style offense and you'll fix a lot of headaches. 

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Minus the one blown 83 yard run we gave up 89 yards on 27 rushes 3.29 ypc


I didn’t think our run d was terrible minus that big run.  Lost a couple outside contains but I expected our run D to be worse than it was.  

I really thought Josh and Dorsey were the only problems last night.  Looked like Spencer Brown was getting pushed back all night but not sure if that was the case or if Josh was taking off prematurely 



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Same thing has been happening since McDermott arrived. We’re a defense that relies on everyone doing their 1/11. McDermott preaches it for a reason. Poyer and Hyde don’t do their role well in the run the game. When a RB gets through the front the safeties need to be that last line of defense but they usually take poor angles. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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